1. Could use pure Nitrogen in a confined area. Inert gas, makes up 70% of the atmosphere. A pure atmosphere of Nitrogen is not toxic, but without any Oxygen, hypoxia sets in quickly. Person blacks out and unless Oxygen is restored, brain death happens within minutes. There have been a number of deadly hypoxia related accidents. Workers descending into a tank without purging the pure Nitrogen, once they stepped off the ladder they blacked out. Another worker tried to go down and assist the other worker, and also blacked out. Other worker went to get help, but by the time help arrived that was equipped with SCBA to safely enter, the workers were dead. Also were several aviation accidents involving hypoxia, not due to pure Nitrogen, but reduced atmospheric pressure and Oxygen. In those accidents, it was more gradual, you tend to feel intoxicated and tired before falling into a deep sleep, and likely dead by the time the fuel runs out and then the plane crashes. Happened on some private chartered flights, and even a commercial airliner called Ghost Plane Helios. Someone developed a type of "suicide pod" that used pure Nitrogen for people terminally ill that want to end their lives. Controversial device allows the person to essentially push a button, and as easy as that, they fall into a deep sleep and die. Saw it in the news. Can easily extract Nitrogen out of the atmosphere and could design something similar, but for executions. No need for complicated drugs, no mess, just push a button. Or use a breathing mask and a bottle of pure Nitrogen and turn the valve on.

  2. It’s actually not the most humane, most times the inmates can often feel everything. Electric chair is actually the most humane

  3. There's been talk of using inert gas, primarily nitrogen, as death by nitrogen is completely painless and puts a criminal down inside of thirty seconds.

  4. So much "controversy" over what makes a humane execution of murderers, but there can be no controversy in how brutal their victims died.

  5. The sad thing is. A lot of these crimes are commited by people who have been let down by the state. Only for them to be murdered by the very state that let them down.

  6. They need to add an additional step. Morphine. Or any kind of strong pain killer that dosent cause hallucination, that way the person won't have a bad trip or nightmares before slipping into Oblivion.

  7. Right, the inmate kiled someone, he's executed, and then who executes the executener?
    Most human way is by carbon monoxide. Does not couse pain! Does not have smell. So the right thing to do is sedate the inmate, with injection or another gas (used in some medical surgery whitch o dont recall) and then send the carbon monoxide in. And bye bye

  8. Maybe watching this inmates dying is heartbroking…but that few minutes of suffering is equal fot what they done? Maybe they dying more quickly and much more painfully that what they cuase to they're victims

  9. Hanging is supposedly quicker than lethal injection, but also a bullet at the back-center neck kills almost instantly because it severs the spinal cord.

  10. Lol you get 10years in North Korea for Espionage, 15years for stealing a poster and in USA you are sentenced to death for espionage. This is absurd

  11. Before they will be executed they have to choose ehat food do they want to eat it's very simple they give a poisoned food…

  12. Even when the executions went “right” the anesthetic doesn’t stop you from feeling pain. It’s kind of like your sleeping and then the pain of the injection fluid wakes you up, but you were given muscle relaxants so you can’t communicate AT ALL that you feel it

  13. Why do they not do it like the way a dog is put to sleep? Its one injection and the heart stops in seconds and they close their eyes like going to sleep

  14. Firing is the most humane way. You body shots down immediately after you've being shot in the heart,and that's it. For me even the dentist anesthetics doesn't work well…

  15. Oxygen deprivation….same as in a rapid decompression in a plane, ya go lights out in a second then sleepy time extension as the oxygen level decreases and the guy dies…..painless. clean, quik, and obvious…..so itll never get used…….and let us not forget the age old favorite pop pop 2 in the back of the hat…..Ya got tradition with that one!!°

  16. Strap the condemned dude to a chair, seal a mask over his face, and turn on the pure nitrogen. Permanent nitey-nite in a couple of minutes. No need to source chemicals, find a vein, flush the lines, etc.

    The "CLIMATE HOLOCAUST!!!" crowd will be pleased to note that as an added bonus, nitrogen is harmless to the environment.

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  19. I think by donating organs until he doesn’t have anything is the most humane and money saving way and it will also save other people’s lives

  20. Humane? Did their victims die in a humane manner? An eye for an eye…how you killed someone is how you should be punished. Regardless of how savage it was. The victims more likely than not did not have a humane killing.

  21. Well… I was with my cat, who I had to euthanize… it was quick after they found a vein…

    So…idk, maybe a stronger drug , or something to put people to sleep and requires less amount of chemicals? Idk…

  22. Who cares if it’s humane?? The criminal didn’t end up on death row by “humanely” killing Someone. If their victim suffered then they deserve to suffer too.

  23. Pentobarbital. One drug injection. You go to sleep and never wake up. Works 100% of the time. It's the drug they use for assisted suicide in Switzerland.

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