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Oh see Sadie No always you can’t hi you know you keep you keep good morning Church how you guys doing
this morning you’re doing good go it’s good to be in church today hey my name is Micah and I’m so happy you all are here with your first time here at church
on the move we want to bless you this morning all you gotta do is pull out your
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yours alright I’ve got some amazing news for you all this morning if you didn’t
know starting this last Thursday night and going all the way up until yesterday
morning at 7 a.m. we pulled an all-nighter we had our uncommon summer
youth experience looks so awesome it was so good all the student
ministries over all of our campuses we have just under five hundred kids come
together as one to lift up the name of Jesus and God moved in such a big way
here’s what he did 13 kids dedicated their life to Christ 83 students got the
water baptized and about 2:00 in the morning
the whole small group was full of the Holy Spirit there were healings there
were miracles God moved in a big way come on church you can do better than
that come on
for change whether you know it or not whether you feel it or not God is moving
in this church he’s moving in this house He has something for you all this
morning so let’s raise our expectations all right before we jump back to worship
turn around be nice to the people around you
introduce yourself and then we’ll get back to worship come on Oh places there’s a place hey so good to be reminded who Jesus is
is in a church so good feel comfortable just lift your hands right now let’s
make a Jesus for who he is Jesus thank you thank you for meeting us right where
we are if we feel pain maybe from something we find out on the news maybe
from something we’re facing specifically you’re here with us you’re here with us
and you give us hope thank you whoo ha ha ha climb mountains is the
mountains were where you high whoa how far scale the balance if you praise the
other side woo how long have I Jesus from all the seas to where they rise
but against the red priestess said from a source of a supply cuz in the
highlands and you’ll be the more I would search your justify how praise you and
mountains in my way your son please you
say no let’s go and my leads me astray from where the same it’s just a shadow trace flies Valley here cold cow Moo me but for the
one ball good shed who like a little sleep for me that’s our Jesus today praise you please I feel I might hire right now I feel in
my heart some of us may be questioning the hope of Jesus if it’s really true if
it really can save me what this song is beautifully
beautifully and illuminating is it doesn’t matter if you feel great as a
matter if you feel like life is going well you may be feeling like life is
going terribly right now but that all about Jesus is that he meets you right
you are and he can lead you into a life of grace and fullness in Harlem that’s
our home today together crazy from praise you Stan
so pretty she is as you your love is tender I’ll sing again
Oh blaze you on about oh praise you the bodies are no there’s got my shadow
no let’s meet your stress your my church it doesn’t matter where you
find yourself right now our God is deserving of the biggest praise that we
can get there because he sent Jesus for us right now lift your voice Oh
thank you guys so much for singing with us go ahead praise Jesus we’re gonna continue to
worship right now we brought something that you’d like to
give today go ahead and get that ready we’re gonna worship as we give to Jesus
if this is your first time if you’re still kind of getting used to probably
do things there’s no pressure to be involved but if you want to participate
and worship God they’re giving you can do it one of a few ways you can go to
see you a TM that info go to that website just follow the gating prompts
you can also use the envelope and the seat back in front of you and the other
option is you can text to give text that number two three one zero one and you
can text the word give to give that way and also with that
number if there may be some of us here which I can guess that there would be
some of us here now it does feel like we’re right up against them out it feels
like something’s facing us and man just prayer would be amazing let us serve you
in that way which takes prayer 2 2 3 1 0 1 that way a real person can be on the
other end of that request believing and agreeing with you we believe Jesus hears
us when we pray so please if that’s you take advantage of that let’s do this
let’s pray of our giving and we’ll continue on our service Jesus you’re so
good thank you for giving us space as a family to lift up our voice to worship
you by giving to you we first gave to us everything you’ve shown us that you love
us and that love is transformative from the inside out and so God we just give
with ultimate gratz here today knowing that you have received our
worship we love you in Jesus name Amen Well hey I get the honor welcoming our
speaker today he’s our BA campus pastor His name is Ethan Vance and oh yeah yeah I know a lot of you know him so
he and his wife Sarah have been an unbelievable part of our family here for
a long time just recently they moved away to California to follow Jesus’ plan
for their life. But now they are back and he is gonna preach today. I’m so excited
for you to hear his message of hope. Sarah, Ethan, we love you dearly we love
you dearly and we are so stoked that you and your family are back so Church on
the Move stand up with me give a huge Homecoming welcome to Ethan Vance. hey come on make some noise for Jesus
this morning man it’s great to see you
don’t you wish don’t you wish that everywhere you went there was just a band
playing behind you when you walked in the room feels great hey do this spread
some joy around you welcome somebody to church say this is gonna be great then
have a seat. Got Jordan sweat all over me it’s great to see you this morning if
you are new to Church on the Move and you stood up just because everybody else
was standing up man I love you. You’re my kind of people that’s awesome and my
wife Sarah and I like Jordan said have been in California for a season
we’ve been leading a church out there and God has just done miraculous things
it was a church that went through a tough season but God is in the
resurrection business, amen? and he brings dead things back to life and that’s
exactly what happened out there. So God brought us through a season
of obviously staying very closely connected to Whit and everything here at
the church and the team and our friends and through that season God made it very
obvious that we were out there – for a very specific assignment and that we
were to come back to Oklahoma for a very specific assignment because we believe
that God has the best days of Church on the Move in front of us. Do you believe
that? And so we are back and so first I just want to say thank you.
There’s been so much kindness shown to Sara and I. So many nice things and warm
welcome coming back so thank you to everybody that’s reached out somebody
made me a peanut butter pie and brought it to me last night come on that’s just
like Jesus right there. Welcome back to the South baby. This is where people make
you pie in church it’s great to be home. But the number one question that we got
I think during the season of us kind of coming back is why? Why would you come
back from California to Oklahoma and obviously the answer is the weather.
Praise God for humidity. I walked out of a restaurant yesterday and my sunglasses
fogged up. true story. LIke come on Oklahoma what are we doing and but really the
answer is much deeper than even just what we see at Church on the Move
because our relationship with Whit and Gabe runs to the heart of who we are. If
you didn’t know I grew up at Church on the Move and Whit and Gabe growing up — if
you’re new by the way I apologize — if you don’t know who any of these people are.
Whit and Gabe are brothers. Whit is our lead pastor. Gabe is his younger
brother and he serves as our senior pastor at our South Campus. We have a
campus that meets in the south part of the city and their dad is Willie George
who’s the founding pastor of Church on the Move Well, growing up as part of
this church they were like my brothers and I have four sisters so when it was
just too much estrogen, hair bows and Barbie dolls at my house I would go hang
out with them and and they were like brothers but as I grew up my family went
through a rough season. My parents when I was in high school ended up separating
and then eventually divorcing and during that season their friendship and their
brotherhood with me was more than just fun it was a lifeline for me. I would go
spend the night crashed on their garage apartment floor that their dad had made
so that we kept the noise of all the friends away from mom, amen, and we
would just have those nights out in the in their room talking and those were
lifelines for me that’s where I found a new hope and a new picture for my future
because getting around their family I learned something that when you honor
God and you put him first a different future as possible it doesn’t matter
what past you came from doesn’t matter how difficult things were
when you put God first he always has a way of breakthrough for your future and
that’s what I learned being around them and so during this season what we’ve
discovered is that God has put a similar vision in each one of our hearts tied
together that we would create as many rooms across this city that would be like
garage apartment floors where people can come in and crash and drop their baggage
and drop all their junk from their past to get a new future that God has for
their future so you want to know why I’m back that’s why I’m back baby
because I believe that God has that kind of future for our church. Do you believe
that? and I hope that’s why you’re a part of the church. Maybe you’re in a season
where you’re just coming in and dropping your bags or maybe God’s been good to
you and you get to be a part of us spreading that hope to others but that
idea that we are hope dealers is why we decided to spend the first four weeks of
teaching together in this new way with senior pastors teaching at all of these
locations talking about hope is because we believe that hope is the spark that
starts the fire of God’s future in your life and if you missed the first couple
weeks we’re actually in week 3 this weekend it’s totally fine the big idea
of the whole series is really really simple and it’s just this that God wants
you to have a hope that’s unshakable there’s a lot of things that we can have
hopes in in life but God wants us to have a deep
abiding capital H eternal hope that cannot be shaken no matter what life
throws at you so I brought this because I think this is a perfect picture of the
kind of hope that God wants us to have you remember these when you were little?
These were great for me because I couldn’t hit my sisters but I could hit
these like you can go full Chuck Norris on these you can punch them you can you
can kick them you can knock them down you can tackle them but every time you
do it what happens they pop back up now these are great in California because
you can put them in the passenger seat of the car and drive in the carpool lane
it’s awesome but the novelty of these the novelty of these is really really
simple isn’t it just you knock it down it comes back up but the power of how it
functions is not in its strength this toy is not particularly strong the
reason that it’s resilient is not because of its strength
it’s flimsy it’s made of plastic and it’s filled with air it is not strong on
its own the reason that it’s resilient and it can rebound no matter what I do
to it is because it’s connected to something I can’t touch come on it’s
connected to a foundation that is unshakable that’s untouchable and no
matter what happens to it it has a power connected to its roots that allows it to
come back that’s the kind of hope that God wants you to have now the problem is
this is that when we start talking about hope you can say Ethan that’s awesome
that’s awesome for optimistic people that’s awesome for extroverted people
that’s awesome for morning people come on this is the 11 a.m. service anybody
in here not a morning person? you’re like don’t bother me come on you’re my
man we can be friends we’re gonna get along great
listen I’m not a morning person I don’t think anybody that schedules a meeting
before 9:00 a.m. can possibly love Jesus it’s just not possible but my wife is a
morning person every morning she gets up she’s pops out of bed she opens the
blinds — hello world — it’s like a Disney movie every time she wakes up so she
goes downstairs she has her devotion and she always greets me in the morning with
all of this enthusiasm in fact she did this to me yesterday morning I walked
out — when I wake up it’s like a vampire hitting the sunshine it’s like
just what is happening right now she comes running up to me she gives me a
hug and a kiss she says Ethan I had the best morning I had my
coffee I had my devotional God’s been telling me all this stuff. I had great worship
you want to help me you want me to help you preach this weekend I was like, “Wow,
babe that’s a lot first thing in the morning.” If there’s people like that in
your life it can be easy to think that that’s hope and you just think man I’m
not like that Ethan This isn’t me at all this listen listen you
want to see me? That’s me. just like I’m a little more pessimistic I’m a little
more pragmatic I just don’t have that bubbly thing and here’s what I want you
to hear — hope is not just your personality or your optimistic outlook on life. Hope
is an anchor as Hebrew tells us for our soul that no matter what happens to us
we can have confidence in the future and I believe this no matter what stage of
life you’re in no matter what’s been happening to you or what you’ve gone
through you can build this kind of hope it is possible and if you’re just
starting out in fact I had this conversation with my teenage son last
night and he said dad this series has been awesome for me because I haven’t
really hit a lot of things in my life that have broken my heart but it’s
awesome to know that no matter what I hit it doesn’t have to wreck my life
because I can put my hope someplace else so whether you’re just starting out or
you’ve had a season where you need new hope I believe it’s possible for you to
build that kind of hope and so today I just want to do this I just want to give
you three things three hope builders three things that I think you can walk
out of these doors and do this week that will build your hope no matter where you
are the first one is this if you’re taking those write this down you can
find all of our notes by the way at cotm.info if you want to follow
along. But the first one is this — write it down — choose action over inaction choose
action over inaction this is what you need to know action and hope our
partners they are always linked together any time in your life where you feel
like you don’t know what to do – an action visible progress in your life starts to
slow down your hope level will follow it down and any time something happens to
you where your hope level drops we tend as human beings to stop and
freeze if we don’t know how it’s gonna end sometimes we don’t feel like we know
where to start and if you’re in a season where you’re not sure what you’re
supposed to do maybe it’s because you have a lot of options and you just feel
like Ethan I don’t know which one is connected to my future and I’m not sure
where this is going to end or maybe you’re on the opposite side you
feel like all the options are gone and you have no way to move forward here’s
what happens when our hope tank is empty our action steps are lacking
we feel like we don’t know what to do because we don’t know how it’s gonna
turn out and if that’s you I just want you to do this during this series. Just
exhale. Give yourself lots of grace. Can I just pastor you for a second? Sometimes
as we follow Jesus there’s this feeling of guilt when we don’t have the end
picture in mind we go uh, Ethan I don’t know how it’s all gonna work out I don’t
know how it’s I don’t know I don’t know exactly where I’m gonna end up and we
feel like maybe maybe God just hasn’t given me what he’s given you and we feel
maybe guilty or less than — that’s not the story of following Jesus. Every person
that’s ever followed God has had that same feeling that they don’t know what
to do it is human nature to freeze when we don’t know how something is gonna
work out. The other day I woke up at 3:00 in the morning because I heard a
noise. Have you had the one of those mornings where you like you hope your
wife will get up and go investigate it because you don’t really want to get out
of bed? So my wife wouldn’t move so I had to go do it so I get out of bed
and I get you know sort of that cobweb foggy feeling and I’m walking downstairs
the house is dark and when at the bottom of the stairs in our house there’s this
wall and when you look around this wall you can see just part of our backyard
and at night normally that part of our backyard is totally dark and there’s a
hot there’s a hot tub over there but you can’t see it at night because it’s dark
but I walk around the corner and I can see that the lights are on and the jets
are going and the top is off and there are people moving around in my hot tub.
Somebody has jumped the fence and decided to have a 3:00 a.m. party in my
hot tub. So I did what any red-blooded American would do. I hid back around the
wall and I’m just sitting there and I’m like I can’t think straight and I’m just
wondering do I yell back upstairs and ask my wife to go talk to them? Do you
call 911? Is there a hotline for party jumper — the people jump — I don’t
know what to do. And so I’m sitting there and I’m having this moment
just kind of frozen and then I remember oh yeah I’m a man and so I
walk back around the wall and I’m giving myself that pep talk going okay you’re
gonna kick these kids out. I think it’s neighborhood kids you’re gonna kick them
out you’re gonna tell him what’s up this isn’t your yard you got to go back home so
I open up the sliding glass door to go into my backyard and I’m immediately hit
with this wall of water and wind and I realize there’s a thunderstorm and it’s
knocked the top off my hot tub and it hit the button
somehow and turned on the jets and there’s bushes right by my hot tub
waving like this full-on Home Alone moment. It looks like there’s a lot
happening but there’s nobody there and I realized I was incre….
There’s nobody in my hot tub! My brain made the whole thing up but think how
silly I looked for just a second behind this wall imagine God like — There’s
nobody in your hot tub bud — but I’m frozen and as as simple and fleeting
quick as that moment is I think it’s a great representation of how too
often we feel when we face the unknown. Frozen and here’s what the enemy wants
to do in your life he wants to take your hope not just because it’s connected to
your happiness although God wants you to have a life of joy and fulfillment. The
enemy wants to take your hope because it’s connected to your purpose the call
of God on your life and he wants to get you so tied up in things drama and
circumstances and situations and tough relationships that you can’t even
imagine a God future you can’t even imagine a vision of something better you
say Ethan I can’t even think about impact because I’m dealing with this and
what the enemy wants to do is take your options take your hope and paralyze you
and when we get in that situation one of the most powerful things we can remember
is we’re not alone this is the story of God’s people. Over and over again in
the Bible we read of God’s people getting to the edge of the unknown and
looking across the chasm and going I don’t know how to get from here to there
and God’s people have always felt exactly like you feel exactly how I felt
I don’t know what to do now. In fact even the guys that walked with Jesus felt
this way think about this the disciples were with the Son of God the guy that
beat death hell and the grave and they still found themselves wondering how
things were gonna work out from time to time. Remember the famous story of Jesus
feeding 5,000 people? It’s a miraculous story Jesus steps into this crowd and
miraculously they all eat a buffet that he created but right before this amazing
miracle the disciples are sitting there right on the edge of everything they
know and they’re looking at each other going we don’t know how to fix this so
they go to Jesus and they say hey Jesus we got to send these people away. They’re hungry they need to go get something to eat and I
love what John writes in John 6 he says that he knew what he was
gonna do but he said he looked at him and said you feed him can you imagine
that? Jesus we don’t have anything we don’t we don’t have anything but
then one of the disciples pipes up and look at what look at what Andrew says in
John 6:8 says another one of the disciples standing there in this whole
scene Andrew speaks up and he says actually gang that’s not entirely true
we don’t have nothing but we don’t have much. All we have is this one lunch from
this one little kid and it’s just — look at what he says — “five small barley loaves
and two small fish” and then he says this “but how far will they go among so many?”
Think of the verbiage that he uses this is human nature we tend to minimize what
we have in our hand he doesn’t just say hey Jesus we have some bread and some
fish he says we have some small fish I don’t want you to think this is a lot
this is not like a bunch this isn’t a big salmon this is just a little fish
and a little loaf and then he says but how far will they go among so many? Do
you feel that way? Do you look at what you have and the decisions in front of
you and just go I don’t know how what I have is gonna get me from here to there
I don’t understand it. If you’re facing what the disciples faced it’s what I
just described as the hope gap everybody faces this it’s this gap between where I
am and where I want to be. Here’s the picture it’s not always that I just
have no picture of the future it’s that often I don’t see the steps of
how we’re gonna get there and when you face that hope gap you need to remember
that the thing that gets you across that hope gap is not having all of the
answers it’s having enough faith to start with what you have Jesus did not
look at the disciples and say you need to perform a miracle
the miracle was not their responsibility all Jesus said is give me the little bit
that you have and watch what I can do with it. Will you trust me enough to
start with what you have. the power of following Jesus in a broken world is
that we’re a different group of people we’re a group of people that step into
the unknown and we say I don’t know how it’s gonna work out but I’m gonna choose to
do what I can right now and if you want to live in a
season of new hope you’re gonna have to choose action over inaction when you
feel like freezing and I’m just gonna give you five words this morning this is
your homework this week when you feel stuck or there’s somebody in your life
that feels stuck simply do the next right thing and if you will put those
five words into action as simple as they are I think you will find God unlocks
step 2 when you’re willing to take step 1. A couple years ago I met one of my
great friends. Her name’s Lena I talked to her again this week and asked if I
could share her story Lena caught me in the lobby after a
weekend message and she just said she said can I just kind of tell you where
I’m at and I just need some I just need some some help because I don’t know what to do She said my boyfriend and I are living
together we’ve both been through some tough relationships and we both have
found faith in Christ and we know that she said I know that we probably
ought to get married or move out and she said but I’m terrified I have a son
there’s this family unit and I’m scared that the second I start to talk to him
about about moving forward to honor God he’s not going to understand and he’s
gonna be scared she said I’m scared of losing everything I said Lena just back
up so don’t worry about the outcome what’s the first step that you would
take if you knew God was gonna show up if you knew God could change everything
what would you do and she said well I’d probably just have a conversation but I
say okay that’s it all we’re gonna do is we’re gonna pray that this week you have
an opportunity and the boldness to have a conversation with him I said you’re
gonna watch what God does when you just simply step out and do the next right
thing I said and then after you have the conversation we’re gonna we’re gonna
pray for boldness to do the next thing and the next thing we had these
conversations over months and a couple months later she came running up
to me like a schoolgirl in the lobby she gave me a big hug and she said he’s
coming to church he’s coming to church and they got in church they sat together
and they had conversations and it didn’t change overnight
but they kept doing the next right thing she caught me a few months after that
she said Ethan we’re getting married and I remember the feeling of
standing in front of both of them as they’re getting married Jesus has
changed their life he’s changed their future and just thinking to myself this
all started because one gal was simply bold enough to do the next right thing
and I don’t know what you’re looking at this week I don’t know how big the
financial mountain is I don’t know how tough the relationship is but if you’ll
ask Jesus for boldness to do the next right thing you’re gonna find him meet
you right where he is you say Ethan you don’t understand where am i don’t have
loaves and fishes I’ve got sardines and Wheat Thins I got nothing start with
what you have and watch God show up maybe it’s just opening up the envelopes
and totaling up the debt it’s tough I don’t want to face it out I just want to
stay behind the wall I don’t want to step into it and watch what God does
because I want us to be a church full of people that believe in this principle
enough that we challenge each other to do it that we’re friends enough that we
can put our arms around each other and say I know you feel stuck but I’m in
this with you I’m gonna help you do the next right thing and then that’s the
kind of church that we’re gonna be number two is this number two is this
write it down choose replenishment over Netflix choose
replenishment over Netflix now somebody just got hardness apart the spirit of
rebellion just came on somebody right now. Preacher back up off my Netflix
get your hands off my Grey’s Anatomy brother you are treading on thin ice. Listen there is nothing inherently wrong with Netflix you know that but Netflix
is a great cultural label that we can put in that place that describes hundred
different things that we used to cope with stress and to distract us from the
things that steal our joy your life and my life are full of things that rob
our joy steal our joy and no matter how many good things we’re doing in life
here’s the reality hope leaks you will never go through
life with your hope tank full once and it just stays there
hope always leaks and when it does you will always do something to compensate
it’s not whether or not you’re gonna do something to compensate it’s a matter of
what you’re gonna put there to compensate for life stealing your hope
the problem is the natural default of the human heart is to fall into a
pattern where instead of replenishment we put
something in its place to medicate or distract us not really fix it but
distract us from all of the things that are going on in our world it might not be
Netflix for you Netflix is just a great symbol of coming home after a long day
it’s been busy we’ve been going going going giving giving giving and I just
want to turn on something and turn into a puddle and just veg can you relate and
for you it might not be Netflix for you it might be a substance it might be
something that you go to to say man I just I got there’s a hole there’s a gap
there’s … I’m empty I need to fill maybe it’s alcohol or drugs prescription
medicine maybe it’s food maybe it’s sugar listen I don’t need a
martini but I will take a Twix all day like like listen I will go to stuff to
substitute for what God really wants for me and the problem is that far too many
of us are going through this cycle of go go go go go crash go go go go go
crash It’s like a car going from red line to dead stop red line to dead stop
and you know if you do that in a car long enough no matter how nice the car
is you’re gonna burn out the motor eventually and your heart your soul is
so much like that and when you go and stop go and crash go and crash you will
eventually burn out because you’re not refilling your hope tank you’re not
recharging your hope batteries and you know this inherently because Monday
morning is not a happy time for most people they have just crashed for the
weekend and we should be stepping into Monday morning with our best attitude
our best foot forward lots of energy but you know most people stumble into Monday
morning and it takes them all the way through Monday to lunchtime before
they’re even human beings again right why because the normal cycle of go and
crash does not refill your hope tank I walked into a convenience store that was
by our house the other day and it’s a really cool convenience store I think
it’s a God thing it’s a gas station connected to a Burger King because
sometimes I need gas and a Whopper, amen? So I walked in and I’m at the
register and over the over the you know the sound system in this convenience
store there’s an old Gloria Gaynor song playing you know the
song I will survive I I will survive as long as I know how like it’s just playing in
the speaker I’m just kind of happy and I get to the I get to the register and
then you know I’m I’m I’m checking out with you know almonds or something
healthy as far as my wife knows and as the as the song gets to the part in the
song where she says did you think I’d crumble did you think I’d just lay down
and die from the back room a Burger King everybody frying onion rings shouts out
at the same time oh no not I — I will survive and the guy at the register just goes rolls his eyes and he says this — somebody’s happy to be at work this morning and I just thought wow what a contrast of
possibilities to be in a place full of joy or to be in the same exact place
experiencing the same things but yet be empty and I wonder which one you are
because that cycle of crash go crash go will never refill you but yet God goes
out of his way throughout the pages of the Bible to model a different cycle you
were never intended, created by God, to live in that cycle God has a completely
different cycle for us to live in and I love that Jesus steps into human history
and models this for us because if there was ever anybody that didn’t need to
mess with a replenishment cycle it would be Jesus he had an excuse he’s only
gonna be here for three years and that’s all the time he has to change the world
the clock is literally ticking he could have said listen I will sleep when I’m
dead or dead and risen again you get the point I can do that later but instead
over and over again the Bible tells us that instead of go-go-go and crash Jesus
does something different he has a different cycle he withdraws he refills
and he returns he withdraws he refills and he returns and when Jesus returns
there’s no Monday morning hangover with Jesus when Jesus refills and he returns
things change demons flee blind eyes are open the lame
walk the dead live again when Jesus shows up refilled life is different and
he looks at he does this cycle for us not just because he knew he needed it
but because he knew we would need it and Mark records some of
these cycles for us and I love that Mark records this because as you read through
the story of the Bible you know the four guys that tell us the most about Jesus
Matthew Mark Luke and John Mark writes all about action Mark wants us to see
Jesus like a comet through human history over and over again he’s saying man when
Jesus shows up things change he says immediately straightway right away over
and over again because he wants us to see Jesus as a man of action but yet
even Mark doesn’t miss this about Jesus thirteen times in the book of Mark in
fact if you wanted to go home and read the book of Mark this afternoon you
could do it an hour and a half it’s that fast it’s like a quick action movie.
13 times Mark tells us that Jesus withdraws and he refills and he returns
in one of those places there’s this famous scene where the disciples are
returning to where Jesus is and they’re reporting about all the great things
they’ve done there’s progress the kingdom is moving forward it’s a season
of momentum and excitement it’s all good and this is what he says in Mark chapter
6 and verse 30 all of this is happening and “The apostles gathered around Jesus
and they reported to him all that they had done and taught. Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat,…” does
that sound like your Tuesday? He said, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a
quiet place and get some rest.’ so they went away by themselves in a
boat to a solitary place.” Come on a boat by a beach with Jesus doesn’t that sound
like a great Sunday afternoon here’s what Jesus says he says listen this is
all good guys this is awesome but it says they didn’t even have a chance to
eat and Jesus looks at it and he says there’s a lot of activity there’s a lot
of progress but you are malnourished and I don’t think Jesus is just looking at
them and saying that physically I think he’s saying that in their soul in their
spirit in their mind your — I can see your gas gauge of hope going down and
eventually it will hit empty if somebody doesn’t step into your world say hey
just come away for a little bit let’s replenish that not crash not burn let’s
actually replenish that so you say Ethan how do I know if I’m actually
replenishing that nourishment is the key idea here
replenishment actually it doesn’t medicate stress it doesn’t distract you
from it it actually helps you rise above it it changes the posture of your heart
is there something like that in your life when you do it you know my heart
just shifts I’m a different person when I do that here’s a great definition of
replenishment it’s just this when your heart shifts toward gratitude and your
joy increases now replenishment is a little bit tricky we could talk about it
for hours the different ways you might replenish yourself but your
replenishment is gonna be different than mine
you might play golf and walk out on the golf course and go man that was great I
come home and I’m just happy I’m a better husband a better friend after I
play golf that’s not true for me I will wrap my golf clubs straight up around a
tree and throw them in the pond baby I will not be happy after a round of golf
golf does not replenish me I like it but it doesn’t really fully replenish me
because I’m kind of competitive so what actually replenishes you and if you’re
driving down the road and you’re angry at the other drivers you’re getting into
arguments with people you love and you’re having fake arguments that
haven’t even happened yet in your head and you’re just a little bit on edge you
are not replenished replenishment shifts your heart one of the things I
discovered this last year is that for Sara and I one of the things that
replenishes me with her is when we cook together now that kind of
surprised me but it’s not just because we like to cook or we like food and make
no mistake about it I am the sous chef in the kitchen I’m not in charge but as
long as I know that I stay in the right box on the flow chart it’s a great time
we like to cook together but not just because we both like food but because it
changes our conversations it changes the way we relate to each other there’s a
joy in it there’s just something about cutting up meat and cheese and crackers
and grapes and like just sitting down and enjoying that together that’s
replenishing for us what is that for you and here’s the truth even Netflix can be
replenishing if you understand the goal Sara and I have a Norwegian cooking show
that we discovered I didn’t even know there was such a thing but Sara’s family
is Norwegian and so watching that for her together brings back memories of
living in Norway for a couple of years and it sparks conversation between us
that sounds like the Swedish Chef from you know Muppets
it’s like flosom blosom — it’s awesome — and for me it’s informative because I get to learn
something more about her family we have as friends sometimes we’ll have what we
just call bad movie night not evil like bad like I just mean like it was not a
good movie when they made it like I’m talking full you know jean-claude van
damme bad karate bad special effects and we like watching these and making fun of
them and laughing together the form of replenishment is not nearly as important
as the effect it has on your heart for you it might be a walk in the woods walk
in the park what is it so here’s your homework this
week if you want to raise your Hope level you’re gonna have to be able to
articulate what your replenishment cycle is do you know yours and if you don’t
know and you can’t articulate or put down on paper what your replenishment
cycle is you’re probably living in the other cycle and your hope meter whether
you know it or not is starting to dip to dip so here’s a great question for this
week this is your homework what replenishes me but not just vaguely
specifically in four categories and write these down what replenishes me
physically intellectually emotionally and spiritually you’re gonna find that
you have different answers for that some of us we’re talking this week about what
our answers to those might be and for one of us is working out is physically
you know replenishing for somebody else it might just be getting outside I need
to be for me my personality I need to be around running water man if I’m around a
creek or a waterfall man I just feel God in a new way I just love it what is
that for you and if you can discover what those are and then strategically
work them in you can be the kind of person that has a great Monday morning
because here’s here’s what’s at stake when you and I walk into a world of
darkness it’s not just about our happiness you and I were built by God to
be like a fire hydrant with the lid off just spraying hope on everybody walking
in Monday morning just hi how you doing good to see you love you you’re good
guys got a good plan for you you and I should be the kind of people that change
the atmosphere when we walk in a room when we walk it on the hall God walks on
the hall we’re the kind of people that are full of hope we’re the kind of
people that can put our arm around somebody struggling and go maybe it
ain’t done yet it ain’t done yet God’s got a plan for
you that can never happen if you’re not replenished number three is this choose
worship over worry. Choose worship over worry. I think this is the
most critical one because I think worry is the greatest enemy of your hope hope
works like this hope looks at your life and it puts
together a picture of your future based on who God is says oh man you know who
God is God’s big God changes things God creates something out of nothing God is
in control of your future and it’s gonna be great that’s hope worry does the
opposite worry comes in that wants to put together a picture of your future
based on your past and your present circumstances worry is like an architect
walking into your house and it wants to unroll blueprints of your future on your
dining room table and call you over go hey hey come look at this come look this
I built your future for you I got a little lay off over here your boss has already
been talking about downsizing that’s gonna happen to you pretty soon just
wait for that you’re gonna love that then I got some I got some things being
said about you behind your back over here you remember the other day when
your friends were laughing they were laughing at you that’s what was
happening oh you’re gonna hate that it’s gonna be great look we’re gonna put this
together we’re gonna construct this picture of your future you remember when
you made that mistake in your past and the relationship didn’t work out yeah
that’s gonna happen again look look right here that’s about when this is
gonna happen it’s gonna be painful you know that thing that happened that that
where it was a financial setback I got three more of those lined up you want to
see what else I got worried is an architect that’s trying to construct
your future so that you get your eyes off of God and on to you and some of us
this week need to walk into that room and fire worry as our architect and just
say listen you don’t get to design my future anymore my future’s gonna be in
somebody else’s hands but the problem is this worry is loud and worry is constant
and worry sounds like it makes sense and often worry sounds like you sounds like
your own voice it sounds like yeah that sounds like something that would happen
to me yeah I have made mistakes like that yeah I’ll probably make mistakes
like that again yeah things are dark and depending on your personality if you
have a catastrophic view of the future type of personality anyway I have a
friend and every time he walks on the plane he takes out his you know
antibacterial soap and his his wipes and he wipes down everything and if we hit a
little bit of turbulence he’s tightening the belt buckle in his head
it’s over it’s done he’s probably caught a deadly disease from something on the
seat that’s his personality depending on your personality worry gets amplified in
your life but worry dies when worship grows and all throughout the Bible we
see that God’s people when they hit their darkest circumstances God gave
them a weapon in the middle of the storm and God said listen if you’ll just
worship me right where you’re at your worship will unlock the victory that I
have for you your worship is a way to shut worry up and and bring on the
victory that I have it it worship is a way that lets me fight your battles for
you worship is a way that invites me into the middle of your world in a
supernatural way to do things you could never do on your own one of my favorite
stories of this is in the book of Acts and after Jesus has died and risen again
the church leaders are trying to figure out how to follow Jesus and there’s this
amazing story of two church leaders and they’re doing everything right
they’re preaching the gospel and people are being healed miracles are happening
these are good men doing good things but yet people turn on them people start
gossiping about them people start spreading rumors about them people get
angry with them and I can’t imagine what that would be like just to be doing
everything you feel like is right but yet the world seems to attack you and
then they go from verbally attacking them to physically attacking them says
they grabbed Paul and Silas they stripped their clothes off and they beat
them and after they’d beaten them severely Acts 16 says they were thrown
in prison as they’re getting thrown in prison if everything they’ve been
through isn’t enough the arresting officer looks at the jailer and says
hey you need to watch them these are bad guys like solitary confinement these are
dangerous men these aren’t dangerous men that’s a lie people are lying about them
they’ve been beaten and bruised and now thrown in prison here’s the picture of
Paul and Silas in prison they get thrown in this inside prison cell. It says they
were seated on the floor and their feet were put in stocks here’s the picture of
Paul and Silas God had promised them a future God
set them on assignment but now it feels like everything has come to a crashing
halt literally everything physically their feet everything in their life that
represented the possibility of future progress is now chained and locked
behind doors behind bars behind guards and it doesn’t look like there’s any way
out and I know it can be so easy to look at the characters in the Bible as as
heroes of faith but these were men with feelings and emotions and families
there’s people outside these bars that need me and I may never see them again
I can’t imagine how loud worry was in that moment for them where’s your Jesus
now? Overcomer? I don’t think so we got you this time
you can’t even pace around this jail cell kid what are you gonna do you’re
stuck I don’t know what those bruises and marks would have felt like I don’t
know how badly it would have stung not just their body but their soul to be
stuck in this moment I wonder if there’s somebody here that can relate. She left.
He was supposed to be here I always thought that dad would be around. I didn’t plan on that business failing I can’t
believe they said that about me. Can’t believe this happened
I can’t believe my body has failed me like this I didn’t plan on feeling
this way and Worry — maybe for you like Paul and Silas just rolls out those
blueprints that says hey welcome welcome to your future this is it it’s gonna
stink its jail cells and beatings things being said about you behind your back
and in that moment with nothing to do no response nothing to react to no way out
and nothing that they could physically do to change it and I can just tell you
from my personality that’s aggravating when I feel like there’s nothing I can
do that’s where they find themselves this is what acts 16:25 says: It says then
in this moment, “About midnight…” I love that the writer records that detail
because midnight there’s nothing more ominous than midnight and midnight Paul
and Silas were praying it says this they started singing here’s the picture that
the writer of Acts gives us at the darkest moment when there is no way out
physically there’s nothing they can do there is no reaction that looks like it
will make any progress at some point one of them started singing I don’t know who
it was I like to think it was Paul cuz Paul’s kind of Paul’s kind of feisty
Paul’s my kind of guy he’s got a little fight in him blood on his back shirt
stripped off feet in chains I don’t know how that conversation would have gone
but I imagine if it’s me and you sitting in a cell it probably starts off a
little bit like how you doing? You okay? Yeah, I’m all right. I just imagine Paul laughing feels a little bit like Jesus doesn’t it? Feels a little bit like what he must have felt with his
body broken for us giving his life for us and at some point he just started
praying for Silas and he just started singing with worry
turned all the way up amplified in his ear — no reason. He just started worshipping So I will praise you on the mountain I will
praise you then the mountain’s in my way probable wasn’t singing Hillsong but you
get the idea No less God within the shadows no less faithful when the night leads me astray
Silas this isn’t it we’re not done God’s got a plan I don’t know how but God’s
gonna do something and then Silas starts singing with them and harmonizing and
it’s like Simon and Garfunkel in the prison baby they just start singing
everybody’s watching everybody’s listening and I don’t know when it
happened and I don’t know how it felt but the earth started to shake the chains
fell off the doors flew open and they walked out I guess that wasn’t it I
guess worry was wrong I guess that was a lie I guess if we’re not dead we’re
not done and as they started worshiping everything changed but here’s how worry
works worry’s always loud worship always starts quiet but you need to learn as a
follower of Jesus if you’re gonna have that kind of hope you have to worship
the most when you feel like it the least and you have to make a choice I’m gonna
turn down worry and I’m gonna turn up worship and watch this watch what kind
of choice you can make you hear how the room changes already with them starting
to play starting to sing a little more faith a little more hope a little more
confidence turn the lights back down get me back to worship level let’s see
if this works feel what changes in the atmosphere with
just a few choices a few choices and everything starts to feel different all
the sudden worried and screaming at you no don’t worship it’s not going to help
no don’t worship there’s no there’s no hope for you but when you start to make that
choice things start to change and I wonder if there’s anybody in here this
morning that before we go back out to our week maybe you just need to declare
in the darkness with everything chained and everything stuck that this is not
the end and God is still good so we’re gonna worship again and I dare you to
stand and to declare into the future this is gonna be good because our God is
at work so I will praise you I will praise you I will worship you let’s sing
this together No Oh I don’t know what you’re facing when you
walk out I don’t know what’s waiting on you but when worry comes knocking again
because it might Might on the drive home might be when you lay your head on the
pillow at night fire it fire it again you don’t get to come back God’s got
this worship again worship again and I’m just believing that in this room
represented by every face every family there are stories that are going to be
turned around relationships people you haven’t talked to in years things are
gonna be restored there’s going to be answers for financial problems there’s
going to be healing for physical bodies there’s going to be healing for souls
where you’ve dealt with wounds for years God’s hope is real and I believe that
it’s rising in our church like never before and so this morning just in this
holy moment as a way to respond to what God is doing if you’re here somebody’s here this morning and today was your last shot I don’t
know who you are but you came today and you just said I’m just gonna give it one
more try I I don’t know if I have anything past this God sees you and he
loves you and he’s proud that you’re here
he’s gonna meet you right where you are if you’re here and you just say Ethan I
just I just need a little more hope as I go into my week you’re facing an issue
that you need wisdom for restoration healing if that’s you I’d love to pray
for you I’d love to know who you are if that’s you would you just lift your hand
up say hey Ethan that’s me I could use a little more hope this week listen this
is not something to be embarrassed about this is not admitting hey I did
something wrong this is just saying hey family surround me in prayer
lift me up help me have faith that God’s gonna meet me right where I am if you’re
near one of these people not don’t do anything weird just if it’s appropriate
put a gentle hand on their shoulder let’s surround them in prayer God we
love you so much and we’re so thankful that we don’t ever walk through anything
alone and I just declare that this is the beginning of the victory we don’t
know how it’s gonna work out but we choose to praise you right now and just
like Paul and Silas we’re not praising you so that just the chains fall off the
power of our worship is that we’re worshiping you if the chains never fall
off and we believe that you’re good and you’re real and your promises stand so
we just ask that you would show yourself real in the lives of every person
that’s raised their hand today In Jesus name everybody said, “Amen.”
If you’re here I think it would be a shame to be in a moment like this and
not give you the opportunity to start or restart a relationship with God you say
Ethan I don’t have a relationship with God but man I want more of him I want to
walk with him I want to follow him and if you showed me how I I give him my
life I’d be all-in or maybe you say Ethan I’ve done that but man I’m not walking
close with God I’d like to restart my relationship with God today what better
way to start than this we’d love to help you do that so what we’re gonna do
before we dismiss we’re gonna pray what we call our believers prayer we do this
to close every one of our services because it’s us declaring that Jesus is
who he said he is that he died and rose again and he’s coming back for his
church and we believe that we put all of our faith in that and as we pray this if
you join in you pray this with us it’s gonna be the first thing you do as part
of your new family, part of our family we’d love to help you take
that step so why don’t you pray this after me Church say this dear Heavenly Father
thank you for sending Jesus for me I believe he died and rose again so that I
could have new life I will follow you in Jesus name Amen
hey let’s put our hands together and celebrate with everybody that just
joined our family we’re so proud of you here’s what we’re gonna do we’re gonna
dismiss in about 30 seconds and when we walk out these doors here’s what I want
you to do go to one of the tables right outside that says I raised my hand tell
them that you did that I want to give you this it’s our free gift to you it’s
the book of John but not only is it part of the Bible it also has a way for you
to follow along that I think will help you as you follow Jesus in a new way we
want to help you do that so don’t miss that and then here’s here’s what I
here’s what I feel like I listen I’m just gonna kind of declare something
over Church on the Move if that’s okay for just a second I feel it, okay I
don’t know if you can tell but God’s doing something special in our church
and this next season is not only gonna be meaningful I believe for you and your
family but I believe Jesus wants to unleash something on our city but it’s
gonna take all of us to share this simply by saying hey you should be a
part of this get in here with us and we have a couple of ways as we’re going
into this next thing that I think this next season that I think are perfect for
us to share the hope that God’s stirring in us and the first is gonna happen on
Wednesday night right here in this room at 6:30 we’re gonna have our first
Wednesday service we have an incredible speaker coming in I’m gonna be here
Gabe’s gonna be here Whit’s gonna be here I’m telling you it’s going to be a
powerful service and it will be life-changing for people if you bring
them I promise you you’re gonna love it so be here on Wednesday bring somebody
with you and then vision weekend is August 17th and 18th and on August 18th
Whit’s gonna be unveiling what God has put on our hearts for this next year and I’m
telling you what God wants to do is so stinking awesome you need to be here but
listen it’s not an insider weekend this is the perfect chance for you to bring
somebody and help — and just help them be in on the beginning of this next
season you’re not gonna regret it it’s gonna be amazing so bring somebody with
you and we’ll see you there let me pray a blessing over you and we’ll go may the
Lord bless you and keep you the Lord make his face shine upon you and be
gracious to you the Lord lift up his countenance on you and give you peace go
and have a great week we’ll see you next time

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