Houston Physician Assistant Cristen Norman, Urology

– Hi, I’m Cristen Norman. I’m a Physician Assistant
in Neurology here at Kelsey-Seybold. I decided to become a Physician Assistant because I loved the
flexibility of the job, but I also loved how Physicians Assistants were able to spend more quality
time with their patients, and have a close bond and
interaction with them. I came to Kelsey-Seybold
because of the people here. It was really interesting to me when I first started talking to people, everyone was just very welcoming. I love the idea of having
multiple specialists under one roof because we work together as a team. So if a primary care
provider sees one patient and they do need to see a
Neurologist for some reason they don’t have to leave
the Kelsey-Seybold system. You need to build a
relationship with your patient, so by having open communication and letting the patient really
tell you what they want it empowers the patient to take… Take a hold of their own health care. I’m just here to kinda
help guide them in that. I love the feeling of just
making someone feel better, do what it takes if it
is the patient education, if it’s providing
certain services to them, whatever it takes to
put that patient at ease and make them feel better. I get an overwhelming
feeling, I really just love helping them out with that.

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