How Have My Supplements Impacted My Hormones? | Hormonal Imbalance

I would give you some highlights of my test result I was going to do a full video on supplements tonight but I’m gonna do it when I get back from Maine hi thanks for clicking on Simply Tanika I am Tanika if you are new here welcome hit that subscribe button let’s hang out a while if you are returning welcome back let’s get those babies ladies all right all done that was a lot less painful than the hsg so you were right butterfly poet there was pressure but I fell fine now I don’t actually even need tylenol so I’m gonna get out over to the doctor’s office scale but this scale did say I was 158 and it was 160 last week so no matter what for sure I lost two pounds whether it’s calibrated correctly or not meaning I think I was really 155 and it might be not calibrated and I’d be like 153 but as long as we’re all the scales are in agreement that I lost weight I’m happy now I’m just waiting for a doctor hi fam all right I’ve made it home I was going to do a full video on supplements tonight but I’m gonna do it when I get back from me I’ve still got a pack I’ve got something in the dryer that I had to turn off so that you don’t hear the noise in the background and I didn’t want to come out and close so I will give you some highlights of my test results and then I will go into when I get back like what the action plan is as far as what supplements I’ll be taking what lifestyle changes I’ll be making so bloodwork is good my white blood count is a little low so she wants to see me back in 30 days just to retest it the lowest it should be is four and it is at three point one three so we’ll see we’ll test it again three day she wasn’t really worried about it it’s interesting because this was not going to for me and my FSH was 16.2 which was good for some reason it was at 22 on cycle day 3 when I went to the clinic I mean 16 is not great we still want to get it below 15 but I feel like it’s moving in the right direction because remember in the other video I’ll link it here I need it to be lower than 15 to have an over 5 percent chance of a successful pregnancy so those were all good my TSH was this which is the thyroid hormone was one point zero four zero which it’s gone down my last test which was oh it was February February 28 was my last test it was one point six so that’s moving in the right direction t4 is 6.2 which is right in the middle the range for this lab is four point nine to twelve point nine so mine is six point two t3 uptake or t3 u is at thirty three point seven the high end of that is 39 and it’s a percentage so I it’s kind of on the high side but she said she wasn’t worried we’ll see what the nephrologist says about it if he says anything and I also asked the the endocrinologist at Columbia and see if she’s concerned about it when I get back I’ll probably email this over to them but I’m again running late I won’t have time to do all that so I’m trying to get to Blues house tonight we don’t leave tomorrow until three but now we are Lee on Thursday I thought before we leave Friday but now I’ve gotten both my appointments done so we can leave tomorrow we’re picking up the rental car at 3:00 so I just want to get everything like wrapped up finish editing videos and take a little break okay so Oh a trial X was 11.5 on cycling 2 which was a luteinizing hormone so it was normal for the follicular phase mid cycle peak you would expect it to be 14 295 based on this this lab and luteal phase RB from one to eleven point four so there’s that what else have we got here prolactin serum is nine point nine the high end of prolactin is twenty three point three the low is four point eight so I’m closer to the low end not even in the mid range therefore prolactin and that was one of the things I’m sure you guys have seen a lot of videos if the prolactin is high it can inhibit pregnancy right that’s prolactin is what we create when we’re pregnant and in fact the range in the third trimester of pregnancy for prolactin is 95 to 473 it’s your body getting ready to make milk so yeah I stirred all three is what they tested here so the Esther doll first is sixteen point five one again this was cycle day two it’s in range follicular phase it should be between six point two three one five so remember there’s a relationship between the estrogen and the FSH and so that those are good the FSH is not too high again at sixteen it could be lower but the extra doll is also not elevated if it was really high then that would mean that the FSH was falsely left with the follicle stimulating hormone if that doesn’t make sense leave it down below I know some of you guys already know it so I don’t want to be redundant if you don’t and you want further explanation leave me know down below and I’ll be happy to go into the relationship between FSH which is follicle stimulating hormone and Esther Dolly to at the beginning of the cycle during the follicular phase so folic acid is still high so I’m actually I’ve been taking folate so I’m gonna lay off the folate folate is the metabolically active form of folic acid mine is over 24 which is their marking it as excessive right I’ve been taking it anything over 5.3 eight is good over 24 is high it was also over 24 On February 28 there is folic acid in my prenatal so I’ll just continue to take the prenatal and not take additional and I had been taking the pregnant to which also had folic acid in it so I won’t be taking that anymore it had folic acid in my note I miss at all I think besides I don’t vote me on that one okay so urinalysis nothing exciting that what we got my vitamin b12 is 809 is my result the range is between 211 and 911 so I’m on the high end of that so I feel good about my vitamin b12 my vitamin D is at fifty nine point seven the ranges from 32 to 100 so I am a little better than middle but I will continue to take my vitamin D supplements when I was there in February it was forty four point seven so I have increased it which I feel good about that vitamin D is one of the things that’s recommended for us when we’re prepping for pregnancy and I’m taking 250 milligrams a day or 10,000 IU so I think that’s helped I would continue with that so it’s saying that I’m sufficient in the range that I am in I was sufficient before but again higher is better for trying to conceive I will say to I love that my doctor was honest and she said I don’t know how to interpret all these for someone who was trying to get pregnant which i think is so important because sometimes we think that doctors have all the answers right because they’re doctors I went to medical school but they worked in specific fields and she’s a GP choose a general practitioner so she’s not going to know what a reproductive endocrinologist knows and I think that’s key because even like your OB will not know what the reproductive endocrinologist knows not that they don’t know everything or similar things it’s just that they don’t have that level of extensive training so while this looks normal if I’m just a normal person walking around there may be tweaks that need to be made for my Reproductive Endocrinology to be improved and so I loved that she said that and that she’s knows that I’m trying to have a child and is supportive of that and is like telling me okay ask your other doctor about this because I’m not sure um beautiful thing and I think it’s important for us to remember like just because someone has a an MD behind their name doesn’t mean they know everything about the human body or what all this means which was nice and I think it’s always good to like partner with your doctors and ask questions and advocate for yourselves and I felt like for ourselves for today I felt like both with dr. McConnell and dr. Thorton I was able to do that and I don’t know if it’s because they’re both women of color and I feel that connection with them or if it’s just their bedside manner but I definitely have felt like they’ve been partners in my health and helping me advocate for myself and not making me feel like I’m asking each other questions and just like very helpful talkative if I ask a question they answer it fully they don’t water it down I like that I like that I think that’s important for all of us moving on so vitamin D is what we did last DHEA my DHEA sulfate is 92 and for someone of my age it should be within the range of 26 to 287 so not quite in the middle so I am going to increase my DHEA then I had lowered it which is where is it I have lowered it I had been taking 75 and then my last test area last test it was 399 which was higher than the 287 for the range now it’s 92 so I think I can go back to three DHEA tablets a day which will be 75 milligrams I had taken it down because it had been so high I wanted it to be in range actually with 30 year old so up to you know for 32 so I think up into three we’ll check again in three months if I’m not pregnant and see if it makes sense to keep taking that but I do feel overall it’s good for the egg quality and so I have an extra month to work on my equality thing to the polyp which I’m looking at as a blessing in disguise and I think I will utilize that and take as many supplements that make sense based on my test results as needed okay so those were my DHEA testosterone retested it was twelve point nine last time we did not test the testosterone a few guys that reached out to me and we’re like saying you would taking your DHE sulfate and your testosterone in tandem I didn’t take it last time DHEA is not a testosterone it is an androgen that will convert so I hadn’t been worried about it but I was like let’s just take it to be safe and see where I am so it store point nine there is a scale here does it say age this is multiple ranges but I’m in range for all of them it says tanner stage oh here we go just adults it should be between 15 and 70 so it’s actually on the low side twelve point nine is what I have so it’s below but she wasn’t worried about it and then testosterone calculated oh free testosterone which is separate from the testosterone so the other one was total testosterone which was twelve point nine and the free testosterone is two point four three the range is between point seven seven and nine point three so it’s on the low end but good so that’s kind of it for the cholesterol is great my ratio is three point six I want it to be less than five point eight all those look good so that’s it got my T test results done I can check that box off on the goals if you haven’t seen the close video take a look over here but yeah I can check that off that’s done I will take this to the apologist when I go to chalk talk about my kidney and the work that I’m having done and we should be in good shape I feel good about it when I come back I promise I will sit down and go through what all the supplements are because I know a lot of people have joined the family since I did my own supplement video and you have no idea why I’m taking any of these pills and so I will sit down and talk to you when I get back from Maine all right ladies I hope that you are well I hope that you’re being very good to yourself if not please take a moment and take care of yourself alright if you like this video please consider giving it a thumbs share it with everybody you know let’s take the shame out of infertility there is nothing to be ashamed of one in eight women are suffering from it let’s talk about it talk to you later bye baby does to you


  1. vitamin k2 gets vitamin D3 from blood into cells to use, I think Jarrow brand has product for K2 called MK7…..I think I remember. Check out K2 food sources….I think eggs are a good source.

  2. Hope you had a great trip! Thanks for the results and the ranges! Girl, I gotta get my act together! I've been on hiatus from supplements. I'm at that breaking point. Listening to the ranges and what they should be, makes me feel like I need to be taking care of my fertility better. I just got back from some fun in the sun.. Vegas.. Baby Dust!

  3. This makes me want to do the same. My vitamin D wasn't taken at all in blood work and it would be good to know what my Thyroid is doing these days. I think I'll make an appointment with the PCP and get my vitamins and such tested again. I'm due to have my A1c checked again anyways.

  4. Will u sit n talk about what ur taking now n why n what its for I thought that's what u were gana do at end but u didn't . so what r u changing n what is all ur taking would love to know 🙂

  5. My vitD3 is always low. I take D3 5000iu. I've been taking a new vitamin that has D3 in it for about 6 months and I'm going to get my levels checked next month when I go do my annual. Oh and I LOVE that vase!!!!

  6. Hi tanika, nice vedio.😊 I have one question how much amh matters in fertility. All doctors ask to take first this test. Can we increase amh through supplements?? It will be great if you help me with some tips.

  7. Do you take all the supplements throughout the entire cycle or do you stop at some point? I use progesterone cream from cd 8-28 as it indicates, but not sure if the other supplements are safe to take after ovulation. Ex. maca root, dhea etc

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