How AI can Create Personalized Medicines | Cognizant

Evolutionary AI Business Optimization can
be applied to many decision making problems. For instance, in Healthcare, we can come up
with personalized medicine: recommendations, treatment, diagnosis that are based on individual
patient profiles. And we optimize their recovery, as well as
cost as we as side effects. In Marketing, we can do Mix Market Optimization
which means how to optimally allocate money to different channels. We are seeing applications for this technology
across the board. In design of software, we can decide what
resources to use in order to have the highest possible speed, lowest cost and best quality. In Manufacturing, Logistics, Energy and Utilities,
we can similarly identify what constraints we have, what resources we have and what decisions
we can make and then optimize again for effectiveness and cost as well as potential side effects. Refinery optimization, in tailoring insurance
for specific use cases, training and education. In the long run, this can totally change how
businesses are run.

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