How Dangerous Is Lyme Disease?

summer is on its way and that means more Sun more heat and unfortunately more tix gross everyone Julia here for dnews Lyme disease is weird mysterious and can be pretty stubborn every Tech season 300,000 Americans will become infected according to the US Centers for Disease Control the symptoms are similar to a flu-like fever and aches so a lot of cases go untreated only 30,000 cases get reported each year but other symptoms can get worse much worse like chronic and debilitating joint pain you can get Lyme disease from the bite of a black legged deer tick but not all ticks carry the disease according to palmate chief of epidemiology and surveillance activity at the CDC one out of every four or five ticks might be infected in areas where the disease is very common there are a lot of misconceptions about Lyme disease some people think that everyone who gets the disease will get a telltale bull's eye redness around the tick bite but that's not always the case the CDC says around 70% of people get the marks but it can vary by region the Lyme disease doesn't vary too much it's been reported in every state except Hawaii the disease is caused by the bacteria Borrelia burgdorferi the bacteria is old like really old researchers from Ohio State University found ticks infected with it trapped in amber in the Dominican Republic in a study published in the journal historical biology they found they could be around 15 to 20 million years old basically as long as people have been getting bit by ticks there's been Lyme disease you know that famous ice mummy a teen yeah he might have had Lyme disease in analyzing his genome scientists found fragments of the bacteria's genetic material at 5300 years old that could be the oldest case ever found of the disease let's see like others would have suffered from some of the nasty symptoms like pain most of the symptoms are caused by the way the disease targets the immune system it triggers inflammation and can attack the peripheral nervous system causing pain spreading from the back to the arms and legs and hands and feet one study published the American Journal of pathology found that this inflammation can also affect the central nervous system causing headaches and fatigue and even scary symptoms like memory loss learning disability or depression Lyme disease can be cured if it's caught early but it's often misdiagnosed as something else so sometimes these symptoms persist becoming chronic and debilitating in about 10 to 20 percent of patients it's estimated that about a million Americans live with what's called post-treatment Lyme disease a recent study published in antimicrobial agents in chemotherapy found why it's just so hard to get rid of even though Lyme disease is caused by bacteria antibiotics often don't work to treat the pathogen so the bacteria forms what's called dormant persister cells which evade antibiotics and just like their name suggests these guides aren't killed by antibiotics they lie dormant then they might wake up after a round of treatment and wreak havoc on the nervous system but the researchers also identified two potential treatments for PTL D one is a treatment for cancer called mitomycin c which wiped out all cultures of the bacteria but the treatment is pretty toxic so it's probably not the best way to go another way involves multiple doses of antibiotics and what's called pulsed dosing the researchers repeatedly dosed the bacteria and the first round some cells died those dormant persister cells didn't they woke up and tried to re-establish a population but before they did researchers hit them with another round of antibiotics after four rounds of treatment the bacteria were all eradicated but this was only in a test tube so more research is needed if you're worried about Lyme disease and tick bites the CDC recommends knowing where deer ticks are commonly found wearing protective clothing and insect repellant if you go into those areas and to do daily checks of your body if you've been outside even in your own backyard if a tick is attached to your body for less than 24 hours your chances of getting the disease are small speaking of tiny things that could potentially harm you have you ever wondered what the heck of iris is I've got the short end sweet answer for you in this episode of my new show test-tube 101 check it out and subscribe they have DNA or RNA but they're not made up of cells like other life forms they do reproduce but they need a host cell to do it the short there weird have you ever been bitten by a tick or had Lyme disease tell us your story down in the comments below don't forget to hit those like and subscribe buttons and keep coming back here to dnews we've got new episodes every day of the week


  1. I was just diagnosed with Lyme after a positive blood test by a naturopath. He estimated I've had it for over 40 years and I have been diagnosed with every different type of immune system disorder only for it to be ruled out later

  2. Not only lime, but in there is more ancefalite in europe, it atacks your nervous system, you can become paralysed or even become cabadge or die. They have other disease too. Burn themto hell

  3. People underestimate it untill they get ill. You can have it and don't know untill stress factor or malnutrition activate it and then it horrible becose if there's no rush mental symptomes apear first and doctors like to put everything as somatic issiue. I wounder how many people where suffering and have no proper medical attention becose doctors treat them like crazy becose of their ignorance and lack of knowledge, and it's still happening to some people. I was so lucky that I was Dignosed finally after year since first symptomes like depression and anxiety. And when I think that it could be worse then just bone necrosis that where stopped befor it tied me to well chair and I can still walk with cane, if I think that I could get something like paralysis and other 'funny' sympthomes that some people developing…

  4. I went to school with someone who contacted lyme disease. Sadly it was diagnosed quite late and it affected her greatly. She developed depression, chronic stomach and limb pain. At one point she got so weak that she was in a wheelchair for 3 months. She has been scarred for life by this horrible disease

  5. My brother has had Lymes for almost 10 years. Here in Australia doctors don’t believe it exists.

  6. I have Lyme disease and it went untreated for two years. I was tested immediately after the bite in 2015 and the test came back negative. I had the rash after I got the test and went back to the Dr but he said the test was accurate and not to worry. After becoming so ill that I couldn't run my business any longer, I was home bound. I kept telling my Dr I thought it was Lyme but he said maybe MS or fibromyalgia. I eventually went to another Dr. I had trouble walking and couldn't cope with the pain anymore, so I requested another test in 2017. It was positive. I'm upset that I didn't get the proper treatnent right away and then again and again telling the Dr that it was the only thing different that happened to me and I just knew that I had it but couldn't get that first Dr to listen to me. At one point he said I had depression because I cried in his office when he said my leg pain was just a manifestation of depression. I was never tired or in pain, I had always been healthy and active! PLEASE if you think you have Lyme disease, find a Lyme Literate Dr who knows all about it, regular Drs are completely clueless about Lyme disease! I am now on my own protocol, using many herbal remedies plus FIR sauna every day and I'm seeing major improvement. I'm walking without a cane or crutches now and beginning to heal. If anyone is interested in what supplements I'm taking, I'll be happy to send you the information just email me at: [email protected] I'm not a Dr or an expert, just someone who did their own research for remedies to help me recover. Best wishes to all!

  7. I’m here because my mom has it and she has been suffering for 5 years now thanks for all this information

  8. I have Chronic Lyme. The biggest problem is people not believing you, even your parents who you become dependent on as your become disabled.

  9. My 6 yr old daughter is currently being treated for Lyme's, within almost 3 days she was showing symptoms, we are 9 days into treatment… 30 days of antibiotics… be careful ppl…

  10. In France, Lyme disease is very controversial and divides the scientific and medical community. I, Andréane, chronic Lyme patient for lack of reliable tests for an early diagnosis upon appearance of the first symptoms, refuse to shut up, I want to inform, as these are hundreds of thousands of lives that are shattered…

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