Houston Family Medicine Physician Dr. Kenneth Kennedy

– I’m Kenneth Kennedy. I’m a family medicine physician
at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (soft tranquil music) The most satisfying part
of my job is being able To help people, and being
able to get to know them. Some of my patients have
been with me 20 plus years, and there’s some
satisfaction in knowing that. In the preventive health area, I think if you can catch a disease process before it gets started,
that’s much more desirable than having to deal with it later. Getting to see patients and
people on an everyday basis and getting to know them and
being involved in their lives. I was very familiar with
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic because when I was in
residency in Galveston, I actually worked with them, so I was able to become more familiar with what they do, and I was also drawn to the
fact that it’s a group practice. I like Kelsey-Seybold
because I like my patients and I like the people that I work with. Some excellent doctors and
everybody knows everybody. I think that patients are very
grateful and show gratitude. The very fact that they
stay with us for so long and bring their family members,
their significant others, and their children says a lot about that. You have to spend time
with them and you have to actively listen, and they need to know that you’re listening. Being an active listener
and showing compassion and being kind and not judgmental, so I would say that’s what I do. I came here directly from
residency almost 30 years ago. I’ve loved everything about
Kelsey-Seybold since then, and I’m looking forward to
being here for many years to come, and continuing to
take care of my patients.

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