Holistic medicine Introduction

Hi Hi,How are you doing? Welcome It’s a pleasure to meet you. please take a seat Thank you Welcome to the first page
of the Sad Barg show. Thank you for inviting me.
I would like to say hello , and happy New Year to dear viewers. I hope I can be of
service to our viewers. and help them take one step toward
their mental and physical health So What are we
going to talk about? I’ve prepared some topics
regarding the health of spirit and body Host: , and mind or in other words body and mind an expression that we are really familiar
with, “a healthy mind in a healthy body” I’d like to start
explaining our topics to the dear viewers by asking
a series of questions With your permission, I want to offer some
fruits to our viewers and you of course host: So can we eat it or It’s just for
show? Dr: yes, of course, you can eat them I want to ask our viewers,
If you were to choose between these fruits , and you could only pick one , which one would you choose? Should I answer? No, not necessarily Let us give our viewers time
to get their answers ready Host: So what are we
trying to understand here? Yes Exactly! Was the fruit that you chose, We’re assuming that our viewers
have made their decision. Was the fruit you chose a seasonal one? Was it a local one? Or it was imported from a
different area or Country. Were chemicals used in
order to grow this fruit? Was this fruit irrigated by sewage or wastewater? Or a river or a well? Do these issues matter? should we care about
where it’s from? Is it important whether the
fruit is in season or not? This is defintly important for our body
, but how is this relevant to our mind? Exactly! Exactly! We’re going to explain the importance of
these matters and some other issues as well For example, was the farmer responsible
for this fruit paid in time? There’s an expression in other
countries I’m sure you have heard. It’s called Fairtrade or Fairly-Traded. There are a lot of
people in the world who pay more when they go to
a coffee shop or a cafe and request The kind of
coffee which was fairly traded Why? Because they believe
the emotions, the energy and the mentality of the farmer
that grows fruits or coffee beans affect the fruit that will become
part of our body in the future So they believe that
we can inject different consciousnesses by eating
different fruits in our body for example, If you chose the pomegranate
between all these kinds of fruit Would it to be your favorite
and stay that way forever? Or it may vary or change in the future. Does your mind choose the fruit? Or our intellect? Or your body’s needs or tendency? It’s night right now, and we usually
go to bed in an hour or two let’s say we choose a fruit would we choose
the same one first thing in the morning? Does our decision vary whether
it’s the night or the day? Are these issues that important? Do they really affect our mental
health, happiness,… I’m beginning to feel like
we have to have a survey ready each time we’re going
to buy fruits Actually, it’s not bad to be aware of
how much these matters can affect us We mentioned sleeping, and day and
nights, Do we sleep peacefully? These topics are certainly
interesting If you don’t mind let’s go through
them on the next show Of course Dr Aref Nazari will be
with us on monday this week

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