not just him know the character but also when you start to understand the characters he can truly appreciate I am great Linda I'm a second year master's degree student majoring in Pediatrics windrow Medical University there are lots of South African students who come to China to pursue potentially education and I'd like to share their stories with you [Laughter] [Applause] hey guys this is Sandra Veda our tire intros so far shop woman just our way fááá my biggest challenge during internship is as a student you are transitioning to become a doctor when we enter the hospital we try to make a good impression on the other doctors and to show that international students can be very excellent if they work very hard and if they respect the Chinese system one yes good job overcoming fear of helping save a life is something that is god-given and requires you to have character and identity and this is something that makes me stand out as an individual and also inspire my sister to bring forward in her life I chose China because I was really inspired by my brother I have a passion for healing I thought medicine was such a beautiful profession in my opinion and doctor should have integrity responsible the aspects which fascinates me most about being a doctor is being able to help and care for people whilst understanding the sophisticated processes which happen within the human body how are you a cabbage loud even in high school I used to play in Dimitri I like saying if people surrounding me my name is Medusa Biela I'm currently an MBBS student every time I open a medical book I feel some joy within then I know I met I'm at the right place helping me in everything like this I'm the one responsible for paying the authorities and I'm a teacher I get salary my name is Misha – innocence just have two more years to complete my clinical medicine cause in my experience the doctors are very open to teaching and the great environment for learning my name is session I do and I'm in my first year of MBBS a Ranger Medical University very difficult to get into medical school in my country at the time there were a lot of people that were speaking about China as an option my name is Leonie fauna Martha I'm currently studying MBBS and I'm a first year student this year since I was young I was always interested in biology and sciences and I found the human body very interesting ever be grateful for the opportunities are China gave me coming here and seeing all the different cultures even though you're all different you are all the same and people forget being in window has made me a complete person hi you've reached the window overseas publicity office this is Britt speaking how can I help you can you give me your your WeChat number and we will send you the location okay have a great day goodbye still gonna soar but you know what you should really tell are you are way off at the US Army until each other anyway [Applause] my dream is to be the best kind of healer make a mark in the world studying medicine has changed me as a person it has put me at a platform where I feel like I should be someone with solution to problem my dream is to leave a lasting legacy of the medical profession my dream is to study psychology my dream is to be happy and to one day when I come to the end of my life to look back and not regret anything my dream is to save as many souls as I can before leaving Earth

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