How are medicine applicants selected for interview?

If you are thinking of applying to
medical school you may be wondering if you’ll be
offered an interview with your UCAT score and your existing qualifications.
Here at Hull York Medical School, if you meet our entry requirements and you have
a passion for health care, solving problems and for making a difference, we
encourage you to apply to us. These are the key characteristics that we look for
in our medical applicants. So how are applications scored? Every application is
initially screened to ensure it meets our minimum academic requirements and
our eligibility criteria. To be selected for an interview we operate a ranking
system by scoring your application in the following way: Your UCAT SJT Band is
allocated a maximum of 15 points. Your overall UCAT score is allocated a
maximum of 40 points. Your combined top eight GCSE results are allocated a
maximum of 30 points. And for applicants to the main medicine course starting in
year one, any contextual data such as whether you come from an area of low
participation in higher education or you have received the UCAT bursary is
allocated a maximum of 15 points. If you have a high score in one area this may
compensate for a low score in another area. These scores are combined to
provide us with an overall ranking of applicants, the highest ranking of whom
we invite to interview. Each year we receive around 1500 applications for our
Medicine programme and around 150 applications for our Medicine with a
Gateway Year programme. The number of invitations to interview varies each
year but we would expect to interview around 900 applicants for our Medicine
programme and around 50 applicants for our Medicine with a Gateway Year programme. The
score required to obtain an interview varies from year to year. This may be
caused by changes in the UCAT test, changes in our own selection policy
which may change the characteristics of the cohort of students who apply to us,
or simply a fluctuation in the standard of the applicant cohort.
Trying to calculate your score based on assumptions from past years will not be
accurate and may actually be misleading in trying to work out the chances of
getting an interview. For this reason we do not publish exactly how we allocate
points from UCAT deciles, GCSEs and UCAT SJT Bands and it may
change from year to year. However we clearly show the overall
weighting given to each component of your total score to give applicants an
idea of the process. For full details about our selection procedure please
visit our website. We wish you all the best with your application.

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