Here’s what I do to fight physician burnout

– Hello everyone, it’s
Kevin Pho at And today I want to share one thing that I do to fight burnout. There was a recent post on
my site and it was titled, For a long, happy career,
be more than just a doctor. And the one piece of advice it gave was to have an interest or a
passion outside of medicine. And I think that post
really resonated with me because that’s essentially
what I do with KevinMD. And don’t get me wrong, of course, I still enjoy seeing patients. I see patients three
and a half days a week in my primary care clinic
in Nashua, New Hampshire. But if I were to do it full-time, seeing patients every 10 to 15 minutes, seeing 30 plus patients a
day, I’d get burned out too. And let’s face it, patients deserve more than a frustrated physician. The work I do with KevinMD parallels my clinical medicine journey and is what is preventing me from becoming a burned
out physician statistic. So it may sound paradoxical, but I strongly believe by having
more interests and passions outside of clinical
medicine or within medicine, it can keep you going longer so you can be the best
physician you can for patients. That’s what works for me. I hope that helps. Thanks for watching. (vibrant instrumental music)

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