Houston Family Medicine Physician Dr. Puja Sehgal

– Hi, I’m Puja Sehgal, I’m a family medicine physician
at Kelsey-Seybold clinic. (upbeat music) When I was a child, I saw my mum taking care of the patients as
a owner surgeon and dentist, so seeing my mum take care of patients and take care of their pain is something that really
drew me to medicine. I thought it was such a noble thing to put a smile on other faces and I think your biggest
reward is getting a big, thank you or smiles from
a child or a patient who was in pain, but
now it’s feeling better. It covers the length
and breadth of medicine. You could see any gender, any age and you could see patients at any aspect of their life
and everyday is a new day. You see different kinds of cases. You see different kinds of diseases. My philosophy of patient care is patients are partner in their care. I like to explain
everything to the patient that I am going to do so that
they understand the risks and benefits of things that
are being done to them. It’s very important to me as a physician to ease a patients’ concerns. Sometimes these concerns our medical, but sometimes these are
outside the medical field. It could be their financial, it could be their social concerns. We take care of patients as a whole. Once I understand
everything about a patient, the treatment becomes easier. Everyday when I take care of patients, I take care of their pain. My biggest reward comes
from when my patient says that they feel better and I think I look forward to taking care of Houston population in years to come. Thank you so much for entrusting
your care in our hands. Thank you. (upbeat music)

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