Houston Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Thomas Doneker

– Hi, I’m Thomas Doneker. I’m an internal medicine
doctor here at Kelsey-Seybold. (gentle piano music) Kelsey’s very compatible
with the values that I had when I started being a
doctor, patient care foremost. The best thing about my job is seeing the patients, without a doubt. Over the years, I’ve developed
pretty good relationships with most of them, and I
find that very satisfying. What I like best about Kelsey is the integration of the whole system. I see patients, and if I need help from some other specialist,
the flow is seamless. We all use the same electronic
medical record system, and we can talk to each other
easily to coordinate care. I actually consult with the
cardiologists quite a bit since they’re just down the hall and learn something new every day. I think having the electronic
medical record system and the integrated care are
very beneficial for patients. There’s not a duplication of effort and increased cost because of that, and there’s also quite good coordination between different physicians. I have been here long enough where I’ve heard about patients’ kids
being in elementary school, and now they’re graduates and
have families of their own. That’s kind of nice, the continuity. I’ve seen someone year
after year after year. You get to know ’em. I hope my patients both old and new take an active part in their healthcare, meaning you do your fruits and vegetables and exercise on a daily basis. The patient has to be
involved with this care as much as I am. What I usually do when I say
goodbye to my patients is, stay out of trouble.

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