His First Day of ABA Therapy

Hi my name is Liam Hello LANDing Crew so today’s video is of Liam, our 20 month old. Today is his first day of ABA
therapy and we are kind of nutso over here. We did not wake up earlier like
planned so we’re kind of running around with our head cut off. I don’t have makeup on. I wanted to look presentable because a bunch of people are coming over my
house in like 20 minutes but I guess I look like a mom of six
that has a full-time job. What did you do? What did you do? *gasp* Are you wearing this
shirt that April and Evan got you? Are you? Yeah. You need to be using a spoon. I know, I know. It’s so much easier to eat with your fingers. Isn’t it? So, we are
starting off with four hours a week for a variety of reasons. We were going to start
off with ten hours, but apparently they can’t do afternoons right now. They’re
hiring another therapist. I think. Do they could only do it in the mornings. Well
Monday through Wednesday morning… We have O.T. and developmental therapy. Instead of
doing three hours… Thursday and Friday morning. We wanted to start off with two…
to see how Liam handles it is. Initially, We were gonna do two hours a day Monday
through Friday. So that’ll be ten hours a week. You’re so cute. Say… mama! You’re
supposed to hand it to me not eat it. Oh! Oh! You want to give me your hand? That’s not
what I wanted. Daddy’s cleaning up You ready for therapy? I’m like excited
and nervous, it’s a new kind of therapy. I know nothing about ABA. Hopefully it goes
well, hopefully it helps this little guy Our main goal is going to be to get him
to respond to his name because he is really poor with that and also
communication because he doesn’t really seem to be making any headway with
verbal or nonverbal communication right now so I think that’s gonna be kind of
our main goal just to be able to give him- give him some words before he
has words. How does that sound? Does that sound good? No? Hi my name is Liam, I like long walks on the beach Did you have so much fun? Guys he had so
much fun. So he really likes his Early Steps therapist, the developmental therapist
today he was trying to sit in the ABA therapists’ lap, both of them which he’s
never tried that with other therapists only ABA. The last time they came out for
the assessment he did at the same thing then when they went to go leave he
started screaming at them and stimming He was really upset that they were
leaving. Did you love them? They’re gonna come back tomorrow na-na
Tomorrow So. What’s up Penelope? What’s going on? Yeah. You’re so cute. *kisses* Yeah? You getting so big? Oooh ooh ha ha! Don’t break my back… Is it time to start planning your first birthday? Guys, the
weekends used to not feel that different. Especially when all the kids
were home school. The weekends really didn’t feel special. I mean it felt
special in the fact that we didn’t have to do schoolwork and that was relieving.
It brings a whole new level of rest to us. It’s exhausting man so I have the
best husband ever and he let me have a nap and I feel refreshed. What are you
doing? Do you have your favorite dinosaur? Do you love dinosaurs now? What are you doing? You always walk backwards it’s so funny. *montage music* So after we get Lonnie Jr. from school.
Lonnie and I have to go get groceries. and you guys have probably already seen
the grocery haul. How we do grocery shopping, because we are a large family.
We’re a family of eight. We’ve got six kids. We got a lot of mouths to feed. We will
go to Winn-Dixie first and Publix first and get BOGO’s and then we go to Walmart
Now when we were up in Jacksonville this is not how we went shopping. We mainly
just went to Walmart because we didn’t live close by a Publix or Winn-Dixie
like both of them were a really far drive but literally we live like in
between 2 Winn-Dixie’s and 3 Publix’s What’s wrong baby? What’s going on? Daddy thought you are hungry? I’m sorry. There
take your dinosaur. Did you have so much fun with ABA earlier and your dinosaurs? Yeah Let’s go say hi to sissy. Liam! Look. Sissy. Sissy’s right here Good job! Yeah. She’s got hair kind of like yours, yeah Good job. She’s like what’s going on so in OT and his Early Steps
appointment we have been, just for like part of the therapy sessions, will bring
Penelope in. That’s one of the benefits of doing it in home is we can kind of
make it in Liam’s natural setting and incorporate what we want to. It’s really
important for me to get him to like play with his sister. Now I don’t want to
force him to play with her if he doesn’t want to but I want him to recognize her
as another baby and things because there are some times I feel like he does enjoy
Lex’s company, he just doesn’t know how to play with Lex, Lex doesn’t know how to play
with him. Lex has social issues like crazy, we’ve been working on that
and yesterday during his OT appointment he actually seemed to really recognize
her first when we passed after he was eating in his OT appointment yesterday
he looked at her and he just kind of like stopped which he’s never done that
before and then he just went and walked away. And we were like hmm that’s strange
like that’s weird So I brought her into the toy room and
it was like he was seeing her for the first time. That’s something else we’re
working on and getting him to recognize Alright guys so we are- we’re going to take a trip to Massachusetts and New York So Danielle is
really wanting to go into school for graphic de- not graphic design, digital
design right? Yeah. We’re just kind of looking at schools. I mean she’s in her 10th
grade year so that’s what you kind of do when you’re in 10th grade is kind
of look at the schools, look at kind of where you would want to go. Both her and
Lonnie Jr are doing so good this year I’m so proud of their grades, they’re working so hard Danielle and I had to put a hold on
looking at art design colleges because we got to go grocery shopping. Lonnie isn’t feeling the best so Danielle and I are just going to go. Okay guys I’m back.
I decided not to vlog our grocery trip just because I thought it was gonna be a
little bit chaotic so that didn’t happen but it was my first time using these
really cool reusable bags they are so cute so now I’m gonna be doing a grocery
haul and then I will get back to you guys after I eat dinner. This is a
YouTuber problem. I have done the grocery haul, now I have to put up all of these
groceries. Like I don’t know if people realize this but when YouTubers do
grocery hauls. I mean I don’t know if every YouTuber does it this way but if
we do it, we bring in the bags. We set up the food all pretty so I can present it
nicely and take a really cute thumbnail and then we have to put it all back so
it’s like putting it up twice but I am gonna have the kids help me put up
the groceries and I’m going to livestream, I’m going to edit the grocery
haul and hopefully go to bed before 1 a.m. but we will see. Guys I’m so ready
for the weekend, so ready for the weekend I am shopping early here for
Halloween stuff trying to get a good deal So this year the kids are
going to be the PJ Masks crew probably cuz this is gonna be the only year. Next
year Liam will probably want to be something his own but this year they’re
all young enough that I can be kind of like okay you’re just gonna be PJ Make
Penelope is gonna be Owlette, Liam is gonna be Gekko then Lex is gonna be Catboy
again cuz he loves being cat boy. He was Catboy last year. I don’t think the
costume fits him anymore so I have to check on that. Literally his 4T shorts
are like so short on him now so I don’t think it does. PJ masks, let’s click on
this. Oh my goodness they’re so expensive but they’re doing 20% off right now so
that’s why I want to order now. See what size they have 2T to 4T. See that’s my
only concern is that it’s not gonna fit Liam. I don’t know. I love the ones from
Spirit Halloween because the material of the costume was amazing. Lex’s that he
got last year is still like in great condition so if you guys like are
looking for good quality PJ Mask costumes, go to Spirit Halloween. Not
everything at Spirit Halloween is that quality but I’m telling you these these
costumes definitely were. So I am editing the video and I forgot that I didn’t get
anything to dinner. I think we’re just in like a really busy stage of our life
right now, like a really busy stage. All the kids are just in things, you know?
Danielle’s in the age that she’s studying for her learner’s permit, she’s studying
for the pSATS, she’s looking at schools colleges, kind of what she wants to do
then Lonnie Jr is in his last year of middle school so he’s kind of thinking
of high school things and then Noah’s Noah. Our life is always busy with Noah
always always busy Lex is getting ready to start preschool
so we have that going on. Then Liam is starting all of these therapies and then
Penelope is just a diva so she takes all of our attention so I’m just really
tired a lot. I’m trying my best and I’m trying to push through it all. Gotta just
hope my best is enough you know I thought I closed off the vlog earlier
and apparently I did not so here I am Guys what a long day but tomorrow’s
Friday and so that is good. My videos before used to be very behind. Like what
you guys would see would be like from the week prior
Now I’m only about two days out so it’s a little bit sooner which might be
confusing from other ones. Thank you guys for tagging along with us. I love you
This is about as real as this is gonna get guys. I just I don’t think I could get
any more real with you all but if you are new to our LANDing Crew go ahead and
hit that red subscribe button we would love for you to be a part of our family
and I promise I’m not drunk right now, I promise. I love you guys, see you in the morning [ending song]


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  2. Is the not remembering people a common autism thing in babies/toddlers? I'm taking it they out grow it since Noah seems just fine at remembering people.

  3. Steph, I dont wanna seem offensive because we love you but do u notice you might have seborrheic dermatitis or dandruff? Many of your videos we notice dandruff in your hair and on your shoulders… have u been diagnosed with seborrheic dermatitis?

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  6. My autistic 4 yr old just started pre k and we have to get up at 7am, when she usually gets up at 9am. I thought since it was Saturday, she would sleep in and we would both get a little more sleep but lol she was up at about 730 waking me up.😑

  7. I really love that idea about the kids Halloween costumes that is so lovely. That's gonna be an amazing memory in years to come. My son is only few months younger than Liam I'm gonna dress him as a lion haha x

  8. Just wanted to thank you because thanks to your videos I was able to identify that my daughter had some sensory issues. She was just diagnosed with sensory integration disorder so thank you for putting up your life and information for us to watch and learn ❣

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  10. Aw Liam!!! Way to go guy!!!! I think I heard you ‘roar’ with your dinosaur and when you patted your sister gently on the head I tried tears of joy! You are such an awesome little guy! I’m enjoying watching you grow each day!!!

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  14. How do you find a good ABA therapist?? I’m suppose to be looking for ABA therapist for my 2 yr old , but all I was given was a list of ABA therapist in my area to call.. How do I know it’s a good ABA therapist I’m getting for my son .?

  15. Liam's melts me, I have such a soft spot for him. When he petted Penelopes head it made me tear up. Just think of how far he'll be a year from now, it'll be amazing!

  16. Sweet Liam with Penelope… Oh my goodness!!! I almost cried, I teared up. Liam is so special and touches my heart. My nephew is 6 years old, he has recently been diagnosed with a "mild" form of autism (not sure the specifics).

    I was watching your channel before he was diagnosed with autism but after his diagnosis, watching your videos really helps me to understand more about how/who he is. My nephew is so sensitive to everyone around him and how they are feeling, truly one of the sweetest boys in the world!

    Thank you Stephanie for sharing your personal life with us all!

    Sending much love from North Carolina! ❤️❤️ + ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ -Abby 🙂

  17. Is ABA a combination of early steps therapist and the developmental therapist? Or are early steps and developmental therapist the same therapist and ABA is a different therapist?

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  19. ABA was a Godsend for my son. He went from maybe 20 words at 3.5 years old to full sentences and phrases by 5. Give it time. Good luck!

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