Houston Physician Assistant Amanda Redman

– Hi. My name is Amanda Jennings
and I’m a physician assistant in internal medicine at Kelsey-Seybold. (cheerful music) What I look forward to when
I come to work is being able to interact with my
patients, hear their stories, hear about their family, and being able to take care of them. I enjoy helping people, forming
relationships with them. Making them feel cared about,
that to me is one of the most important things about my job. (cheerful music) As a physician assistant, I’m
an extension of a physician. I can see the same patients
as my physician can. I prescribe medications. I can order images, labs. I can perform many of the
same aspects as a physician. (cheerful music) It’s a multi-specialty clinic. It’s very convenient to
have all the specialists that we need under one roof. So as an internal medicine
physician assistant I can consult with different specialists
and that is just an incredible asset to have. (cheerful music) Basically I like them getting
involved in their healthcare. I like them feeling like
they have choices too and I like educating patients and making them part of
the decision making process and it makes me feel like
I’ve done a job well done. (cheerful music)

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