How I Cure My Anxiety… (Releasing Myself Live On Camera)

right now I should be in a really fucking bad mood I should be in an awful depressed state where I believe none of my future will happen and I believe my dreams will not come true that's where I sit right now in my emotions I am sad right now I recorded this entire video sad and not in a good place however what's up guys I think I want to talk about right now this morning it's an interesting thing to me super interesting let me jump right into it I want to talk about planning and how planning and and the humans ability to realize and pick up on patterns and on top of that we've created a notion that time matters and time is important so with the ability to predict or attempt to predict the future based on past patterns that you've lived in different situations it's very powerful a human being can very quickly live something learn from it and create a more desired future if they do his side to do it again here's an example if I go ahead and play hockey and I don't tie my skates I won't skate very well will I so next time I'm going to go to the rink and I'm gonna very much plan to tie my skates before I start skating and that would become better I'll become a better player because of that very simple idea of planning the future based on previous difficulties let's say planning planning planning planning plans are based on your previous actions and your previous living experiences and the results that came along with those everything's different now than it was and it will be different in the future than it is now so why plan planning has been very very very important to humans because of the idea of time time it is bed time it is time to eat at 6:00 p.m. it is time to watch my Netflix show with a glass of wine at 9:00 p.m. usually time for my bath before that Netflix show so I have to fit all that in there and if I can't I'll feel stressed but what that does is it creates a schedule and a sort of need to rush you need to rush because you had a plan that was based on time and then that causes stress and then that causes a bunch of human beings on their own time because everyone's got to make money and pay their bills and and cook food and eat healthy and go to the gym and it's gonna be rushed it's gonna be quick it's gonna be quick it's gonna be quick it's gonna be so quick with your planning abilities and predictions of the future and need to get there quickly what that does is it causes a sense of urgency human beings feel a lot of urgency within themselves you know urgency to get to class and and to graduate they're in a rush to be in a rush to graduate and to find a job and to find a job that not only is good for you but also pays a lot you need that because you need a lot of money and then you need to start planning for your retirement so you need to make sure you're you you have enough money to plan for your future self when you're done working and you need to plan and use planning it's so embedded in humans this desire to plan the future paired up with time that we've created humans created time humans created time I don't necessarily follow the plan I I realize that a very very out of that and I'm scared of being brought back into it as well planning very useful tool humans are very smart and we we understand patterns and we believe that these patterns that you've lived are a fair prediction of what will happen next time perhaps it is but also perhaps it's not and for sure if we're planning and have a timeline a rush and we are coming into contact with other people that have their planning done and their timelines set there is going to be an inability for the human race to communicate with each other that ability to communicate will be gravely gravely held back many many many amazing human qualities and skills will be left behind and overtaken by the planning and time situation that we've created if you don't know who I am I am Phil I left my home in February 8 and I've gone through a lot of interesting things the past few years that have taught me an incredible amount and a very very thankful for what my history has taught me I'm very thankful and what it has taught me is to not fear the unknown it's to not fear there's nothing to be scared of in the future because I'm not there I'm here and it's so simple we're back in a room in Saskatoon Canada filming my video for you to listen to this is where I am there's no imminent threat there's no imminent danger there's no any it's all in my head if I'm constantly running around this room not seeing what's in it only seeing my hallucination of the future you're blind you're stuck in nothing you're stuck in the idea that you must do it now so it can happen later well why don't you do it now so it can happen now it's very effective and very accurate if I decide I want to have a great time right now it will happen because I made it I created it I'm not gonna tell you why but right now I should be in a really fucking bad mood I should be in an awful depressed state where I believe none of my future will happen and I believe my dreams will not come true that's where I sit right now in my emotions I am sad right now I recorded this entire video sad and not in a good place however I'm not gonna utilize this planning and time notion that humans created for no reason or perhaps is the reason I'm not gonna explore it right now I don't like this emotion so what someone would do now is they would say I don't like this emotion what do I think caused it and how do I never feel it again never feel it again I never want to feel sad again I'm gonna try so hard not to feel sad again you know what I hate feeling so much that uh I'm just gonna force happiness into myself right now it doesn't work you can't plan to not feel in the future it's a very limiting thing to do it's useless don't think about that it's important to appreciate and say thank you for your emotions you say thank you emotions I appreciate what you've taught me right now and what am i learning and and be open to exploring it without the fear that you're lesser or that you're wrong it's okay to feel not great it's great to feel a lot of sadness or it's great to feel a lot of happiness because if you if you could feel a lot of one you can feel a lot of the other please guys make it easy on yourselves it's not hard and this doesn't mean don't plan I'm not saying don't have dreams and the thing is I've escaped I feel I'm at a point where I I've decided what my dreams are and I've dedicated my life to it and I want to share a lot and this is what I'm doing right now I'm literally running through my brain with you right now I've realized that everyone's notion of planning is different evident of time is different so there's going to be miscommunication and Ferrari where everywhere be weary of planning and time simply because it will impact your present moment you just need to decide how much you're willing to let your planning your need to plan impact the present moment how much do you want to take away from the present moment to give to the future that's a big question you have to ask yourself because I'm invested in where I am right now after I shut down this camera I am invested in this moment I'm gonna make it the best one I possibly can because I can I'm a part of it I have the ability despite it being very difficult I have the ability to bring myself back right here and say Phillip it's okay to feel this way but the important thing I that I have to do right now and I would I would fuck the sub by was trying to plan if I'm trying to plan for the future I'm gonna be in the future and it's gonna be even more it's gonna be ten times more fucked than the shitty feeling I have now it adds mystery and mystery causes stress and stress causes a whole lot of other things so the best thing you can do for yourself if you feel sad and everything is to accept the emotion I fully excited actually thankful for it thank you for making me feel sad I I am feeling it for a reason it's normal it's good is there anything I can learn from this is there anything I can maybe do better because humans have the ability to plan right and you can use this to your advantage use it to your advantage do not use it to your detriment and time do not rush out of your sadness or feel like you have to time is constructed create your own time give yourself the time to to really feel yourself come back to life and be okay with it do the things you know that make you happy Coffee makes me very very happy what does I know that that's gonna be one thing in the right direction I know that Chloe makes me really happy I'm enough I'm gonna share with her I'm gonna give her a hug I'm gonna I'm gonna love her you want to do those things those actions I'm gonna do them to make myself feel better I'm gonna change it I'm gonna change it I'm not gonna sit in my mental stew of planning and time I'm eliminating those things if you're stuck planning and you're stuck in your head the thing you should do here is if you have dreams do not give yourself a timeline of accomplishment at this time I'm gonna complex maybe I'm gonna college my dreams I'll be 33 years old September 7 I will accomplish my dreams I know it I know that's the day I know it I know it so what as a human use your ability and your skill to plan and learn and predict use that ability because it's a gift it is we humans are very smart your biggest strength is your biggest disadvantage we as humans have the ability to control time and to plan but be careful be careful because there is a very fine line and I'm gonna work extremely hard today on the things I want to work hard on I'm gonna work as hard as I possibly can on my dreams I know what they are I've acknowledged them that I'm working towards them and I'm working towards them always in the moment when I see myself getting out of my body and getting farther and farther and farther and farther and farther he's feeling stressed he's feeling this and not guess what all these shit things they're nothing they all come from me being scared of not succeeding and well there she is time to create the best environment possible come here I'll see you guys next time I love you


  1. Your support means everything to me… I hope you found this video helpful, this is what helps me deal with my mind… If you think it could help a friend, send them this video… You never know what will work… As long as were working together and communicating without Judgement and Ego.

  2. I feel you Phil. Planning and stressing out because of not making the time schedule I put on myself is almost and everyday occurring thing. With young kids planning and getting on time for school/sports/work etc is a really real thing. I get stressed out a lot of the time and I really wish I could change that. Going to make that an active goal from now on! xoxo

  3. Hey Phil, thanks for sharing your ideas. Life does get rough sometimes but taking the time YOU NEED to put all of the pieces back together is so crucial no matter how much that may be. Some well needed introspection my friend. ❤

  4. The reason for time is planting harvest, ship navigation from stars, etc.

    Today its about capitalisim. Thats about power and keeping you down or stressed, whatever. Poor, basically.

    You can't really do every thing in this moment cause it cost money. Go live in hollywood then and be a famous actor. You can't cause that cost a lot. You tried to go for a bit and now you're in debt.

    You have to operate within the system to do with things you want. That's where you can utilize time and scheduling. The making money, spending money bit.

    32? I thought you said you were 20s, and so, you just moved out of your mom's basement at 31? I'd been living on my own for 14 years at that point, lol💚(no offence). You need to support yourself and realize how the world works. Relationships only go so far and usually don't last more that 5 years, especially when you have to lean on them so much for support. You are worth supporting yourself, btw.

  5. Also wanted to say I've been stuck in my bed for too long, depressed, unemployed cuz of a lay off, watching the you tube rabbit hole, stumbled across u very early in your journey. Well Phil thanks to u & Chloe I got up today & got a damn job doing something I love & other offers for my art & welding are pouring in as well! Just thought I should thank u for the inspiration. So… Thanks!!!

  6. All I gotta say is YES!!! U just TOTALLY lined up & said the same shit I've been thinking about lately. I'm going thru some major life changes & u touched my soul w the words coming out of your mouth in this video! THANK U!!!! Seriously.

  7. I feel like you’d really like Leeor Alexandra’s videos on manifestation/law of attraction. Thank you for your message, have a great day

  8. They say that "perception is reality" your reality…not everyone's! Perception stimulates or produces thought, so if you think of pleasant things…then your heart will fly on wings…carry on!

  9. Your timing,for some of us,is perfect.Anxiety filling Monday and overwhelming month so far in general.Thank you for the words.Needed,Noted,gotta implement it.

  10. Hi Paqs…sum times when We are doing Awesome things in our Life…our Subconscious thoughts of feeling like we don.t deserve it pop up in us in the form of anxious feelings or grumpiness ext…Rise Above them, (as you have in this video) and remind yourself that you are Already a Success right here and now! Love You Guys 😍😍

  11. Great vid!!! Also, I am curious, as are others, about your painted nail. I know some men paint their nails, to support people/causes. Is this what you are doing? Or do you just like it? I think it looks cool!

  12. Many of us who plan and behave responsibly have fulfilled and fantastic lives. Planning allows for the time, health, money etc to be in place so when it's time to jump, we have a net. Lessons like that can't be learned without being lived, though.

  13. I really needed to hear this. My anxiety’s been getting the better of me today but I’m feeling hopeful after this. Thank you for being so raw and real with us 🖤

  14. in start i tought it would be a bit boring video , and this message is everything i needed RIGHT NOW, thankyou so much Paqs.

  15. I use to plan my time and things would never go as planed and I would get more stressed . now I go day by day things are a lot less stressful do what ever you can move to the next great vlog. you and chloe are awesome.

  16. You are far too wise for your young years…I have difficulty with plans and time, yes it produces anxiety and sadness. No answers, except to live your life authentically to yourself. Yes, it's ok to feel any emotion. Recognizing the emotions is basic human trait. Love ya Phil #wolfpaq

  17. I needed to hear this. It’s a very similar thought pattern to what I’ve been exploring lately – but somehow still letting myself slip into the over planning and pressure of time (also just turned 30 which probably doesn’t help 😅) . I felt such relief watching this. Phil you are wise, wiser than many people will ever be. But I believe that comes through introspection. Such a valuable tool. You were born for this Phil and I’m all ears.

  18. Do what’s good for your self, every day is a new day. live it to the fullest.thank God for every single day you have, live it.

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