Houston Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Jessica Stull

Hi I’m Dr. Jessica Stull and I’m an
internist here at Kelsey-Seybold. What I really like about Internal Medicine is
that it covers a broad spectrum of different illnesses, diseases and as a
primary care doctor I can really see patients over a long time, really get to
know them and establish a good relationship. So back in high school, I
attended a magnet high school for health science so it specializes in the medical
profession and I had a chance to do clinical rotations and shadow doctors
throughout high school and was just really inspired by the physician-patient
relationship that I was able to see so it’s something I aspired to do since then. I really like the organization within Kelsey-Seybold. It’s a multi-specialty group, there’s easy access and good communication among all the different
specialties, the primary care physicians, which truly allows good coordination of
care for our patients. I think it’s very important because if a
patient has a physician that they can trust, it really helps them feel more
comfortable, be willing to learn about their diseases, help them be compliant
and manage their diseases. I try to understand what it is exactly that’s
concerning them, what’s bothering them, and try to explain to them what exactly
is going on with their condition and just educating them. I think once
a patient is educated, they feel more able to treat their disease and that
will ease your concerns.

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