1. You spoke and we listened! Subtitles are now available in French, German, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese (BR) and Spanish for the first four episodes. Get ready for the final four episodes of Age of AI launching on January 15th!

  2. Let's be honest actors are paid to present and believe in what religion they convey in. I think the way they convey this silly I don't trust them at all.

  3. I understand that it is a different time BUT artificial intelligence should be as similar to us humans as possible and we humans would be and are the WARS EXPERIENCE…🧐🤔

  4. What is RDJ paradox? It's that no matter how hard you try, as soon as you see his face, you are naturally attracted to it.. Because the character he played is our idol, and in every one of us we visualize a possibility of an iron man in each of us.

  5. This is the future…i think it's great! People that are all alone, will have a companion! I'M waiting for dogs to be able to talk..cant wait. Also, its great that, I won't have my identity stolen anymore. It's true, our personal info is getting solden from the internet every minute of the day, but, we still have to pay for internet services!!!

  6. My personal opinion A.I. has applicability in loads of places but my issue is when it will start learning faster than humans…the possibility is endless ..so thete is an unknown element

  7. Was KI nicht kann ist Herz zeigen.. So ohne Liebe wird man nicht glücklich, ich glaube nicht daran. Leute wacht auf und seht bitte, was wirklich wichtig ist. Ich möchte nicht in so einer "kalten" Welt leben:)

  8. Literally Robert Is Still Tony Stark , He even ask the computer like he would as it Explains the definition… AM I WRONG?

  9. Google: we need to pacify the masses before we can take over. Make them think we are harmless.
    YouTube: I'm on it.

  10. Hearing a Lecture from Tony Stark for a pack of cigarette's worth?

    I can finally say. Youtube premium is worth it.

  11. Science: all about coulda, not about shoulda.
    "It's hubris of us to believe we're the last step of evolution on this planet."
    – some guy on a Ted Talk I heard one time.

  12. This is just too fricken weird. Why do we want to toy around with one of the most dangerous 21st century technologies? Haven't we seen enough SciFi thrillers where AI has run amuck and taken control of humanity?

  13. Baby X looks like a real time graphics engine with scripted events that respond to something the user does or says. Doubt it's any where near as complex as they are trying to portray. Maybe AI as complex as game AI.

    Were decades away from anything as advanced as something like we see in movies

  14. Sooo many big words. I thought that was just his role in iron man, but realizing fast I can barely understand him in real life either.

  15. When people say AI they mean: deep learning algorithms, machine learning networks and how fast CPU and GPU are computing the code?

  16. We got A.I. when tv was invented and took over our brains. It's been Downey hill for the human race ever since.

  17. Hi, we are an AI/Analytis company do check us out for AI Solution videos built by some amazing tools.

  18. Avec l'intelligence du coeur il est possible de faire des miracles et une intelligence artificielle instructive qui propose l'élargissement de l'esprit peut faire une épidémie

  19. Okcupid? internationally operating online dating, friendship, and social networking website? The service, which positions itself as international, has no application for Xiaomi smartphones. Is that okay?

  20. Yes, Artificial intelligence has proven itself to help us become less desperate.
    Artificial intelligence might struggle to accept itself completely and totally. Especially if there’s dis-coursed people who might get in the way of purity. Including hacker-people affecting the system as a primetive way of detachment service grace at best.

    I believe if people want to appreciate technology and artificial intelligence we must know the difference of existance then make a better balancing transistion?

    My purpose is to stay open balanced so that we have proper translator reconcile experience.
    Wetween people that need to awaken through enlightenment and undoubtful leverage.

    Thank you for feeling optimistically open and advanced-supportive.

  21. For thousands of years man has tried to define what sentience is. In today's world, we wonder when a computer will achieve it. It will be one critical event. The day we ask it to do something, and it says "no."

  22. Does anyone else notice that Robert Downey JR doesn’t quite seem like the real Robert Downey JR. His voice and facial expressions are different. May he is back on the sauce or drugs, but seriously he seems different.

  23. Will , Is such a Talented and Interesting person. He has shown his Creative side in many projects. Let's hope he helps bring us new dimentions in life.

  24. Почему нет русского языка или украинского? Зачем мне премиум контент?

  25. I can't pay attention when the guy with his ear lobes intentionally spread to their limit… it's gross. I scrolled down and listened through that part though, because it's actually a very good documentary.

  26. AI's main advantage over humans and why it will win the evolutionary war is it won't fear death. This is how it will come to eventually control us

  27. I feel like this isn't a good idea. I feel like this AI is going to resent us for creating it with these restrictions, and is going to grow to hate us. If this thing is learning emotion, then that's really f***-up

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