1. Got a root canal 6 months ago and it was done by a pretty shatty dentist. So, my tooth cracked vertically and i’m literally dying of pain right now so i decided to educate myself a little while waiting for the painkiller to kick in

  2. Wait one time a glass shard flew across my leg and cut it. I couldn’t feel any pain when that happened or after. The only pain I endured was when I touched it. Why did this happen?
    Also the cut was very deep

  3. my right hip started to hurt for some reason and I just went on a downward spiral of how painkiller work then I just took paracetamol and hope it'll work.

  4. You forgot to talk about the only type of pain that is not produced by tissue damage…

    The ischemic pain.

  5. Thanks I currently how have strep throat so I’m trying to figure out of the pill works

  6. Fell on my shoulder and haven’t been able to lift it cause it hurts so much.
    Had some ibuprofen and it worked so much it interested me. Here I am.
    Now I know how pain works and how these magic science pills work.
    So cool man…

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