1. sir you are absolutly right that hookah is bad but some of my neighbourhood use this in old age .it cause asthma but they dont leave it they says we just get fragnance

  2. sir your way of understanding is very best .i like it and i will watch them your video .insha ALLAH THEY WILL GIVE UP .

  3. Abraham you are so right. I would imagine it is so detrimental. People do not actually know . Thankfully you are making them aware. Cancer causing hooks, so sad. People are easily influenced and just want to chill in company . Later on this will be so detrimental.When they realise I am sure they will be deterred. You are saving lives and you are taking your special skills to impart this information. Well accomplished. Merry Christmas Abraham, wishing you and your family the very best. Most of all thank you for tuition teaching us all the true facts and helping to enlighten people.

  4. Yeah they have a jazz bar in Spain Alicante that had these on every table.
    Edit: oops I don’t even smoke but I did with these.
    Also finally the worms have gone 🥳

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