HMT 110: Introduction to Healthcare Management – 1.16.13 Lecture

all right so today we're going to try to cover a little bit of chapter one that talks about how do you guys by management don't use those up here your own mind your own thoughts yes ma'am all right Billy a t-test let's go anybody else all right what you do affects everybody remember participation is 25% anybody else properly dispersing the work among who every ok so properly dispersing the keyword properly anybody else all right so all above it all your responses are correct I think you know I'll consider all those things to be important to management here are a few more that are also discussed in your book so we have planning organizing staffing controlling directing and decision making so planning goes into place probably one of the most important out of all of these management because without planning there's no order right if you have duties and tasks for your staff to do but you haven't planned it out what's going to happen what's gonna happen could somebody could two people do the same thing the same task if you don't plan it out my old school school doing the same thing right what else my hat you might lose money right if you're wasting time because things aren't planned so a lot of different things can happen bad things without planning organizing just as important you can have a plan but if that plan isn't organized what happens in this place chaos let's say our plan is to we're going to pick up the trash out here in this parking lot I just picked anything out of my head all right so our plan is to clean up the chair took the parking lot so if I would tell you guys all right guys we're going to go clean up the trash in the parking lot nails it but you guys know what to do as opposed to be saying all right this column you guys going to clean up roll one this college students wrote to this column Row three now I started to organize what we're going to do right so that we don't have the same people doing the same things no there's no overlap and no time being wasted so organizing is just as important staffing staffing has to do with getting our staff together so again X down the same example we're cleaning off the parking lot and I say okay you for these I'm going to clean the parking lot well what if we have a really big parking lot I haven't done my staffing correctly right maybe I should have said you four plus this room right so staffing deals with making sure you have an adequate number of employees to make sure you can take care of all the tasks and movies that are related to the job now I'm controlling so you might know what controlling is supervising little bit yep it's involved in controlling anything else making sure okay making sure everything goes right about monitor you monitor people when you control him that's our last class one student said that she kind of felt that micromanagement could be a form of control so you guys same laws words this is a quick yes have you been micromanage me more so you want to say I think we all probably market manage and then directing so directing kind of deals with somebody talked about delegation just you so directing somewhat deals with delegating and making sure that you have appropriately assigned the right people to the right text and decision-making decision-making is important but it's very important in healthcare because it's always changing every day is different no day is the same we may have twenty patients come in one day we may have to the next day so an effective manager has to be very good at decision making being able to think on their feet quickly being able to not just come up with a decision to come up with a sound and a reasonable excision so decision making very important when it comes to magic all right what management skills are needed to be successful we will talk about three conceptual skills technical skills and interpersonal skills see anybody know what conceptual skills are I'll take you news great great response very smart well what were you guys say I would think kind of like I'm usually like every missionary taxi I've you have a concept like overall mission statement like that right while you're doing what you're doing is you want to send your people out there to see something they're like they don't understand what they're doing right so it's conceptual deals with the bond kind of a mental thing a little bit so that you definitely have to have conceptual skills what about technicals all right I would think technicals more so like um say you have someone that maybe has asthma send them out there and technicals more so making sure that the people that are doing the time are able to do the time clearly qualified right call it so it doesn't qualify sounding like a given example if we think in terms of our nursing students in here technical skills would be your ability to be a good nurse so your ability to be able to take vitals and perform whatever procedures you need to on your patients that's your technical skills so while you may be in management you still have to have those technical skills even if you aren't working with patients every day so everybody understand that why is that important can't expect your support all right it's very hard to manage other people if you don't really know what they're doing or how they do it so again even if you're at a management level and you haven't provided patient care for two years you still need to have those technical skills to be able to do it if you need to not only because you can't expect your export subordinates to do it but what if you have five people out without food and the manager has to step in and actually care for patients so it's very important to to have those technical skills if we think in terms of our agency students it's just as important you still have to have those technical skills you stuff to have those writing skills those financial skills to be able to calculate your budgets even if it's not your job to do the budgets when I worked in hospitals I didn't work in the financial department but there were times when I had to develop budgets so that meant that I still had to have those technical skills to know how to develop a budget even though it wasn't something I did every day now sure after I developed my budget it went through several people to be reviewed to make sure I did it correctly but to do it initially I had to do it so I have to have those financial technical skills to be able to do it and then the last interpersonal skills you never communicate sure that's what you want to say because last one was so robust all right I'm going to add on to that fact that we effectively communicate all right all three answers are good in a personal is just ourselves it deals with people working with persons or people so you have to have the ability to be able to relate to your employees you could be an exceptional manager you could have great conceptual and technical skills and still not have good interpersonal skills and be a poor manager because you can be as smart as you want to be you can know as much as you want but if your employees hates you you will not succeed any other comments about these skills all very important skills all three are very important we're talk a little bit about management positions so know a lot of you guys are new to healthcare management so there's different types of management positions you have horizontal vertical and matrix so with a horizontal management it's an organization that is considered to be flat they called a flat organization so that basically means there's always certain levels only a couple of levels within that organization so for example I worked for a firm that was flat that was horizontal so we basically had five principles or five bosses and then everybody else reported to them so there was just two levels within that organization so we had an organizational chart over to on that was a flat organization or horizontal organization Alberto vertical organization is probably more common to what you guys have seen this is where the organizational chart has multiple levels so you'll have a supervisor than the manager then a department manager then a vice-president and a president and a CEO so those types of organizations have vertical management positions so it's it's not flat it's more tall or vertical and then a matrix management position anybody know what a major management position is it's a management position that may have employees from different departments so matrix manager may supervise folks in respiratory therapy cardiology and pulmonology for example that would be a matrix manager because they manage people from different departments another example of matrix manager could be a project manager for example an attache I've been project manager on different department on different projects and I had people from different departments reported to me for that project so I had people from nursing reporting to me people from finance reporting to me people from building construction reporting to me so it was different people from different departments reported to me as a project manager so those are examples of matrix management positions okay within management there's three levels you have management self management team and management of an organization so the first one management of self you guys think that means okay that to be more part of it ha management may be like making sure like he said making sure your steps are always up to be making sure you okay usually when your manager Lee you have to kind of like oversee everything so making sure like charts are there Energon okay so making sure you up-to-date on all of your stuff anything else any other examples both of these examples that they provide are correct basically what this concept is saying is even though you might be a manager you start to manage yourself you have to be together before you can require things from other people so you do have to be up-to-date on all of your stuff you do have to be able to manage your time you have to be able to manage yourself to be an effective manager to other people if you arrive to work every day 30 minutes late how are you going to manage on Louise right so you have to be on point you have to be able to manage yourself in order to be an effective manager the second level is management of a team so this would be where you manage your employees or your department or how do you define that team but before you can get here again you have to have management of yourself and then you can have management of your team and obviously that's where you are going to serve as a manager or leader of that team and direct that team to whatever goals you may have and then the third one management of an organization now depending on what type of organization you're in whether a physician office or physician practice or long-term care facility or a hospital or dialysis facility whatever it may be all organizations is different some are small some are being but you may get to a point where here managing an organization may be your the practice manager of your physician office if that's the case you have to be at all of these levels not demand yourself you have to manage your team which is going to be your staff and your managing the organization so this is what they mean by tri-level management focus you need to have all of these things in place to be able to learn manage effective any questions about this concept all right what else do managers have to do we have to find good people how many of you guys have worked somewhere with other people and been like how did they get hired by a show of hands almost everyone in this room including myself so how does that happen that happens because the manager probably am I going to say they did because I don't know situation but more than likely the manager did not recruit develop and retain good employees these are the things that once had training training is very important because how you train someone is how they are going to perform if you train them wrong then they're going to perform wrong well they're going to perform well leadership development leadership development involves developing the employee that you hire now there are situations where some managers may feel like I don't want to develop I don't want to develop you because you ain't come to take my job right that's not being an effective manager because holding another head but an employee back is not benefiting anybody it's not benefiting employee is not benefiting you it's not benefiting the organization so it's very important that you don't have that mentality and that you do try to develop your employees I would not feel good about having and I'm just thinking like you couldn't right here I would not feel good about having you as an employee and you've been in the same position for 10 years that would not make me feel good as a manager I want to see you grow and develop and move on up into the higher positions and not just be complacent in your safe relationship for two years that's not doing a good job at leadership vote so Alesha of developments key employee feedback without feedback we don't know if we're doing a good job not if you tell me you know you're really hard on us and a lot of people don't like you and I mean I want to hear it but it may be that that I want to hear that I need to hear so that I can get better and I think a lot of times a managers will dismiss the feedback from the employees it's not always right employees are not always right but sometimes they do have really good feedback and if you don't even allow employees to give feedback that won't allow you to be manager I've worked places where we never had opportunity to give feedback never had opportunity to speak out and it doesn't make for good employee morale no one wants to work anywhere where they feel like their voice can't be hurt right right so so that's employee back conduct rounds and office visits sometimes as a manager you will have lots and lots of work to do you may feel overwhelmed and feel like there's not enough time of the day and that you just have to stay in office I gotta say my office I gotta get this work done I get this work done but conducting rounds is very important for a few reasons it allows you to be visible and when you're visible you're oftentimes perceived as being moral if you're always in your office with the door closed your employees aren't going to feel comfortable with coming to you to talk to you in feedback or it's a totally by the issue that they're having that may be for preventing them from doing their job correctly so what the rounds does is allow you to walk around you know how's your day going today are you guys busy making extra staff not even call someone in rouse helps you get that kind of information when I worked with administration in the hospital we went around about twice a month and we would go to different floors we around on the floor little all of us administrators and we would each take one floor and so we would walk around on that floor talks and nurses talk to staff talk some physicians get input see how everything is going and then come back as a collective group all the administrators and sit down and discuss information that we got and a lot of times you get really good info and feedback from conducting rounds sometimes you get guys you get everything into the ground you may find out that you need to order a different type of toilet paper for the bathrooms because the toilets keep getting socked though which is plumbing bills so you find out all kinds of stuff when you conduct rounds so rounds very important you want people to see your face you want people to see that you're a good person you want people to see that you are a person and not that you're not just a manager that you are actually human personal so something somebody that people can talk to and then succession planning succession planning condom links to leadership development it deals with the act of planning for when you leave if I leave I mean leave your position whether that be retirement up work motion or leaving to go work somewhere else for another company and succession planning deals with working with an individual or several individuals to basically train them to be you so as you're developing your staff there's always going to be some people that rise above it that stand out to you that you want to reach out to that you think you would be good mentors for and those are the people that you think of when you're doing your succession planning so I may say I want to groom you so that you can take my that's a school what succession planning is and this is what the managers do poor managers don't do succession planning and then when they leave everything falls apart so a good manager is going to make sure that they have a good succession plan in place any question about these all right managing performance everybody underperforming they're better it's basically what we do with our job so if we go back to my example about cleaning the parking lot cleaning a parking lot will be our performance so when you're managing performance you want to emphasize efficiency and quality so that would be me saying all right we need to make sure this parking lot is done in 20 minutes that's me trying to be efficient now if I to say take however long you want or however long you need you got to be out there for hours and that's not necessarily being very efficient and then as far as quality I want to make sure you guys do a good job I don't want to make I don't want to see cigarette butts they got looked over or you know coke bottles that didn't get picked up when I go out to check the parking lot it should be a high quality job building all the trash should be gone when you're managing performance you want to highlight the people who go above and beyond so if we're cleaning the parking lot and this young lady does exceptional job her bag is like filled trash it's like bulging like a thoughts explosion she's picked up so much trash out of a highlighter and saying wow you did a great job at picking up all this trash I commend you so you want to highlight your high performers and the way to do that you know it will be up to you you may want to recognize that person and your staff meeting you may want to give them a gift card you may want to give them a certificate you may want to tell your boss so that your boss can recognize that employee whatever maybe you want to recognize those ever-lovin beyond you want to set reasonable and appropriate goals so maybe I said okay you guys clean this parking lot routine minutes maybe that wasn't reasonable maybe the parking lot is way too big to finish in 15 minutes so as your managing performance you have to think is what I told them to do reasonable is that really feasible or was it not feasible from the start and last but not least you want to utilize benchmarks and organizational comparisons is a bi know what benchmarks are six standards okay I like February you want or sir somewhat between the two of you you are common on the righthand a benchmark it is a standard and it could be something that you said so if we stay on the same example of the parking lot I could say I'm not going to say any names but I might say well there was a group at another local university or college that did their parking lot in 12 minutes that would be a benchmark so then I would say so let's try to do ours in oil but let's try to do I was an 11 so a benchmark is kind of the act of preparing you or yourself or your organization or your staff to something else or some other group to see where you stand you could either be better than them you can be worse than them or you could be following the same lines as them so maybe we both clean our parking lots at the same time management policies does anybody know what external environments are maybe like you're very certain facility you have your set of rules but the facility also held there like overall general okay so somewhat you're on the right track an external environment might be if we're working in a hospital it might be our community the community that the hospital is located in might be an external environment it could be the city it could be the state um why do you think it's important to know or have knowledge about our external environment we we want to know what's going on in our community right we want to know I mean just on the radio thing was yesterday I heard that there's been like I don't know like 22 people in state that then have the food or died from the food that's important those types of things are important for managers to know because that may directly affect your organization that means you may have a higher influx of patients coming in with the flu be prepared make sure you have enough vaccines etc etc so it's great to know what's going on within your hospital it's great to know what's going on in your internal environment in your organization but it's equally important to know what's going on outside externally it's great to know what's going on down the street at your competitor it's great to know what's going on in your city in your County in your state the reason for that or one of the reasons for that is because there may be things going on policy changes everything outbreaks or whatever that again could directly affect your organization another example of this is the for okay knowing what's going on in our country which is another external environment is going to direct in effect our organization is going to affect the patients that are coming in maybe more patients as a result of more people have any access to care or to insurance it may affect us financially our budgets might get cut because you know the government may cut Medicare or Medicaid or whatever it may be TRICARE so it's also important to know what the government is doing as far as policy changes because they can also effectors and what stop here dramas that don't have enough time my job does anybody have any questions the Bible talks about


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