Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Commencement 2019

esteemed guests will you please stand
for the Ohio University ceremonial mace carried by Robin Muhammad PhD chair of
the Faculty Senate the arrival of the mace marks the official opening of this
commencement ceremony for the Ohio University Heritage College of
Osteopathic Medicine we ask that you remain standing for the procession of
the platform party and the presentation of the colors by an honor guard made up
of four Heritage College military scholarship students Navy ensign
Alexander Herrig army second lieutenant Alexander Merc army second lieutenant
Emily Nelson and Air Force second lieutenant zachary wills following the
presentation of colors Hannah Roberts a 2019 graduate of Ohio University with a
Master of Music in voice performance and pedagogy will lead us in the singing of
the star-spangled banner last gleaming whose broad stripes and
bright you may be seated esteemed guests
welcome to the commencement ceremony for the Ohio University Heritage College of
Osteopathic Medicine it is my privilege and honor to be here today as chair of
the Ohio University Board of Trustees to convene this commencement I am pleased
to welcome the graduates who are being honored today members of their families
and their friends I would now like to introduce Todd Frederick’s do US Army
colonel and the state surgeon for the West Virginia Army National Guard to
tell you about some very very special people who are standing on stage with us
today as we begin the graduation exercises good morning thank you for all being
here it’s a distinct pleasure I have of being an educator here at Ohio
University to see all the graduates but I’m particularly proud of a certain
group that you see before you in addition to my role as an associate
professor of Family Medicine and the director of the pathways to health and
wellness curriculum at the Heritage College I’m also the faculty advisor for
the Student Association the osteopathic military osteopathic physicians and
surgeons it’s my great honor and privilege to stand here today with seven
members of today’s graduating class who have made the awesome and sacrificial
choice to serve our country by pursuing a career in military medicine please
hold your applause until I have introduced all the officers from the
United States Air Force second lieutenant Elliott Runge from the United
States Army second lieutenant Evan Allen from the United States Army
second lieutenant Kayla Carmen from the United States Army second lieutenant
Andrew Francis from the United States Army second lieutenant Joshua Gruen bomb
from the United States Army second lieutenant Alex Meyers and also from the
United States Army which by the way is the best service second lieutenant
Roberts token I am deeply proud of all of them Air Force Army I don’t have any
instance but just help me by recognizing these great young men and women as they
enter their career and with that I’d like to welcome the
president of Ohio University dr. Nellis well good morning everyone as president
of Ohio University and on behalf of our faculty and staff I’m delighted to
welcome family friends and especially the Ohio University heritage college of
osteopathic medicine class of 2019 to this morning’s commencement ceremony
yes let’s give them a round of applause our graduates this is truly an exciting
day for the Heritage College and for Ohio University today we celebrate the
graduation of the first class of students to complete their studies at
the Heritage College Cleveland the second class to graduate from the
Heritage College Dublin in the 40th class to graduate from the Heritage
College Athens I’m extremely proud to welcome you all
here to Athens today as we begin this ceremony I would like to recognize the
distinguished guests joining me as members of the platform party even
though they’re not on the platform as identify your group please stand and
remain standing audience please hold your applause until
all guests have been introduced I’m pleased to welcome representatives of
the Ohio University Board of Trustees and the Heritage College Advisory Board
the Heritage College Society of alumni and Friends board of directors and
Heritage College student leadership the osteopathic association Cleveland Clinic
and Ohau health leaders our Faculty Senate chair and our academic and
administrative leaders from the University and the college in our
keynote speaker for this morning’s commencement dr. tom mahalo vich CEO and
president of the Cleveland Clinic let’s give them all a round of applause and
thank you and you may be seated graduates four years ago during your
white coat ceremony you were welcome to Ohio University in the Heritage College
of Osteopathic Medicine today I am proud to welcome you to two new communities as
graduates of Ohio University you join a worldwide community of more than 250,000
proud Ohio University Alumni you also join a community of noble professionals
devoted to health healing and caring as Heritage College graduates you are
well-prepared to practice medicine with integrity commitment compassion and
respect for each patient I firmly believe your work will make a real
difference in the lives of those you serve we expect that you will be both
outstanding osteopathic physicians and worthy representatives of Ohio
University in the years ahead you should be proud
of the hard work and determination that brought you to this day please know that
we are extremely proud of you and your accomplishments I’m now pleased to
introduce the executive Dean of the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
and our University’s chief medical affairs officer dr. Kenneth Johnson Thank You president Nellis whoo I guess
I can only start by saying wow look at this I am so proud of each and every
single one of you are here with us today and I want to have a warm welcome to all
of our family and friends who are here with us in the audience – Tom helluva CH
who’s here as our guest note our keynote speaker in our other distinguished
guests and most importantly our honored guests the class of 2019 I’m incredibly
proud to be here on this historic occasion as we graduate our largest
class ever including our first 44 students from the Heritage College
Cleveland campus as I look out at our class of 2019 I’m reminded that each and
every one of you has travelled a unique path to graduation day like Matthew
friend from Athens Matthew where are you raise your hand hey Matthew Matthew was
born here in Appalachia and he related to us on his application that his major
motivator was looking at the health disparities of the region having grown
up here and wanting to have an impact on the health of the people of Appalachia
I’m also thinking about Tina Drake Williams Tina where are you
so Tina told me that she has 30 people with her here in the audience today so
welcome family and friends a part of the reason we do this here is to limit
nobody we really think it’s a great celebration for everybody
Tina is a non-traditional first gen student
she’s married to a a Navy man raised three children while in school wow that
just it blows me away on Tina we’ll be going back on toys where I’m from the
Northeast after graduation then I’m thinking about Jai Simha Jai where are
you hey J I’m sorry I pronounced your name with an R on the end of it but I’m
from Boston so that happens and he’s from Mount Union and he came to us as an
assistant professor of engineering and was involved in artificial kidney
research and design he’s married his children is also a first generation
student 228 paths have led you to this moment today today those paths converge
as you become doctors of osteopathic medicine as such you will forge the path
forward it is you the class of 2019 who will lead the transformation of patient
care it is you the class of 2019 who will carry forward the rich traditions
of our College and of our profession today we celebrate you your grit your
determination your perseverance and your amazing achievements I can’t even begin
to tell you how proud I am of each and every one of you we also celebrate the
many individuals who enabled your success in honor of the gifts of time
knowledge wisdom that so many physicians generously gave all of us as we pursued
our medical degrees I ask all physicians in the audience in on the platform to
please stand and be recognized graduates I hope you’ll also join me in
thanking another group who has been instrumental in your achievements the
Heritage College faculty and staff they’ve been your teachers your mentors
your advisers and in many cases your cheerleaders as you pursued your degrees
with the faculty and staff from the college seated around please the end and
be recognized you have personally dedicated an incredible amount of time
energy and effort as you’ve earned your osteopathic medical degrees and very
likely you had a great deal of support from family and friends as you were
achieving your goals before I introduce our next speaker will the graduates
please stand and turn around in just one more time on take this opportunity to
say thank you to those in the audience who have supported you believed in you
encouraged you throughout your medical school education so graduates stand and
face your family and friends that’s what we’re all about thank you
now I’d like to introduce our next speaker one of the proudest Dean’s and
proudest Dean’s in town today dr. Isaac kirstine Dean of the Heritage College
Cleveland campus Isaac thank you dr. Johnson man I am
incredibly proud and very excited to be here today as we graduate our first
three campus class of the Heritage College so our Cleveland graduates you
will always hold a special place in my heart thank you for believing without
seeing as you apply to a medical school campus that was still being developed I
hope you’re as happy with your decision to attend the Heritage College Cleveland
as I am that you attended but I want to thank all of our graduates from the
Athens and Dublin campuses as well as members of the class of 2019 you too are
pioneers by sharing your ideas for making the Heritage College experience
better for all students you also have been integral to our success during this
period of monumental growth the accomplishments of the Heritage College
class of 2019 are truly impressive I know each of you will continue to do
great things in the service to our communities and throughout Ohio and
beyond now yesterday we celebrated some of the outstanding achievements of our
graduates during an awards ceremony that we held at the Templeton Blackburn
auditorium you’ll find the full list of all the award winners on pages 20 and 21
of your program now I’d like to ask all the individuals who won awards to please
stand everybody please join me in congratulating them for their exemplary
achievements and dedication to the profession now I’d like to introduce our next
speaker it’s a great honor to introduce osteopathic medical student for another
few minutes Nicole Zell Nicole’s presidents of the
class of 2019 at the Heritage College Cleveland and she has been a dedicated
class advocate and an excellent scholar and a student clinician she’s a 2007
graduate of Keuka College with a bachelor’s of science and business
management and marketing she then received a Masters in Business
Administration in 2008 from Rochester Institute of Technology and then then
needed to go on and get her Juris Doctorate from the University of
Baltimore in 2011 after graduation she’ll be entering the eastern
Connecticut family medicine residency program and we couldn’t be more proud
please welcome osteopathic medical student doctors a student doctor self thank you doctor Christine what a quick
four years it has been congratulations to all my classmates here I would like
to recognize my fellow class presidents Dana Maxwell who is the Athens class
president and Matt Taylor the Dublin class president thank you for everything
you guys have done to serve our classmates thank you for your support
everybody here family friends faculty staff our distinguished guests here
today it has taken effort from everyone here
to help today’s graduates reach this point as you have heard we are three
campuses but one college although we might may not know each other by name
due to videoconferencing lectures some of us have had more camera time than
drama majors everyone knows Brian and Darcy from Cleveland Liz and Ashley from
Dublin and Joe in Athens and I know Dana joked about this yesterday too but I
can’t get enough of it during these quick four years we have had the
opportunity to share lectures OMM labs the beloved sni sessions and clinical
skills although we have been on three separate campuses we are still
classmates and have bonded helping each other navigate through this process as
we move forward to this next chapter we are privileged to have such a large
network of öyou h comm friends nothing worth achieving and life comes easy
during these quick four years it would have been easy to quit and start our
plan B in Athens the class officers definitely could have started a cold
brew cafe some Cleveland students could have been professional gamers or yoga
instructors and Dublin students well I hear they like to feed the fish in the
blue pond I’m proud to stand here with all of you who pushed through and
decided this massive student that was worth it but in all seriousness I am
proud of each and every one of you here today I am proud of you for deciding to
wake up and take another step forward on this path to becoming a physician as we
continue forward in our train it is important we accept that we are in
a period of growth and change over these next few years of residency move forward
asking questions embrace your failures and continue to
grow your knowledge and skills so you can provide the best care possible for
your patients continue to grow so that each day and each year you are smarter
and better than the last continue to step outside your comfort zone because
it is in this space that we will be challenged and grow further as
physicians we need to be open to change as well don’t be afraid to make your
path different than those before you don’t be afraid to be a voice for your
patient because it’s all about the patient I challenge each of you to set
goals for residency set an intention each day of what it is you want to
accomplish set your intention each time you step through that door to speak with
a patient set your intention to be present and to be kind if we are
intentional about our actions and thoughts we’ll succeed each day by
utilizing this intention to move us one step closer to our goal although it is
important to look forward to our goals and milestones it’s becoming a physician
it is vital that we embrace the process and enjoy today I’m sure all of you can
relate to this thinking if I could just get into medical school life would be
great if I could just graduate medical school my days would be more enjoyable
when I am finished as an attending and I’m attending I’ll have so much more
time stop waiting for these some days and instead embrace today
congratulations for today but congratulations for July first when you
start that first day of residency and congratulations for July 2nd when you
wake up to do it all over again congratulations on a quick four years well I have to say thank you soon to be
dr. zell it is now my pleasure to introduce our commencement speaker dr.
Tom helluva CH as CEO and president of the Cleveland Clinic doctor Mahalo which
leads a vast medical system that includes facilities in North America Abu
Dhabi and London we feel so fortunate to be partnering with the Cleveland Clinic
which is world-renowned and which just happens to be the number two Hospital in
the nation I think that deserves a round of applause dr. Mahalo bish previously
served as the CEO of the Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi in chief of staff and
chair of the heart and vascular medicine Institute there as a renowned
cardiovascular surgeon he has performed almost 3,000 operations and has
published more than 130 scientific papers in addition to his medical
expertise and his passion for care delivery and education he also shares a
passion that I have which is downhill skiing so Tom I hope we get a chance to
do that sometime together I also want to thank him for being here today with us
he earned his medical degree from the University of Zagreb Croatia and trained
at the University of Zurich Switzerland at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in
Boston Children’s Hospital since assuming his current role dr. Mahalo
which has worked to elevate the Cleveland Clinic’s partnership with the
Heritage College in an effort to further impact healthcare delivery and our
emphasis on primary care please give a warm welcome to dr. Tom the halibuts think you can mr. president and the
class of 2019 so how are you doing feeling okay just relax it’s over you
could you’re good you’re in a good place right now
so I congratulate you on entering the the noblest profession of mankind there
is nothing more important than a work that you’ll be doing and there is
nothing more important and to realize that you are not entering into a
professional job you’re actually entering into calling we do not do
medicine will live medicine and you will live it by changing the lives of others
by alleviating their suffering and by offering them hope you will be in that
unique position that you’ll be able to come back home to your loved ones each
and every day and understand that you did something that matters every single
day of your work there are no professions that I know of that can say
the same I believe that you realize the importance of the job ahead of you then
you look forward to it I’m actually very much convinced that you are and at the
same time you’re getting into this absolutely wonderful calling of hours
and one of the most exciting time in a in a history I know that everybody says
so you know when it stands in this podium but I certainly believe so
because the development of medicine is ongoing in an unprecedented pace just to
give you a little bit of an orientation health care is the largest industry in
the United States we touch every life in this country in every country in every
community which we practice and we also do employ
more people than any other industry in the United States which is absolutely
stunning you also happen to be graduates are one of the most forward-thinking
educational organizations that I have ever seen
and you also happen to have enjoy a real blessing by being here in a state of
Ohio in a state that houses very many truly exceptional providers in health
care organizations that will help further shape your careers you should be
very very excited about about your path forward now I would like to give you a
few practical hints about what’s ahead of you because you know what’s behind
you but I just think a little bit about a heads what’s ahead of you and I would
like to dispel a few myths ready okay so here’s the first one the first myth is
that if I just get through the medical school everything else is going to be
much easier okay not true when you will if you have a few more gray hairs and
well you’ll be sitting standing on the podiums like this and speaking in many
many years to your younger colleagues you will tell them what I’m just about
to tell you this is a very exciting part of your career but it’s certainly not
the easiest one and every subsequent step in your career is going to be more
and more complex and there is nothing wrong about it it should be because you
are not here to enter a simple profession you’re not here to enter a
calling that is easy to do you have just signed up for something that again
citing it that it’s worth doing and everything that is worth doing is not
easy so it is going to be challenging it should be challenging and if it is
challenging you know that you are in the right path so that’s your first myth
the the myth continues you know that people say well if I just get through
residency and you get to the point when you become an attending physician things
are gonna get easier and they and they will not they will always continue to be
tough and every person here to your left and to your right on to my left and to
my right will tell you the same and it should be tough and it should be
challenges that will tell you one thing the moment you just start becoming
comfortable absolutely anything that you do you have to move on and start
venturing into the zones of what I like to call tolerable discomfort comfort
means stagnation conference the lack of development you will never ever achieve
your goal you were always going to be on your journey and a journey has to be the
one of an ongoing improvement and you may ask so why why should I do so the
reason why we all do do so is because that’s where our patients expect from us
the only reason the only legacy that you will ever leave any one of us here is
not going to be in your degrees and diplomas on the wall nobody now this may
be hard but nobody will ever read your CV they want once you start your
families and some of them gets out your families I can assure you one your kids
will never read your CV how these guys will get a lot of laughs
from up top because they know that because you have not read their CVS have
you and there is a reason to it you shouldn’t but what you will not be known
for you will be known for an impact that you create any areas of science in
education and you will now be known for an impact they create in pay your
patients lives but also in the lives of others so in essence the only legacy
that ever matters in a noble profession that you’re entering
are the lives that you affect the lives that you change the lives that you save
and improve and you can do it in a number of different ways you can do it
by caring for your patients but you can also do it by educating those who will
care for future patients and very many people over here do and you can also do
that through research by creating the better ways to provide care for numerous
patients all over the world and the way that we provide care is really
transformational one thing about our profession is that you think about a
healthcare of today most people think that being a physician means a lone
ranger who is out there fighting the disease and on behalf of their patients
and well do we all strive to do so the fact is that the path to success leads
through teamwork in your education in this particular institution has taught
you a lot about the value of your teamwork you know today’s healthcare
evolves around the four corners that provide a foundation for the healthcare
of today and in the future one is patient care the others like taking care
of people who you’re working with the third one is to take care of the
organizations in which you work and their resources and the fourth one is to
take care of your community and I know that you are firmly dedicated to the
communities that you come from and the communities that you will serve tomorrow
and I don’t think there is anything much more inspirational and inspiring that to
work ahead of you and we’re here to help you
you know Cleveland Clinic currently employs 66,000 caregivers all over the
world we’re about to reach 70,000 by the end of the year but when we take a look
at a relatively recent history in 1990 1990s Cleveland Clinic had only ten
primary care physicians can you imagine that only 10 primary care physician
today we employ more than four primary care physicians and we continue
and we continue to grow and you are in a perfect position to really take a
control over the new ways of care delivery that will evolve you and your
teams in a direct care of your patients by leveraging your knowledge of today
leveraging your knowledge of tomorrow through your residences and also
leveraging these phenomenal health care organizations that we have in our in our
state and I do believe that collaboration is a new miracle drug for
the future of the healthcare delivery in the United States and throughout the
world I had a good fortune of practicing in many different nations in many
different corners of the world but I will tell you one thing is and that is
that health care is wonderful in many dimensions and one of them is it’s
absolutely universal what you’ve learned today is applicable in every community
throughout the world there is no patient no country no community that will ever
willingly walk away from exceptional healthcare so this is a gift that is
given to us and this is the opportunity this way that we have that we have to
grasp and lastly you know you’re entering the period of your life that is
going to become busier and busier and busier as I said before and there is
going to be a lot of lots of opportunities to get so involved and
immersed in your work that you may start to miss an opportunity to thank those
who who have helped you along the way it just happens happens every day so if I
were to give you one thing one I get one best practice if you will that I feel
very passionate about is please make sure that in your schedule for every
single day you always get in a rhythm of making sure
every day you call someone in your life who matters even when you don’t need
them I call my mom every day people here in the audience will appreciate it call
him just to tell him hey how are you I hope you’re doing well three minutes of
your time the best reward the people around you and your lives will ever will
ever have so I have to tell you one last thing you know I spent six and a half
years in United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi 7,000 miles away from Athens Ohio
and I learned more about Athens Ohio in Abu Dhabi then I had in all seven years
that I spent in Cleveland Ohio and the reason for it is because they have a
really really close friend of mine who’s your graduate who lives and works in
United Arab Emirates and speaking about myths I spoke about the myths that I
would like to say to say clarify here but he told me a myth and I need to test
it now I’m a bobcat for a day that’s what they
told me I’m an honorary bobcat for a day so what he told me is he said you know
you can travel throughout the world and you can always always figure out who’s
an Ohio University alum they always they always answer a secret call okay so I’ll
try a secret call and let me just hear if he is right or wrong and a secret
call goes like this oh you this was not clear enough oh you
oK you’ve graduated thank you very much god bless alright that was awesome let’s give dr.
mihaylo bitch another round of applause great great job so many important words
of wisdom there thank you so much and of course we are all very proud of Ohio
University and that special cheer as well this year 228 osteopathic medical
students from the Heritage College will become osteopathic physicians that makes
the class of 2019 the largest graduating class in the
heritage colleges history our graduates came to us from many different
backgrounds from widely diverse interests yet they all shared several
common traits intelligence motivation compassion and a commitment to becoming
exceptional doctors now it is my honor to welcome you the members of the Ohio
University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine class of 2019 into
the Ohio University Alumni family it’s my pleasure at this point to introduce
our executive vice president and provost dr. shot and Jalali will present the
candidates for the degree of doctor of Osteopathic Medicine candidates for the degree of Doctor of
Steel paddock medicine please stand president Nellis honored guests families
and friends it’s my pleasure and privilege to present to you for the
conferral of their degrees the students whose dedication and perseverance are
hallmarks of the values inherent in the field of osteopathic medicine on the
recommendation of the faculty and by the authority vested in me by the Ohio
University Board of Trustees I hereby confer upon you the degree doctor of
Osteopathic Medicine with all the rights privileges and
responsibilities appertaining thereto congratulations doctors this is the best part
doctors please be seated I love seeing doctors the marshals will
lead you to the stage 150 members of the class of 2019 will be hooded by their
mentors many of whom are heretics college graduates and faculty members I
would like to thank dr. bill Burke the Dean of our Dublin campus and dr. Beth
longenecker incoming Dean of the Athens campus who will also be participating in
the hooding ceremony the first 10 graduates on the stage are osteopathic
manipulative medicine Associates in our family medicine associates who have
spent an additional year developing their teaching and OMM skills in
conducting research to prepare them for careers in academic medicine or as OMM
in family medicine specialists I have to say this program is very near and dear
to my heart having completed a very similar program when I was in medical
school they will be followed on stage by four members of the class of 2019 have
earned their master’s degree in addition to their do degrees dr. Samantha Jada
Marsh mentor Karen Montgomery Regan do dr. Alison K Halderman mentor Donald a
Koopman PhD dr. Nathaniel C crellick mentor Leah
Sheridan PhD dr. Danielle J thornsberry mentor
Cheryl Haynes do dr. Laura a householder mentor and a
write do doctor destiny D Jamison mentor Lori Wilson Rutter do doctor Steph M
Sigler mentor Eric Miller do dr. Michelle Hoffman mentor Jane broker
MD dr. Tiffany L Stainfield mentor Geneva Marie PhD dr. Jason D Rodriguez
mentor Sharon castle Pula EDD dr. Christina Randolph mentor Sharon
caso Pula EDD dr. Charles F Evers Bakker mentor Donald Abbott Walker MD dr. Craig a GU bow dr. Jennifer Jason mentor Jeff Stanley
do dr. Gregory Kay Adams mentor Lisa ditchy do dr. Sagan Alexander dr. Ajit k/m sewer mentor Freddie M
sewer MD dr. quasi Kawai a puma mentor Murial
observing yevo PhD dr. Catherine e Anderson mentor Kelly
Erwin do dr. Elise Andrew mentor Katie Croft do dr. Jafar G Baba dr. Evan J Allen dr. Michael our pan dr.
Logan see Beckett mentor Randall longenecker do MD – honorary dr. Jessica LBB mentor Sarah Rubin PhD dr. Briana our Benjamin mentor Kendra
browning do dr. Lucas G Bevan mentor Gary Bevan MD dr. Puneet body mentor Adrian Sakharine
do dr. Rachel Kay booth mentor Darla booth
DC dr. Julianne and Bork mentor Thaddeus port MD doctor and repeat borla’s mentor Paul
Wakeley MD dr. Alexandra a bowels mentor George
babka PhD dr. Donna J Sarma boy eloquently mentor Bhargava shangri-la MD dr. Kaela and Carmen dr. Macy s Bradbury dr. Dana W Brooks the third mentor
autumn Haines do dr. Lillian emkin Silla mentor Lydia can Silla Gd dr. Kevin W Carroll dr. Brittney our Carter mentor ohio auto
bio JD dr. Katherine a Kashi mentor Maria
missus MD dr. Bo Chang mentor William Burke do gotcha dr. Nadal and shoot job mentor
Ronald rusty Oh dr. Clint M Crispin mentor Sir Crispin Eisenhart do doctor
Minden see column or dr. Ryan J quorum dr. C atom cordon mentor Robert Age
cordon PhD dr. Carly asked cost mentor maryam and
al Hilli MD dr. Morgan e Craig mentor Sarah Rubin
PhD dr. Erica D Crawford mentor Kendall Cobb
MD dr. Ashley be Cremona Simmons mentor
marine caller Theo dr. Ponte Cruz dr. Joseph M crumb mentor J Murphy crumb
senior DC dr. Sidney seek rider mentor Elizabeth Beverly PhD dr. Emily s
Cubberley dr. Timothy L Cutler mentor Paul Brunner do dr. Charles D Davis mentor David Bix ow
MD dr. Meredith EDA coy mentor battle decoy
MD dr. Alexandria see the Fabio dr. Bethany aider flinger mentor philip
duke star the third do dr. Kimberly aide tomorrow mentor Louis
tomorrow PhD dr. Joanna demo dr. Tina M Drake
Williams dr. Erica and Regina mentor Irene Rosina
MD dr. Jonathan T Duckworth dr. Rochelle Doolin mentor
Rosalind Doolin MD dr. Haley M durla della mentor Donald
Kevin spanner MD dr. augusta k ed Wafaa mentor augustus
ed waffle MD dr. Andrew D Francis mentor Vincent
Scarpa not o MD dr. Samuel r Friedlander mentor Vincent
carbonado MD dr. Clayton M I can see her mentor Paul I can see R do dr. Ryan G ever saw doctor you Jew as you Liza dr. Nikita a facing dr. Caitlin see Vannelli mentor Kira
Finelli JD dr. Shannon M Flay hive mentor Colleen
Flay hive MD dr. Kristen and for Kappa dr. Taylor
asked France dr. Matthew see friend dr. Marley Dubrow dr. Michael J curse bitch dr. Ashton am Gibson mentor battle
averse Walker MD dr. Joshua are Gruen bomb dr. Zachary D
Glenn mentor Crispin bar lab do dr. Andrew asks Col bloom mentor John go
blow MD dr. Cory W go toka Matt to our Tracy
shop do dr. Emily and Brad mentor and cata MD dr. Tyler E Greenlee dr. Shelby J Griffith dr. Vishnu a good
MATLAB dr. Robert P Kinsler dr. Colin M Haven
mentor Christie Murphy do dr. Nathaniel see mentor how high MD doctor or be – aha dr. Benjamin J hedges dr. Connor G Holland mentor Greg Holland
MD cycle michael r hollor mentor Simon
Fraser do dr. Isis Lauren Holloway dr. Stephen asked Hans Berger the second dr. Spencer D Hopkins mentor Ronald
rusty Oh dr. Amy and Horowitz mentor Alan Miller
do dr. James M Basel ski mentor Katherine Durham PhD dr. Lauren a foot gun dr. esther i wong mentor randall
longenecker MD dr. Cesar are itchy araga mentor
Christie Murphy do dr. daniela CO and ivanov mentor
Elizabeth Beverly PhD dr. Joseph a Jabbar mentor Vincent Djebbour MD dr. Matthew L Johnson mentor Sarah Ali
MD dr. Zoe and Jones mentor Duke star do dr. Diane Urich mentor Robert su Haas do dr. Joseph see King dr. Kelly our Kirk dr. suma cola mentors right Cola PhD doctor dr. e kuu taco mentor David Rosic
do dr. David W loudly mentor David rose at do dr. Robert T Coleman dr. Briana and Coons mentor Brian Coons
do dr. Frank de Kushner Sanderson dr. Kela KITT Ron mentor Francis Lakes do dr. Aditi and Leila mentor Francis plays
do dr. Joseph P Lance dr. Kelsey e Li mentored by Maureen
Kohler do you dr. Dylan J Lewis dr. Daniel M lo dr. mark T loam as me
mentored by admin mentored by jessica Gomes me PhD dr. David E long mentored
by Jack Burroughs do doctor Arlene M Malika mentored by Terry Simon do dr. Gregory F Mancini mentored by
Gabriel Mancini do dr. Colin a Marshall mentored by Kaylee Marshall DVM dr.
Lindsey and Matthews dr. kyle el mas dr. dana e maxwell
mentored by philip duke star do dr. susanne be Mizzou’s and sherry mentored
by cyril mazi than cherry do dr. michael o mcbride mentored by nancy
mcbride MD dr. amber Jay McDermott mentored by
Kristen Cola do dr. Caitlin e McDowell dr. Scott our neckla more dr. Megan see McNicholas dr. Steven be
McNulty mentored by Nicholas Espinosa DL dr. Haley II
mahalik mentored by James mahalik DPT dr. Michael a Messina mentored by
Matthew Messina DDS dr. Mary ji Messer dr. K L Miller mentored by Lori Willis
and rudder do dr. marisa n miller mentored by Zack
Miller do dr. Alex J Myers mentored by Frank Myers
do dr. vibha Mishra mentored by Abha Mishra
MD dr. Arielle D Moore mentored by Sonia
more d NP dr. David Ryan Morgenstern mentored by Stephen Morgenstern MD dr. genoveffa are more away mentored by
Sarah Rubin PhD dr. Stacy natterer mentored by Sarah Rubin PhD dr. Arthur a
Oliva mentored by Maureen Oliva PhD dr. matthew h Oliverio mentored by
antonio Freeland Oliverio do dr. Andrew C Olsen mentored by Paul saridakis MD dr. Evan W Osterman mentored by dr.
Nathan Osterman OD dr. Ryan be Ostler dr. Rachel T papa
mentored by Carl Poppa MD dr. Braden J Pasha’s mentored by John
Paseos DL dr. Ryan M Paulus mentored by Brian
Schmidt do dr. William P Pender mentored by Annie
ent PhD dr. Kyle M pence mentored by Anthony
pence MD dr. Michelle j p– ESSEC dr. Kaylee n Pierrot mentored by Anita M
Steinberg do dr. evan jae-ho Garelick mentored by
eugene ho Garelick do dr. alexandra a pole fqo mentored by Charles Tannenbaum
PhD dr. angel our prim dr. Elliott J rungy dr. Kayla II procopius
mentored by Nicole wodsworth do dr. Sean M Pugh mentored by Kevin Pugh MD dr.
Yusuf F Roslin mentored by Faris Roslyn MD dr. a beam on you see ready mentored by
Deepthi Masoli MD dr. marina K riad mentored by Timothy
law do dr. Elissa M Ritchie mentored by Mark
day do dr. Ali W R is be mentored by sight M tark Rizvi PhD dr. su meet s sand who mentored by Josh
Chima MD dr. Stephanie n saridakis mentored by
George saridakis DL dr. Nicole M Sarkissian mentored by
Gregory Sarkissian DL dr. Rachel T Scarl mentored by Scott
Jenkinson DL dr. Jeremy are Schiele dr. David K
Schmidt mentored by Maureen collar do dr. Trevor and Schrader dr. Arielle
Scott Turner mentored by Nathan lot do dr. Christopher K Sager dr. Michelle M Sergey mentored by philip
duke star do doctor Samim s Charisse Donny mentored by Hameed char Astana PhD dr. Chantal a Shaw mentored by Dana
Fulton MD dr. Edmund W she mentored by Sharon
Edmund PhD dr. Brandon s shifflett dr. Stephanie M Shoop dr. robert d stow CIM dr. rush me P
Singh mentored by Shiva P Singh PhD dr. Elizabeth B Snyder mentored by
Rudolph Snyder PhD dr. Alexandria H speakman mentored by Jessica James do dr. Jonathan G spit nail dr. david c Stastny ii mentored by david
c Stastny dl dr. Nicole D Steinmetz mentored by
Nicolas Espinoza do dr. Jessica M Suba mentored by Brian
Girija do dr. proton e subbaraj n mentored by
sathya Nagas baron dr. William our Swindell mentored by
jack bros do dr. Matthew M Taylor mentored by William
J Burke do dr. kamran M Tyrell dr. Rachel a Thomas
mentored by Emily Pat Brown born PharmD dr. Zachary T Thomas dr. Kyle M Toth dr. Katarina K truss mentored by Spencer
Johnson do dr. Nicholas w tree z AK doctor and
Kenan you listen II mentored by Tracy tiller MD dr. Mohammed Omar dr. Thomas J Valentine mentored by
Dorian Gray do dr. Daniel our van zant Junior mentored by Donald Frydenberg CEO dr.
William Dee Wallace dr. Aaron M Walsh mentored by Mark Walsh MD dr. Margaret je wat mentored by Denis
above Nick MD dr. shonali D wicker maniacae mentored
by Jeff Clark DDS dr. Morgan n Wilhoit mentored by
kwang-soo MD dr. Benjamin M witkoff mentored by
Morrie witkoff do dr. Adam Jay Woodyard dr. Melanie F
Worley dr. Ryan J Yavor ski mentored by Maria rile MD dr. J men yem dr. Niccole J Zell
mentored by Joseph Zell DL dr. Marion F is good in ski mentored by Gerald Goode
NC d zs dr. Margaret II Zork mentored by Jack
Rose DL graduating today in absentia our dr.
Catherine S Clark dr. Harrison H Gooch a doctor Justin D hunter dr. Alexander M
Morrison Nozick dr. Z M schwa key dr. Austin M Smith and dr. Andrew Andrew e
volio I speak on behalf of the faculty and staff when I say it has truly been
an honor to work with the members of the class of 2019 we washed with as
admiration as you mastered the basic sciences that are the foundation of
medicine over in over time we observed a remarkable transformation as you also
assume the roles and responsibilities of a student physician your journey has
been exciting and inspiring to watch but the best is yet to come over the next
three or more years our graduates will further develop their knowledge through
postgraduate training at a time when our nation recognizes the need to recruit
and retain truly outstanding osteopathic family physicians we are proud that 47%
of the class will pursue our primary care specialty I think that deserves a
round of applause overall our graduates will train in many
medical specialties including family medicine internal medicine pediatrics
emergency medicine orthopedic surgery anesthesiology physical medicine and
Rehab psychiatry dermatology obstetrics and gynecology and many others over 70%
of this class will stay in Ohio for Graduate Medical Education
that is incredible wherever they train each new heritage college physician and
surgeon will take with them respect integrity compassion that are the heart
of osteopathic medical training we will be forever proud that they are
osteopathic physicians who represent the Heritage College and the medical
profession as well as Ohio University I’m sure that many of our audience
members share in this pride as mothers fathers siblings spouses and steadfast
supporters of our graduate I know from my own personal experience how vital
support networks are during medical school and I would like to personally
thank each and every one of you for the support that you have given our students
as they are now becoming physicians as they now have become physicians and the
support that will go on in their accomplishments for years to come and
now families friends and esteemed guests on behalf of Ohio University heritage
college of osteopathic medicine I present to you the physicians of the
class of 2019 at this time dr. Jennifer Quillin will
administer the osteopathic oath dr. gulam is a 2003 heritage college
graduate and serves as the president of the Ohio University heritage college of
osteopathic medicine Society of alumni and Friends dr. Gilliam is an assistant
clinical professor of family medicine an assistant dean for our southeastern and
central Ohio clinical educational sites she has recently installed this
president of the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Osteopathic family
physicians please join me in welcoming dr. gulam thank you dr. Johnson doctors
please prepare to take the osteopathic physicians oath the osteopathic oath is
a contemporary version of the oath of Hippocrates it affirms values central to
all physicians and surgeons at Ohio University both do an MD physicians are
integral to our teaching and research programs helping to develop and refine
the principles of osteopathic medicine we invite all physicians onstage and in
our audience to stand and honor our new grads by reciting the oath with them the
oath appears on page 17 of your program now doctors if you would please join me
I do hereby for my loyalty to the profession I’m about to enter I will
always be always of my great responsibility to preserve the health
and the life of my patients to retain their confidence and respect both as a
physician and a friend who will guard the secrets with scrupulous honor and
fidelity to perform faithfully my professional duties to employ only those
recognized methods of treatment consistent with
good judgment and with my skill and ability keeping in mind always nature’s
laws and the body’s inherent capacity to for cover II I will be ever vigilant and
aiding in the general welfare of the community sustaining its laws and
institutions not engaging in those practice which will in any way bring
shame or discredit upon myself or my profession I will give no drugs for
deadly purposes to any person though it will be asked of me I will endeavour to
work in accord with my colleagues and a spirit of progressive cooperation and
never by word or by act cast amputations upon them or on their rightful practices
I will look with respect and esteem upon all those who have taught me my art to
my college I will be loyal strive always for its best interests and for the
interests of the students who will come after me I will be ever alert to further
the application a basic biologic truth to the healing arts and to develop the
principles of osteopathic medicine as taught by my profession in the presence
is gathering bind myself to this oath now I’d like to be the first to welcome
you into the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine Society
of alumni and Friends congratulations doctors esteemed guests please stand as Hana
Hana Robert sings the Ohio University alma mater the words are on page 17 of
your program if you would like to follow along please be seated all graduates and their
guests are invited to a reception in the Baker University Center which is a short
walk away for those who are unable to make the walk we also have a shuttle
service available outside a Grosvenor Hall please exit through the main doors
of the convocation center and follow the signs for the shuttle service now
however we ask that you please remain seated until the marshals have led the
platform party the graduates and the mentors and the faculty from the
auditorium following the completion of the recessional the commencement will
stand adjourned you

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