1. Ano naman po ang pagkakaiba ng utak ng taong normal sa taong baliw??
    Nabaliw hindi dahil sa druga,,halimbawa,,nabaliw sa depresyon….may pagkakaiba po ba?

  2. There is an herbal suppliment called kratom that has helped a lot of people with chronic pain and opiate addiction. Not an opiate but it somehow blocks pain receptors in a similar manner without physical addiction. I don't get high off it but it helps with energy and pain and is also used to ease opiate withdrawals. Still legal in most States and can be purchased on web and alot of smoke shack type stores. Definitely worth reseaching and trying.

  3. I've been a heavy marijuana smoker for over 10 years, I don't do hard drugs. I quit for a whole month then relapsed. I can overcome this addiction, wish me luck

  4. If a person takes everyday methadone clinic adirall, smokes crack and Viagra could they get violent.

  5. That's true… Once an addict always an addict…find narcotics anonymous meeting in your area and go there, give yourself a chance to recover if anybody suffering from drug addiction… yes there is a solution in narcotics anonymous for drug addiction. It's a twelve step spiritual program.. it's free for all addicts
    Do click below link if you are seeking help from drug addiction

  6. Recover Coaches And Sober Companions
    Drug, Alcohol And Mental Health Interventions

  7. Once an addict ALWAYS.Fuck you.I had 1%to live.I broke my neck and my skull was missing.my arm was shattered and it's impossible to feel my pain.I want to get off these pills.now all the doctors ran to the hills.I want to see the effects of Kratom

  8. That is the same as a person who has been born with animea low sugar in the blood with mean the person has to take in sugar to bring their levels up or they can go into confussion. . it can cause the person loose their energy .T o keep the person from being felt drain sugar would be given to that person. levels under 98 is not a good reading if it continue to drop the person can slip in to a some what comma possibility to die.

  9. This is so true! Once you are clean for awhile it is the memory that makes ppl go back! If we could erase those memories and how we felt in active addiction it would be so much easier to quit for good!

  10. Hmm… what about people like me… you break your back… then dr.s treat you for 20 with heavy opiates… then your medical insurance drops off for a month, your in a shit ton of pain… yet the opiates do not always work the best… so you take more than is prescribed…. yet they lower your dose one month just to count your pills and when there off by a couple you get tossed onto a suboxone program and then your looked at as an addict…

    So lesson to all you guys that like to snowboard and ride mx bikes…. be careful.. cause if you break your back you'll never get it back… you'll be in a little to a lot of pain… and if your not exactly on your count your thrown into the same boat the addicts are in.. when your in pain.. you will break their pain contracts sooner or later… and they will treat you like an addict. I wish Noone would get hooked on hard opiates… It makes us people on them instant addicts and criminals.

    But what some don't realize is people do not like pain.. we are pre programed to move away from it.. take this pill and it will all go away.. well.. there's a crisis cause the government wants one and the only people that will stand up for opiates are drs. And pain patients… if your a street addict… thank our government… cause you cannot manufacture fenthnol and you can't grow poppies except in the Ozarks… the government dictates how drugs get here and what drugs get in.. and they listen… supply and demand.. but no one anticipated this…

  11. 1: medication addictions ? How pharmacy the harmacy telling spreading lies & get rich by your insecure moods! Get awake or eat pills addictions get sickly !

  12. I'm an addict and I can't stand when people that don't do nothing don't understand us you think he was do but you really don't you read that book you were on the internet

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