Home Ideas 2015 – Frisbees Plumbing & Heating

We’re here at Frisbees,
touring their showroom and learning
about their many services. That’s coming up
right now. ♪ instrumental ♪ Trisha: Hi Marci.
Marci: Hi Trisha. Trisha: Thanks for joining us. We’re here at Frisbee’s in your
fabulous new showroom, and people
know Frisbees for your services, tell
me a little bit about what you offer.
– Marci: Well Frisbee’s is probably best known for plumbing but I think its
important for everyone to know that we also do
heating, air conditioning, and electrical as well. – Trisha: Now with electrical,
are these changes to your existing home,
maybe new construction or both?
– Marci: It can be all of the above. I mean
we do have a new construction,
residential and commercial and re-model division,
so say you just wanted to replace some light
fixtures, or you need a service update, or you want
to add an outlet, we can take care of all
of that in our service department. -Trisha: And with heating and cooling,
there are a lot of different features that people can
pick and choose from, and you’re there to
really walk them through the best choice for them. Marci: We are, I think we’re
probably the leader in putting together a HBAC
system that is best for the customer. Finding out what are their needs. Trisha: And Frisbee’s is really
an expert in plumbing, of course,
tell me what you have for services there.
– Marci: Well again, we’re going to do new construction and
commercial, remodel, but we do have a full plumbing department
as well. Say you need to replace your
water heater, you want to add a water softener, or
you’re just ready to replace that outdated fixture. We’re able
to do that for you too. Trisha: Well beyond the
services, you have this great showroom where
people can come in and really visualize the products in
their own home. Tell me about what’s new here, and
what people will see when they come in. – Marci: Well our showroom was
definitely a fabulous update for us, and we have
a very unique design. So our design will walk
you in the front door and take you all the way through and you’re going to see
everything related to plumbing products, whether its bath accessories toilets, faucets, sinks, spa tubs, whirlpools, we have a huge
variety of vanity cabinets and mirrors and even medicine cabinets as well. Trisha: This is a great place for
people to get ideas for their space. How do you
steer them in the right direction? – Marci: Well that’s one of the
unique things about our design plan. I think most
people are visual, so they like to see it kind of put together.
It gives us an opportunity to see exactly what the customer is looking for, and then we’re able to
kind of direct them from there. Our staff has more experience than
any other company in Sioux Falls. Their service is
unparalleled when it comes to their product knowledge
and the service they can provide if you work with Frisbee’s. Trisha: Well let’s take a look at a
couple projects with Frisbee’s products and use, and
then we’ll take a tour of the showroom.
– Marci: Sounds great. ♪ instrumental ♪ Frisbee’s has a variety of
sinks, from dropbins and under-mounts, to these vessels. There are many different colors and
materials to choose from and they really add that wow factor
to your bath. Trisha: Marci, we are taking
a look at the showroom now and you have a
great selection, why is that such an advantage? – Marci: Well we do have
the largest variety of brands in the Midwest. In fact,
we have several brands that are exclusive just
to Frisbee’s, like Roll and Brizo and Altman.
There are a lot of brands out there that would seem
very familiar to customers, like Mowen
and Delta and Cohler. In fact, they’re brands that
you may see anywhere in a box store or other retail
locations. But what you need to understand is they’re not the same faucet. When you buy that faucet
at a box store it’s a different grade of faucet.
While the name is familiar, the model number may be very similar,
it is different than the quality product that we buy and sell
here at Frisbee’s. Trisha: Well that’s interesting, I
don’t think people may be aware of that. And when you come
to Frisbee’s, you can feel assured that you’re going to get a
certain level of quality. Marci: You are. And one
of the biggest misconceptions is that its going to
be cheaper for you at a big box store than it is at Frisbee’s. And that is not true.
And the good news is, when you buy a product at a box
store, again, you are just buying a product in a box. At Frisbee’s, when you
buy it, we’re going to call our service department and
we’re going to schedule someone to install it for you. And then you have a warranty, because
we have installed a product that we sell and we stand behind.
And we’re going to give you service after the sale. Trisha: So you’re really there
from the beginning all throughout the process.
– Marci: Absolutely. I mean, it starts all the way at the design
process. Someone comes in and they don’t even know
where to begin, that’s where we shine. We have
an excellent qualified sales staff and they’re going to
walk you through our showroom where many of our fixtures
are displayed together with like products, and we’re able to see
what style it is they’re looking for and then we’re
better able to help them and direct them towards what
is really their dream bathroom or kitchen.
– Trisha: So Marci, behind us we have many different fixtures
for the bathroom, but you also have products for
the kitchen. Tell me about those.
– Marci: We do, I mean we have over 300 faucets on display, but not
just bath faucets, so we have a huge variety of kitchen faucets
as well. In fact, in every price point. We can
have your standard kitchen faucets, your pull out sprays, your
touch faucets, touchless faucets and of course we have
a variety of sinks as well, probably the most popular
is our composite material sinks, and they’re very easy to
clean. You’re not going to get the scratching or the chips or the nicks that you might have
had in a traditional cast iron and they’re maybe going to be a
little easier to clean than stainless. Trisha: And when you come in the showroom, you can see those products firsthand.
You can touch them, and you can get an idea of what the different
finishes look like. What are some of those finishes that you
have available here? Marci: Well there are so many
finishes. In fact, one manufacturer may have twenty five to thirty different finishes. But of course, we’re going
to have our oil rubbed bronze, Venetian bronze, brushed crome,
satin nickel. Polished nickel is very
popular right now, and always the most popular will be
the ever timeless chrome. – Trisha: Why should someone
choose Frisbee’s for their new construction or remodel project?
Marci: Why wouldn’t you call Frisbees? I mean, we really can do it all for you. Plumbing, heating, air conditioning
and electrical. It doesn’t matter if its a small remodel
project, if you’re building a new home, or you just need to
have service. Frisbee’s can take care of all of it.
– Trisha: Excellent. Thank you Marci. – Marci: Thank you. For more about Frisbee’s plumbing,
heating, AC and electrical, visit them online or at their showroom.

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