Highlights from Exponential Medicine 2016 – Reimagining the Future of Healthcare

do not underestimate the power of exponential technologies do not underestimate the importance of the community around exponential medicine here at exponential medicine we want to sort of tap into those technologies the people the ideas the insights and spark new innovations to improve health and wellness diagnostic terapy discovery and globalizing democratize healthcare on the planet now we have to be bold in how we look at where things will go we have to think about simple solutions about high tech that low cost that's the way you penetrate the market and make health care more equitable affair right so what if we had a detector that was so small that it could circulate in the body and could find the cancer all by itself and it could send a signal to the outside world this would be a way to do a cancer diagnosis that could be done all over the world that could be truly disruptive medicine has improved a lot at the practice but I think it's time to take this practice of medicine and turn it into the science of medicine once we've turned something into data this is where we start to be able to make exponential changes as long as we're still in the physical world those exponential changes are harder once we move into data things start to get really interesting and they start to move really fast it's an amazing opportunity to be able to tie together people who are developing all these new technologies with the clinicians on the frontlines who might be using these technologies it's definitely an unmet needs a singularity seems to be meeting I'm just amazed at the quality of the people that are here it's like a who's who of the leaders of this revolution and you just get to spend all this time with them for a couple of days plus I mean it's gravy that you hear the talk but I mean the real thing is this incredible community and interaction that goes on here I don't know of any place like it and if you want to know whether the future is in medicine you need to be at this conference when we're up on the International Space Station we have 24/7 communication more or less there's very little time latency but if you're on Mars it could take 21 minutes one leg so we have to think in different ways and how we're going to support health care in these faraway places and then of course we can use some of these great solutions to take care of people in sub-saharan Africa and distant Nepal and rural North Dakota we welcome all types we blend it in and that that's part of the magic it's no one one type of person who's here and a lot of the ideas and sparks that happen are from the unexpected convergence is on the beach at our bonfires – the lectures on stage – the demos – the Innovation Lab and so what's really amazing about this program is who shows up we've had in the last couple of years folks from over 40 countries from every sort of medical specialty from all sorts of different patient groups to different technologists who get sparked to contribute their thoughts their energy and to take what they might learn here and through singularity University into action and to impact these are people who understand the science understand the technology understand the medicine in ways that are almost unprecedented yeah I'm astounded at the excitement receptivity and enthusiasm to collaborate to work together to be curious ask questions and I think it's really indicating that people are sick and tired of the old model and understand that there's this change happening and they want to be part of that paradigm changes are hard to achieve because most scientists are incredibly conservative and they're unwilling to give up what they learned early in their career we want to use talent technological and otherwise to improve the life of other people specifically people that are being neglected by other life systems I realize physicians are never going to care as much about pain as patients are so I started looking for a solution that patients could use themselves to block pain but one experiment allowed me to teach 14,000 people in one day and then they took a number of patients which were supposed to be in a coma or in a vegetative state put them in a scanner and most of them didn't light up but one patient did Daniel has put together a fantastic agenda I think it's there to open eyes and to connect like-minded people with the spirit of positivity and what's possible rather than you know what's not it's a cauldron of brilliance whoo you're looking at a ghost statistically I should have been dead five years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer nine years ago with liver metastases seven years ago why aren't I dead yet because of good luck good oncologist good surgeons good drugs maybe because I'm a physician I make better treatment decisions maybe because I'm young I'm more aggressive and I think outside the box I think anyone would benefit from attending this conference I come here to catch up on what are the coolest startups in exponential technologies applied to medicine with the top entrepreneurs and sort of meet the family here every year feel exposed to leading experts or the bank guard of their fields at the same time the attendees have your sort of intrinsic curiosity many of them could very well be seekers in their own right anyway I mean everybody fields are changing so fast but being able to you know have a touchstone every now and then and talk to something about oh you know tell me about the things you're excited about in your area it's a lot of fun I like to focus on joy and work consider burnout join workers more than just the absence of burnout and that's what we should aspire to I mean what you guys have done is reinvent the medical conference you know trying to not only educate people about what's happening from a technology perspective but I think hopefully in some ways kind of prepare them to be more effective and hopefully be kind of agents of positive change for themselves and for the world very grateful for Daniel to have started this in the first place and really spurred me on to chase my dream and vision of developing an expertise and experience with artificial intelligence and medicine exponential medicine has really blossomed into an extraordinary event come with an open mind you'll leave with more possibilities of what is going to happen over the next 5-10 years of your career than you could possibly have imagined that's the future that's where we're going that's the new medicine I will see do taste smell feel everything I can in my lifetime however long or short it may be and it will be enough or anybody's interested in helping create and catalyze the future exponential medicine community for you to join contribute and help spark and reimagine healthcare around the planet come join us I look forward to seeing you here at our next program at the amazing magical Hotel del Coronado from San Diego

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