How Donald Trump Can Fix American Healthcare in One Word

alright this is john kohler with today we have another exciting episode for you and today we're gonna talk about how Trump could solve the healthcare crisis in one word it's a very simple word right and before I get into that I want to talk about something really fast is that you know on my channel I generally don't talk about religion and politics those things will get you in trouble so I'm not necessarily gonna be commenting on the election and all this kind of stuff maybe later on I will but I will tell you that I didn't vote for Trump alright so but my brother did but in case how Trump can solve the health care crisis is because he's a businessman much like I am he knows his dollars and cents his corporations made counter know billions of millions of dollars who knows how much because he hasn't disclosed that then you could but nonetheless he has been a successful businessman he knows it all comes down to dollars and cents and the way to solve the healthcare crisis here in America because it's caused in America's bankrupt in America the way to solve it in one word is prevention science now knows how to prevent some of the top or most of the top 20 killers of Americans today right it's by simply changing your diet and eating the healthiest foods on the planet and reducing significantly or entirely eliminating the foods that cause people to get sick and other things that you know may cause illness so for example right I want my viewers that are watching this and Trump mr. Trump if you're watching this I want you to that you want you to do this too I want you guys I want everybody on the planet to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible and see the benefits of this because once you see the benefits you're gonna get excited and passionate about hopefully trying to help others and spreading the message about the best foods to eat you know I feel that I was like done wrong in grade school when I was taught the four food groups and we need to have these foods each and every day I'd simpler you know a lot of those foods animal foods dairy products processed foods junk foods even grains and excess are not the healthiest foods on the planet – right what the healthiest foods on the planet are are the fresh fruits and the fresh vegetables and that's what your diet should be focused around that's what I teach on this YouTube channel you know I have over 400 videos now to teach you guys all aspects of eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as the primer and food you guys are eating you guys want to learn more about eating a healthy diet let's see there's two good books that recommend ones doctor by dr. joel Fuhrman eat to live and another one is actually by dr. Michael Greger and this actually called how not to die definitely encourage everybody to eat more plants and if people just stop eating the junk foods you know the animal foods the meats the dairy the milk the processed foods the McDonald's even you know even organic food that comes in packages bottles and jars at your local whole paycheck supermarket right these are not the healthiest foods for you we want to get back to basics we want to eat things without an ingredient label this is very important right I mean I could go out to my garden in my backyard and I don't even green labels for my radishes my turnips my carrots my you know peppers my potatoes my Cato my collard greens I just got there pick it and eat it right super important to make some dietary changes now we all know that Trump is probably to do away with health care or you know the Obama care system which I'm not a big fan of until he does you know we're stuck with it and I'm not really in favor of you know making somebody like sign up to health care now if they're gonna provide him for free that's a different story but you know we everybody has to pay for the health care and if you don't you get fined for not having health care if you are filing an income tax you know income taxes there is one way around this and it's actually called Christian health care ministries so look that up if they don't discontinue Obama care anytime soon for the workaround so that actually you don't have to have traditional medical care now the other thing I want to get into is if you're saying John they shouldn't abolish the health care man I need my health care what I'm gonna tell you guys is this right I want everybody watching this to be independent of the system right I want you guys to focus on prevention and eat the healthy food so that you don't end up in the hospital yes of course I would agree that having some kind of accidental emergency insurance just in case you get hit by a car or bus or god forbid you know eaten by a tiger right you'll be you'll still be covered but for an average care you know you really don't have to have medical insurance in my opinion right I mean I've gone without medical insurance now for the last 21 years and I've had to go to the hospital like once maybe twice both those times were covered by number one my travel insurance or number two my brother's homeowner's insurance because I fell off a ladder when I was working on his house so you know and I have car insurance which in covered which includes you know mid pay and medical insurance in case something happens to me in my car so I'm not saying all insurances are bad but here's the thing in my opinion the you know Obamacare makes only a few people rich right the hospitals and more importantly the insurance companies and I'm though a no drug companies let's not forget about the almighty drug companies this did them a huge favor by basically making everybody pay into the system so that they could increase their profits and have you guys has checked their guys their profits lately of all those you know corporations and companies and businesses and they make tons of money and we are all suffering because of it because we believe in the Obamacare right or whatever so I want you guys to make some dietary changes and here's the thing right you don't have to wait for Trump you know if Clinton mrs. Clinton became president you know that wait for them to do anything you guys could shade should take the power into your own hands and make changes in your life today right for for your health you can start eating healthier foods today every supermarket virtually in the u.s. sells fresh fruits and fresh vegetables some might have more limited selections than others and some might have more organic selections and others but here's the thing all fruits and vegetables are healthier than anything else in the grocery store based on my research and my opinion and from what I've been doing over the last 21 years now to take it up a notch of course yes grow your own food that's even better than the stuff you could buy herb in shop at a farmers market at least that's better than the produce you could buy but you want to really massively increase the amount of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables you guys have in your diet you could do this in a few ways number one juicing juicing is an excellent way to get more fruits and vegetables in you because it condenses a lot of fruits and vegetables in a once more classic juice right you could take five pounds of carrots which I couldn't sit there and eat five pounds of carrots you could use five pounds of carrots and you're gonna get you know five cups for five cups of juice and now you could drink leisurely and enjoy and get all the phytonutrients and phytochemicals they have it's a disease properties if you're juicing the purple carrots they've shown that that has actually anti-obesity properties you know regular carrots even have anti-cancer properties they'll help your eyes all kinds of stuff just the almighty carrot the carrot is one of the least expensive foods on the entire planet now if you don't want to spring for a juicer right use a blender most you guys have blenders there'll be some new blending technology coming out here in 2017 that I look forward to bringing to you but right now you know at least blending will allow you to you know uh reduce down so you don't have to do all that chewing and get more fruits and vegetables in you of course eat more salads I make fresh soups with actually juice stock I dehydrate different fruits and vegetables like em right now to make crusts in my dehydrator and I'm making you know kale chips and other leaf chips so you get the hydration or just eat things fresh you don't need any appliances to be healthy right although they do help out a lot the other thing I want to talk about real quick getting onto the political things is that I'm gonna tell you guys I did vote for Hillary and I didn't vote for Trump and actually I'm going to tell you something else that I don't think I've ever brought up for my youtube channel is that actually I didn't vote at all now this may shock you you like John you're an American man you should be voting it's like the the thing that you should do the most you know to make make the change you want to see in the world well let me tell you you know as much as there's things that about Trump I like and there's things about Hillary I like there's also a lot of things about both these candidates that I don't like so I didn't want to vote for either of them and instead I'm making videos like this and over 1,800 other videos on YouTube to share you know the kind of world that I want to create because the leaders that people elect and put in charge are not gonna maybe do everything that you want there's things you like about them that you hate about them and I just got my fingers crossed that you know Trump doesn't hit the button for a world war 3 and there's you know big mushroom clouds and stuff now because he's you know he's a little bit unpredictable but here's the thing right I didn't vote because I want to be the change I want to see in this in the world you know Trump does not believe in climate change you know global warming whatever you want to call it maybe you guys believe in it if you don't believe it maybe the believes it's a scam I don't really care but all I want you guys to do is to take action on your beliefs right so if you believe global warming is an issue I personally believe it is do the things to help you know minimize the effects of global warming each person could make a difference you know leaders at the top they're not gonna do anything about all these things about you know teaching guys prevention about climate change right but you guys can make a difference you know this upcoming year I'm getting an electric car right so I'm not gonna be bringing gasoline anymore I'm gonna get solar panels for my roof and then I'd be charging my electric car with the solar power created from my roof right so I could be more sustainable I grow my own food in the backyard now so that I don't have to you know rely on food that's trucked in thousands of miles plus I can have fresh or higher-quality food then money can buy right so you know whatever the issue is I want you guys to take personal responsibility and take action you guys as cells because if everybody who watches this video took some action and you know did a few things turned off lights when they left the house you know got low-flow showerheads you know to save and serve some water you know got LED light bulbs you know energy-efficient light bulbs and fluorescent light bulbs you know to reduce your power consumption you know unplug all the different items in your house that's maybe drawing phantom power this will save you guys money but also it will help save the environment by actually consuming less and that's another thing that I want you guys to know about is that I want you guys to be a producer instead of a consumer in my opinion one of the big reasons for all the challenges we're having in the world right now is because we are massively consuming too much stuff there's a really good video on YouTube called the story of stuff maybe I'll put it up over here for you guys and I encourage everybody to watch that and to minimize the amount of things you buy and things you consume and really think about like do I really need this with my money be served somewhere else better could I buy organic food with this money instead of buying a new dress that I already have 50 dresses in my closet anyways right and let's see you each one of us could make a difference and you know I think in my opinion in some ways voting disempowers us because it puts somebody else in charge oh well let them make the decisions we'll let them you know solve all the world's problems and it makes it leaves us powerless when we have the power you know if you're really into animal rights right start doing something about it start saving the animals start letting other people know that they shouldn't eat animals right I mean I don't think eating animals is a good idea it's bad for you know global warming for climate change is bad for your health in excess and most people unfortunately who are eating animal products eat them in quite excess you know it's just not good for the animals either not compassionate for the animals either so it's actually quite sad but each one of you guys could make a difference in your lives if you took action on your principles and that's what I try to do in my life you know I try to be a man of integrity and be the change in the world that I want to see you know Gandhi that's a quote from Gandhi and that's what I want you guys to do right do what you believe in and also share this with others right that's one of the reasons why I make my YouTube videos is because I've learned how to positively change my life and I want to pass this on a really good movie to watch is called pay it forward if you haven't seen it right and if everybody paid it forward in the world we'd have a much difference in better place and we wouldn't have to depend on leaders for Obamacare or for all the government programs and assistance another thing I really want to talk about really quick before I go is unemployment right unemployment it's still a big problem here in America there's so many people that are unemployed you know the minimum wage is just not high enough and people are scrapping and scraping by try to make ends meet or ends carrots or ends bread and we're not able to do it because we're always depending on somebody else to give me a job give me a job you know I want you want each one of you guys to ask yourself a better question instead of give me a job right ask yourself how can I be of service to others how can I be a service to others right can you start a t-shirt company right to spread good messages about different things can you start making YouTube videos that inspire and help and you know change the world can you start washing people's windows when you know they would just had a dust storm you know whatever it is if you see a need in the world you can fill it you can be your own boss you could be your own entrepreneur like Trump like me like many other people I know right you can create your own job but we have to get out of this hall your realisation of that you know the leaders or the people in charge are gonna solve the world's problems because let me tell you straight up in my opinion they're not they're not doing it they're not doing enough to make steps in the right direction because still many of them are paid off by big corporations and maybe hopefully Trump is not and hopefully he'll make decisions based on you know running a business because that's what the country is the country is a big ginormous business and they need to make a profit and until up til now they have lost lots of money and any business would be going broke at this point you know the national deficit is huge I don't even know how big it is now right and I want you guys to know that you guys could make a difference you could not just like give me a job or get a job but you could create your own job you can create your own income by being of service to somebody else however that maybe come up with some great creative ideas there's Google now how how to create your own business how to start your own business business ideas start a juice bar started juice delivery service you know so many different ways you guys could make your own money instead of having to rely on somebody else I think that's the end of this video today right I want all you guys whether you're Donald Trump Hillary Clinton who whomever to number one work on prevention in your personal life right by eating a healthier diet it has been proven you can basically be immune and you know prevent yourself from getting some of the top 20 killers in America and of course there's ways to dial in a diet based around plants and fruits and vegetables and that's what I try to teach you guys on my channel number two I want you guys to take responsibility in action in your lives for things that you believe in you know if you believe in climate change and if you believe in you know animal rights if you believe in this people leaving that don't let others right do what you want to do or be the change that you want to be right I want you guys to take action and I want you guys to do it yourself each one of us can make a difference and we all need to come together because the leaders are not doing this to promote the causes that we believe in okay and number three I want you guys to create your own jobs ask yourself how you could be of service how you could you know create an income on your own without having to work for somebody right this is what true freedom is about you know today because I have no job and I you know I I'm my own boss right most of day I spent in the kitchen six hours today I'm in the kitchen making you know pizza crust making kale chips making sure cane juice it seems that's what I did today and that's cool yesterday I was in the garden all day and two it's gonna be a little different if y'all work a little bit more but when your guys is your own boss you got to get to create your own schedule and you have much more freedom than being in a box and I think you know the government system as its set up it tends to basically put people in a box and basically you're just another cog in the system and I want you guys to break out of the system the more people that could break out of the system the faster we're gonna get change to happen in our society that most people are still not woken up because they're still watching TV and being influenced by marketing and all these things so that's all I got to say today hopefully you guys enjoyed this episode if you didn't like this format because I never did this before about before on my youtube channel be sure to give me a thumbs up to let me know I'll be sure to do more rants like this just off the top of my head also be sure to click that subscribe button right down below so you don't miss out on my new and upcoming episodes I'm coming on about every five to seven days you never know what I'll be talking about where I'll show up what kind of restaurant of you'll be doing or how you'll learn to improve your fruit and vegetable dominated diets and finally be sure to check my past episodes my past episodes are a wealth of knowledge I have over 400 episodes on this YouTube channel now I teach you guys all aspects on how to eat a healthy fruit and vegetable based diet if you want to learn how to grow your own foods be sure to visit growingyourgreens on YouTube where I teach you guys how to grow your own food fruits vegetables you know all that stuff over 1200 videos now teach you guys how to grow your own food so once again you can become a producer instead of a consumer you know when I'm gonna put solar panels on my roof I'm going to be a producer instead of a consumer right the more ways you could produce yourself the less somebody else has to produce for you and the better a better place the world will be because of it and finally if you're looking for a juicer to maximize your fruit and vegetable intake one of the best ways to get more fruits and vegetables in you and to make it fun and tasty and delicious be sure to visit my other youtube channel simply called raw foods and visit my ecommerce website so i could sell your juicer you guys could get healthier and also it allows me to be my own boss so thank you guys for those of you guys have supported me in the past and thank you guys those of you guys that will support me in the future so once again my name is john kohler with we'll see you next time and until then remember keep eating your fresh fruits vegetables they're always the best this is john kohler with today we have another exciting episode for him here all the way in Katy Texas that's outside Houston if you don't know where Katie's at and the reason why I'm here today is because I'm going to do a raw food


  1. Organic free range, grass fed meats are healthy for you. The "problem" with meat is all that shit they inject into them that makes us sick.

  2. CFL light bulbs are full of mercury and if they are less than 3 feet from your body, you get radiation or EMF's. They are energy-saving yes, but if you break one, you'll probably need a Hazmat team in your home. And John, look up Agenda 21 to find out what "climate change" is all about. I'm all for renewable energy, less use of fossil fuels, but let's be streetwise about it. Agenda 21 will be unbelievably catastrophic, especially for you (growing your own food will be banned).

  3. I hear ya John. I did vote BUT, by the time any of those politicians get far enough for us to have heard their name, they are crooked. Just a fact. All we can do is to do our best to take care of ourselves and our families and friends. And leave the rest to the Almighty.

  4. That sounds great! What can you recommend I should of eaten when I was diagnosed with POC or for my friend who was was recently diagnosed with MS? Prevention by eating right doesn't always work for everyone but I'm open to suggestions!

  5. I agree with you people need to start being personally responsible growing and eating more fresh foods. I have had a garden for most of my life and a family history of farmers. It is as you know hard work, but it has been a great asset to me and my family. I am thankful that many of my relatives have lived well into their nineties and hundreds with little or no health problems raised on good nutrition. I am a vegetarian and my grandfather, a farmer lived to 105 years and only had health problems because he tried to ride his motorcycle too fast and lost control. Anyway, I am an Independent that voted for Trump this last election. I know a lot of health issues can be helped through healthy eating, exercise and a positive mindset. This is a lot of what you share in your videos and that is great. Keep up the good work you do. I love your videos.

  6. Could you make a video (or tell me which book to read) on why greens in excess are not that good, and what excess is? I thought they would be good since they are the most abundant food source (although they have the shortest shelf life). Thanks!

  7. Judging from the pics I've seen of Trump eating KFC, I don't think prevention is at the top of his list. You're right, though, prevention is the thing.

  8. I really like the information you provide but can you limit your videos to ten minutes. Most people's time is limited and probably would watch a ten minute video over a twenty or thirty minute video. I got ten thousands things to do.

  9. How about the flu vaccine My Doctor wants me to get a shot The next time I go in I'm thinking about telling him No How safe are they really?

  10. I am moving to a fully raw life style. What I have been doing the last 3 weeks is Raw for breakfast and lunch………… dinner 1/2 raw 1/2 cooked;
    In the morning I make a HUGE green smoothy it consists of
    1. 3/4 lb dark greens
    2. 1 carrot
    3. 1/2 Cucumber
    4. A few slices of ginger
    5. 3 dates
    6. A frozen banana
    7. A table spoon of chia seeds
    8. A cup of fresh frozen fruit
    9. 1/2 avocado
    10. 1 cup home made almond milk
    11. 3 cup cold water

    I drink 1/2 for breakfast and 1/2 for lunch and I'm really full. At 4:30 after work I eat a handful of almonds. The dinner is a salad and some type of chicken or fish. I eat some home made peanut butter at night if I'm hungry.

    My goal is to move to a fully raw meal in the next month or so. My question is I think I could make my 3rd meal a green smoothie too and I'd never look back. I like the nut snacks but 3 green smoothies would make me really happy.
    What are your thoughts. Am I eating too much ? I'm also trying to lose weight I need to lose 65 pounds.

  11. Boycott actions happening now through the end of November: 1. Going 99% vegan is a great way to protest against the large corporate interests that are destroying our planet. 2. Drastically reducing fossil fuel / energy use. 3. Withdrawing all your money from Wells Fargo and the other big banks and preferably put it into credit unions. 4. Buying nothing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and through the end of this month. Show the corporations the power we have — which is YUGE based on where we put our dollars!! (Also, the kind of work we choose to do.)

  12. Don't get an electric car John.
    What about the toxic batteries?
    The most environmentally friendly thing would be driving a good quality VINTAGE CAR!!! It'll outlast any new car today. Reducing resources is best for the environment.
    You're so crafty John I'm sure you can make your own fuel.

  13. People need to pay for their own healthcare.
    Like John says PREVENTION is key. Today an ounce of prevention is worth 5 pounds There's so much crap to avoid.
    Personally I believe avoiding GMOs, eating organic, drinking clean water, exercise, avoiding medicine & avoiding vaccines & avoiding radiation.

    (I still think its good to have some type of catastrophic health coverage in case you get in a bad accident.)

  14. Hey John I'm with you on this. We need to make choices for our own life first. What some president decides good or not good we have little power over to change.
    We have the power to change our own lives .Thanks for the video

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