1. His work was destroyed by American government, but if you are lucky you may find the original article of the British journal on Februrary 1937… good luck!!

  2. I am trained in both the scientific method and in Chinese medicine so don't bullshit me with your scientific this and that. I think you should join peta and go to labs and also lobby against hunting that is rampantly done in other countries and then I will believe your bullshit. Otherwise you are just a bigot who like to portray himself as morally superior when you are bias to other cultures wrongdoings but not your own. And don't bother to contact me anymore because I am not going to waste time

  3. You are just a pathetic loser and ignorant fool. The problem with you is you think everything the West has produced is so ecologically and environmentally friendly. What do you think got us to this point? I am not the one attacking anybody but if someone puts down other cultures or think they are superior I like to deconstruct their bullshit. Habitat lost, experiments with animals continue and are also part of animal cruelty yet I don't see you so indignant about it.

  4. Western people have caused more extinction and suffering of animals throughout history by hunting in Africa for elephants husk for ivory, whales for their many uses, research being carried on animals, etc. So don't come with these moralistic attitude of yours and try to tell others once you are the one that first started all. Once you polluted the environment and cause many animals to go extinct you give a moral talk. So, don't come here with your this versus that attitude.

  5. Your statement is full of ignorance and misinformation. Number one, rhinoceros horn and tiger bone was not used for impotence or sexual dysfunction. That is the western media misinformation. It was used for serious febrile diseases. It is the common people, the layman who use it for things it is not intended to. Number two, it is already prohibited to use those endangered species by professionals. Number three how many animals were caused to be extinct by Western people?

  6. In 1937 Dr Thomas Lewis found out the existence of the CHI energy system, and published his report in the British medical journal of February of 1937.
    During the 40ies Dr Wilhem Reich found the CHI energy, but all his work was destroyed by the government. In 2007 The university of Paris took pictures of the meridians.

  7. The chemical science has a lot of flaws. They sell medicines that can cause a lot of dangerous,bad side effects. Life energi like the CHI has been proved many times, but of course the pharmaceutic companies do not let media to talk about it. Just read book and keep yourself awake.

  8. To anyone who says that TCM is scientifically proved, I'd like to say that scientifically proved is somenthing under the control of pharmaceutical companies that care only about their benefits.
    During the 40ies a scientist called Wilhem reich proved the existence of the Chi, but American gorvement angry destroyed all his books, arrested him without any reason, and killed him. There are scientifically proves only if the pharmaceutical companies want to. And TCM for big pharma is a big problem!

  9. Also, during the 40ies a scientist called Wilhem reich proved the existence of the Chi, but American gorvment casually destroyed all his books, arrested him without any reason, and killed him. So what you called scientifically proved is what the pharmaceutical companies decide to prove for their benefits.

  10. western medicine a real science? really? Paracetamol cause problem to liver and kidneys. Zometha, medicine for bones, cause Parkison morbe, and Alzhaimer. Chemio therapy kills all the cells… do you call this science? remeber that al the scientific research are controlled by the pharmaceutic companies, so they will never permit a research of the Chi. Western science cares about the money for the pharmaceutic companies not for our health.

  11. I do not want to comment your evident ignorance about TCM, but I would like to remind you that any medical research in any university of the world is strongly controlled by the big Pharma companies. So the research to prove acupuncture are always stopped. Because otherwise the pharmaceutical companies would loose a lot of money.

    And just an advice, read a book of acupuncture, otherwise you are very ignorant and incompetent to a comment TCM.

  12. @yoshii88
    your are only one person, your claims are not proven because they happened to you,
    large cohort, double blind test must be conducted to conclude if these medicines do work, which they probably do not

  13. This is good , I'm impress by it. Traditional Chinese Medicine takes time in healing with no side effect, unlike western medication antibiotic it do have side effect.

  14. Oh what bullshit.

    Chinese medicine is the greatest fraud.

    How can it work from a scientific point of view?

    The concept of Chinese medicine is based on a lie in that the universe is made of qi (chi).

  15. i had a cold a couple years ago and my doctor told me to take decongestants and stuff with paracetamol in, it simply cures the symptom not the root of the problem. I went to a chinese doctor the same day, he gave me this awful tasting tea, and I felt great, all he did was check my tongue and my pulse. I also had a problem with acne a few years ago, same thing again, chinese over western medicine any day of the week!

  16. People need to learn to question their doctors and to LISTEN to their bodies. We really do know our bodies.

  17. Too bad the link doesn't work.
    There is a lot of stupid arguing on this thread. What's the point? You aren't proving or disproving anything by calling people stupid. If you want people to believe, you need to provide facts, it's that simple. I agree with plankton that both Western and Chinese medicines have "flaws and advantages". I don't know about Chinese medicine, but Western medicine has a lot to do with the doctor as to treating the symptoms or the real cause.

  18. not knowing what tcm is about and statin that it has "flaws" =/ tcm is very deep my friend. if you dont like it why do people even bother looking for tcm on youtube? by the way guys, this video sucks. the dr didnt even bother looking at the patient…big mistake.

  19. eeerrrrrrrr!!!!!!

    tcm has way more flaws, like its based a lot more on feeling (chi). which has no scientific basis. they rely on words like "life energy"
    while western medicine is based a lot on modern chemistry, a real deal science

  20. Does calling me stupid some how make you feel smart? If it does. Good for you. But it doesn't make it true in any way. I can tell just from talking to you and the language you use(not referring to your bad english), that you are not what I'd call a smart person. I may not be the smartest person in the world. But I am intelligent and logical. Far greater then you.

  21. lol you're a joke.
    But yes, your English is way better then my Chinese. I only speak English.

  22. I assume from your horrible english you are chinese? And chinese medicine is much cheaper. That is most likely why it is used. Western medicine has a high success rate. Which is probably more then you can say for your placebos.

  23. lol
    your comments will do so much more for you then my comment would have ever done to me.

  24. traditional chinese medicine is silly. Why would you eat tiger penis and crushed black rhino horn to get an erection? There are only 1000 tigers and 1,000,000,000 chinese people

  25. You guys need to be waaayyy more open minded. I, personally, might think its bullshit, but this documentary of sorts is not claiming its real. All its claiming to do is describe chinese medicine. Although i did come here to flame some religious nuts, i did not find any in this movie so moving on…

  26. Just because something is 1000s of years old doesn't mean it has no use. Take for example the wheel….nothing compares to its simple ingenuity yet it proves to be an extremely effective tool. Western scientists have already proven the effective nature of accupunture, along with many other herbs in common use. That is why in some medical schools they offer a course in accupuncture and herbal medicine to be aware of their effects and of any contraindications with western medication.

  27. FirstScience? I don't think so. This in no way can be classified as science. I can't believe they still use methods that are 1000's of years old. Just because the methods are ancient. This in no way means it right. I hate when people use words like science improperly just to make it sound right.

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