Hilarious Werewolf Prank on the Leblanc’s, Shawn Johnson and Madilyn Bailey! DAY 342

– Good for you. – Wake up.
– Wake up. – Oh my God. β™ͺ It’s beginning to look
a lot like Vlogmas. β™ͺ – [Matt] Peanut, how you doing, brother? Super purple today. Oh, what is this? Just one, one hand in the air. He normally folds his feet, but look at… Peanut just started taking his medicine that is going to make him pee. So, yeah, the fun has started. Remember last time? We were in the car and Peanut
gave us the look of death? – Yeah. – [Matt] Said pull over?
– Yeah. It’s like really bad. We have to pull over
all the time with him. You’re probably wondering
why I am wearing this wig. You can see the video now on my channel. You guys know that we recreated
Hanny’s Instagram photos. And it got over 30,000
thumbs up in 24 hours, which means that we did a part two. And that’s what this wig is for. I’m turning into a much
older Annie LeBlanc. – We are at, we’re at Ross right now trying to find some clothes for this shoot. I think I found something. So, I can’t find a vest. I need a vest and I’m not
an owner of a black vest. So I kind of like a black shirt, that I think we’re going to try to cut. I got some spendas. Rebecca’s in her second outfit right now. Oh yeah. – I just realized the hat. I wanted the part to be over
and it was in the middle. I just moved the whole wig over. And it works. – [Matt] It’s amazing. – I look like an all
grownup Annie LeBlanc. I think she’ll look much better than this. – [Matt] Stop, you look very pretty. It’s not your haircut style or color. – But… – [Matt] Whoop, there it is. We’re on our next look right now. Rebecca’s getting ready
to make a red carpet. How do you make a red carpet? – With towels. (laughter) You’re at home and you don’t
have a real red carpet, use a towel that you shower with. – [Matt] Full disclosure,
that was in Rebecca’s shower. – It’s an old towel. I should be showering with this. I feel like we ran out of laundry. – And then I am in an
outfit I should never be in. It’s a jean jacket. It looks cool like right
here in this frame, but it’s really cropped. Pretty short. It’s terrible. – He could have got his own, but he decided he just
wanted to wear mine. So… – It’s a comfort thing. We’re at, at the store. Dog shopping, hey, shopping with dogs. We’re not dog shopping. Peanut, how ya feeling, buddy? I mean, you look pretty good. Blackjack. Do you know what you want to get? We’re just doing some
errands right now at Target. I think we’re trying to pick up some stuff for a video coming up and of course, just groceries in general. Wall of beans. Let’s find some stuff. (cheerful music) Purple vibes. Okay, let’s go, let’s go. C’mon. You gotta go in the other room. We’re leaving ya. Hey, we gotta go. We gotta go. Go, go, go, get it. You gotta walk into the other room now. Okay? He’s all about the belly rubs right now. – Thank you guys, everyone
in the film that came then. – [Matt] Me? – No Curt.
– Curt did. Little game of Werewolf here. Girls are going to start playing here too. – When I first started,
being like, I hate this game. And we didn’t have the real cards, so… – Oh yeah. We just had a deck of cards. – We just had a deck of cards. So we had to remember all the ten rules. I was like this is not fun. – [Matt] Wait ’til Peach Fuzz shows up. – There’s like a sequel we have to watch. – [Matt] Okay, done, done. – Sequel of what? – [Matt] Peach Fuzz. – I was a robber and now I’m a mason. – So do you rob… – I robbed… – Kenzie. – Kenzie. – You are a robber? – And I can vouch for that. – You were a robber now your a mason? – [Matt] Does she rob? – Look at your card. – Because she’s a robber. (crosstalk) – So this is, so what’s interesting,
is that Annie actually, I don’t think she is right now, but she could technically be lying because the information
that we were both masons was already given out. (dramatic music) – [Man] Or two of the same cards. (rhythmic tapping) Seer, close your eyes. – We’re wolfing it up. (laughter) – I get it, I get it. – [Man] Switch your card
with another player’s card. And then view your new card. – You see they explain it? So it helps. – [Man] Robber, close your eyes. – Hey Matt, smile. (growls) – [Man] Wake up. You will exchange cards
between two other players. Troublemaker, close your eyes. I know who the winners are. (laughter) Everyone, keep your eyes closed. – Good for you. – [Man] Wake up.
– Wake up. (squealing) (screaming) (laughter) – I’m learning how to
play Werewolf right now. – Jimmy knows how to play. – Oh, I’m a veteran at this one. – We did like a little scare earlier. Go check out Jimmy’s channel if you want to see the
werewolf, it’s pretty funny. It’s from Creep. Where, yeah, yeah, it’s bad. There it is right there. – Hey, what’s this guy’s name? – That’s uh… – Leroy?
– Leroy. (laughter) – I’m Leroy Jenkins. – [Matt] Okay, we’re getting ready to eat the one chip challenge. If you want to see it, go check out… – Shawn Johnson. – [Matt] Not your channel, trust me. Yeah, go check it out. Check it out. – You gotta give me some love, man. – [Matt] Okay, okay. I’ll give you love. I’ll do it off camera though. (laughter) – We gotta do it. Once in a lifetime. – [Matt] We don’t have a choice, yeah. – We got the gloves on. We are ready. – [Matt] I don’t understand
the gloves yet, but… – It’s cause it’s so hot, Jimmy’s lips, Jimmy’s lips blistered. No, lock the door. – [Matt] Who’s all doing this? – All right, we got Rebecca and Matt. We’re kind of doing a team strategy. – [Matt] Okay. – Rebecca and Matt. – [Matt] Rebecca and Matt. – Have to finish one chip. Shawn and I have to finish one chip. – [Matt] Okay. – Hey Billy. Billy and Paige? Billy and Paige and then, is there four? – [Matt] That’s four. – That’s four, and Jimmy, Jimmy all by himself. Jimmy all by himself. – [Matt] Wait, one, two… Katie, do you want to do it? – Annie? – Uh, uh, no. I will not do it. – Chris, Matt wouldn’t say
no, you want to join them? – Billy’s in. – C’mon, Chris. (cheering) – [Matt] Jimmy made it, dude. – He made it, barely. – [Matt] You did the one half chip. You did the one half chip challenge. – The one half chip. – [Matt] Yeah, almost got it. – Not on your level though. You did the full chip challenge. – [Matt] Nah, I only did one-third chip. – Oh you did? Okay. Well, this time you did the half chip. – [Matt] Yeah. – You held it down. – [Matt] Yeah, Paige did you even get it? – I had a big bite. – [Matt] Okay, but you didn’t
have any ice cream or milk? – Oh yes I did. I had a whole tub of ice cream. – I finished my full ice cream. Look at this. It’s gone. – He crushed it. – Crushed it. I won that challenge. (rhythmic pounding) – [Man] Werewolves, close your eyes. Minion, wake up. Werewolves, stick up your thumb so the minion can see who you are. Werewolves, put your thumb away. Minion, close your eyes. Masons, wake up and look
for the other mason. – Haley. – You’re not the werewolf? – Wait, you were the… – I was the robber. And I switched, yeah, yeah, yeah. But she comes after me. – She comes after. – She was ahead of me. – It doesn’t matter what their cards are. Because we know that they are werewolves. (crosstalk) – If you really did, if you
were the minion right now. – It doesn’t matter. (crosstalk) – Guys, I, I was the robber. And the other one was,
she was the werewolf. – Just come out with it at the end. – She’s the were. – I’m not a werewolf. – You are the minion. (crosstalk) – I saw Kenzie. – I have no clue about this guy. (laughter) – Flip it over. – Whoa, I won! – You were telling the truth?
– Yep. – Rebecca.
– I know. (cheerful music) (cheering) (dance music)


  1. I truly believe that werewolves are real but they hide under the human eye and they're not ugly as the mask may lead people to believe. For all we know there COULD really be a alpha ready to give his 17 year old son the title as next alpha as soon as he turns 18 and finds his mate that COULD be the packs Luna. And if we're being truly honest I actually want a werewolf mate ya know, someone who makes you crave their attention, someone that marks you and can't live 3 months without. Like the better version of a boyfriend or husband, no matter what you did he/she will always forgive you sure they will mad but they have no choice to forgive cuz they love you to much to hate you. I will forever believe werewolves are real and I have a mate I just have to wait till I'm 18 to find him.

  2. I think or feel like there's still a worm inside of matt's body because he swallowed it alive in the gummy vs real food videoπŸ˜πŸ€”πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  3. Here before 30k views. This message is for everyone. Reply to me and say if you have a dog and if you do what is it's breed and name? I have a black Labrador named Joseph. Also tell me what your favourite colour is. My favourite colour is red. What are you guyes favourite animal? Mine is a tiger. LOL, that prank was so funny. Tell me if you have played any pranks and what they were. Do you guys have any siblings, I so please tell me what their names are. I have 2 sisters named Paige and Shelby. Paige has a YouTube channel called this:Little_Miss_Obsessed. Check her channel out and subscribe to her.

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