Houston Internal Medicine Physician Assistant Zubia Khan

– Hi, I’m Zubia Khan. I’m a physician assistant and I work in internal
medicine at Kelsey-Seybold. (light music) Growing up I just always knew that I wanted to be a provider. I wanted to help people. And that might sound
like a generic answer, but it has a lot more meaning to me because heart disease,
diabetes runs in my family. My dad experienced a heart
attack at a young age of 55 and both my grandparents
had triple bypass surgeries. For me, this is my purpose in life. I’ve been coming here
since I was a teenager, so I was actually a patient when I first started
coming to Kelsey-Seybold, and I know the environment and it’s so nice to have all these specialties under one roof. In terms of convenience, I think it’s fantastic for patients and then now that I work
here, it makes me more proud. Providing patients with compassion, innovation, science,
and evidence medicine. We help educate, support,
and encourage patients to be involved in all
aspects of their care. It also is important to be sensitive to the preferences, beliefs, and diversity of each patient. Every patient that I’ve
done a video visit for has always told me, this is so convenient, I don’t even have to come in
for an office appointment, I don’t have to beat traffic to come here, I don’t have to take time
off of work to come here because I can just schedule
an e-visit or video visit during my lunch hour or my break time and it’s done within an hour. Taking care of people
with chronic illnesses. It’s a life-fulfilling thing because they instill trust
in you to take care of them and knowing that you’ve made
a difference in their life makes all the difference in the world. This is my pursuit of happiness and this is where my happiness comes from, is from taking care of patients.


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