History Made As Texas Tech Breaks Ground On School Of Veterinary Medicine

>> Lawrence Schovanec, President: This is indeed a time to celebrate a historical achievement. >> Guy Loneragan, Dean: The last time we built a new vet school in Texas was 100 years ago. >> Ginger Nelson, Amarillo Mayor: This vet school effort has required a community of people, not bound by the geography of one city, one county or even the West Texas region. >> Dr. Tedd L. Mitchell, Chancellor: Everybody in here was part of making something happen that a lot of people said wouldn’t happen and couldn’t happen. >> Loneragan: We’re here, as you have heard, because of the effort, the commitment, the persistence of so many. But we’re really here for the students. >> Chris Huckabee, Board of Regents: This makes education more affordable. This makes education more accessible. This is a big day. >> Loneragan: It’s exciting to move from a design on paper to watching these buildings grow out of the ground.

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