How Do Cavities Work?

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, I’m Josh Clark,
and this is BrainStuff. And today I’m going to answer
a burning question of yours. Why do I have a cavity? Where does it come from? Well consider this, your tooth
is made of three main parts. We have the outer
layer, the enamel. That’s like the tough,
hard candy coating shell. And then below that,
you have dentin. That makes up most
of your tooth, but it’s softer than the enamel. It’s kind of like an
elephant’s tusk– ivory. And then inside of
that you have the blood supply and the nerve–
really protected, surrounded by the dentin,
surrounded by the enamel. But then outside of
that you have things called bacteria
living in your mouth. They do all sorts of
beneficial things. But certain kinds of
bacteria, well, they produce acid that actually
can eat through the enamel. Once that happens my
friend, you have a cavity. And if that acid
keeps going and keeps eating through the dentin,
which it can make it through way faster
than it can the enamel, well, eventually it’s going
to make it to the nerve. And then you have
a huge problem. It’s called a nerve
that’s on fire with pain because you have a cavity that’s
going from the outside all the way to the nerve. And things like water
and air and turkey can make it all the
way down to this nerve, and you’ve got a lot of
pain and need a root canal. So brush your teeth. It’s all you have to do. If you brush your teeth, you
are combating the plaque buildup which is really just a bunch
of this acid put out as, well, kind of bacterial poop as it’s
eating the stuff on your teeth. It all comes back to
brushing your teeth. What’s your problem? Brush your teeth. If you like this video, there’s
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  1. one of my wisdom tooth is pretty messed up… I can see the dentin.. Visit the dentist folks.. God knows I would do it if I had some money right now .

  2. well i thought about it because men have beards and i thought it would have been a cool video if you talk about how fast and thick beards grow, and what healthy foods you need to eat in order to have a healthy beard.

  3. It actually doesn't. Human food sucks… Or more acurately: it's too awesome for our teeth to handle.

  4. my question is why i dont get cavities, i brush my teeh like once a week, my breath doesnt smell at all, and i've had other people tell me that and my teeth are white with no stuff deposited on them 😐

  5. I thought I won't get cavities, too. I did the same you did for about half a year. Then suddenly tooth decay out of fucking nowhere, it happened like in a day and now I need a root canal. srsly, brush your teeth, it happens out of fucking nowhere and is the second worst pain I ever got (appendicitis was far worse).

  6. Got a filling done and stupid dentist placed the needle in the wrong place…I ended up with swelling, trismus..etc

  7. it's process foods with sugars that causes cavities. this is why people 400 years ago for example have all of their teeth when you see their skull, because process foods didn't exist back then, everything they ate was natural. around the time Washington was prez was when you started seeing process foods appear like chocolate. Washington loved to eat chocolate soo much so that he lost all of his teeth and had to have dentures made out of wood, because if his love affair with chocolate.

  8. Just a friendly suggestion. You're kind of a slow talker and the music you choose to go with your videos accentuates that fact. Slow talking is in no way a bad thing but the combo almost comes off as comical making it hard to take what you are saying seriously.

  9. I'm guessing it's to tell us are teeth are being damaged. Just like how our bodies use pain to tell us when other parts are being damaged. Without that pain to tell you something is wrong, you'd just let it get worse till it was too late. Just my guess though, could be totally wrong.

  10. Is it just me or is he related to Christian Bale? He looks like him or he reminds me of him quite a lot

  11. I do, and his whining that he has nothing left to do with my teeth hurts my ears a lot more than whatever he might do to my teeth.

    Every single time its the same story: "If everybody were as neat as you then I'd be broke…" blah blah blah!

  12. I was just up and on to Introduce you to the idea of an RBE. But judgeing from your chanal content, I am to late (in a positiv way). How about basic income to pave the way for an RBE ? /watch?v=zru79jcVTt4

  13. I wonder what happened to us to make it so that we have to brush our teeth? It seems that we are the only animals on the planet who need constant care of our mouths so that are teeth don't totally rot out of our faces. Did we lose some outer protective tooth layer over time?

  14. For some reason my tooth feels funny when i eat something on the left side. Is that cavites? I cant really see if it is.

  15. For some, especially kids, brushing teeth is a chore. It shouldn't be; it should be routine.

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