Houston Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Jamise Crooms

Hi, I’m Dr. Jamise Crooms and I’m an
internist working here at Kelsey-Seybold. I chose Internal medicine because you can have long-term relationships with patients. I think I found in residency
that with the hospital setting so much you can’t build those relationships and
I’d rather practice where I can see someone grow over a long period time, get to know them, get to know their families, and take care of them over a long period
of time. This is a great example of a patient
having a medical home. Everything that they need is here at Kelsey, so if you
know they’re having heart problems it’s easy to get to a cardiologist or to go
see a gastroenterologist. Everything is right here and available for them. I believe in patient-centered care. With my personal experience, I think it’s important that a patient takes control of their own health. I’m here to assist them in that, I can
give you education and we can come up with a health plan together. I think the relationships and medicine are really the important part. If you can understand where a patient is coming
from, their home situation, their family situation, then you can help them to make
better medical decisions and break down some of those obstacles they have to
taking control of their health.

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