Houston Physician Assistant Daron Moreno

– Hi, my name’s Daron Moreno and I’m a PA in Orthopedics
at Kelsey-Seybold. (bright music) It makes me feel good that
I’m helping other people. It’s something that I’ve
always been passionate about. Something that I always have enjoyed. When I was overseas, I
did three deployments helping the people of
Iraq and Afghanistan, both was satisfaction in my job then, and now I get to do that
still on the medical side as opposed to what I was doing overseas. I’m an ex-athlete baseball player and when I was in high school,
I had some shoulder issues, went to Sports Medicine
doctor, got ’em fixed, had some Cortisone shots
done, and ever since then, I’ve always been really interested in how the human body works, specifically the musculoskeletal system. I worked with a bunch of
PA’s when I was in the army, and really, really
enjoyed working with them. After eight years in
active duty in the army, I decided to go to PA school
and get back into medicine, what was my original passion. Kind of something that
I really look forward to is helping patients out. If they’re having, they’re injured, they’re hurt, you know, they, they have some questions about
what’s going on with them, so I enjoy figuring out a solution to whatever the patients’ problem to basically make them feel
whole, feel better again. Being able to see the patient
through the entire process. You see them when they come
in for their initial visit for the first time as
they’re a new patient. You see them in the operating room. You operate on them. Then you see them afterwards. So you see them through the whole process of them coming in for help. I really like that continuity of care. Really excited to be
there with the patients in the exam room with them,
in the operating room, and see them throughout
their medical journey. (bright music)

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