Houston Orthopedics Physician Assistant Jimmy George

– Hi my name is Jimmy George and I’m a Physician
Assistant in Orthopedics here at Kelsey-Seybold Clinic. (gentle upbeat music) So what really makes me wanna
come into work every day is being able to see a patient, especially after a serious
orthopedic surgery, and having extremely positive outcomes. That really solidifies
my job satisfaction, especially here at Kelsey-Seybold. So I had actually a passion for medicine since being in high school. I learned about the
physician assistant role during a health course that I took in my later
years in high school and I really fell in love
with what their role is and how their job is implemented
in the medical field. Orthopedics really reached out to me because I love the technical and mechanical aspect of orthopedics. So I really found my niche
in the operating room just because of how much
the PA was involved, being able to suture,
being able to first assist and really get hands on experience. Being from the Houston area, I’ve actually known Kelsey-Seybold
as a household name, they’ve been around for 70 years now and I know that their expectations and their values are up
to par with what I see fit for the most exceptional patient care. The philosophy for my patient care is one that the patient feels
like all their needs have been addressed, that they’ve been treated exceptionally and that they’ve been listened to. I just want them to be able to be completely comfortable with me, let them know that they’re needs will be completely addressed, and that I’m more of a peer and that they can talk to me
about any of the current issues or whatever concerns they might have. (gentle upbeat music)

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