How I cured my Anxiety & Panic Attacks

hi it's Marie recovered panic attacks suffer thanks to the Linden method I've been panic attack free now for well over a year going on a year and a half and it's been really incredible and thanks to Charles London that it's I'm able to do things now that not only did I not do before I had panic attacks but were unsurmountable while I was suffering from panic attacks and one of the things that I really struggled with wow I was going through my panic disorder was exercising and and everybody had has their things that really kept them back mine was exercise every time I would come near a Stairmaster an elliptical I would feel so panicky and within ten minutes of writing on one of them I would be in a full-blown panic attack I'd have to get off I wouldn't go anywhere near a treadmill and I was having just the hardest time I couldn't get the weight off I I just felt um so trapped like I was never going to get out of it and then once I ordered the Linden method and I was getting better I decided to start running and every time I would start to feel and anxious or get a panic attack while running I would always put um Charles Linden on my ipod and just run with him in my ears from his DVDs and it really helped me to overcome my panic attacks and stick with it and since then a lot has happened I have lost well over fifty pounds since then and which is an incredible accomplishment for me and I'm running five miles a day and I'm also going to be competing in a fitness competition in a few months which is something I've never really dreamed of doing before so this is really really great news and and anyone out there who is still suffering from your panic attacks and you feel like you're never going to over hummock just stick with it and follow the pillars and do what Charles London tells you to do because he will cure you you just got to stick with it and I'm I'm one to talk for you and when I was suffering at my worst with panic attacks I would have horrible heart palpitations the sweating the dizziness the feeling think that um agoraphobia not wanting to leave the house and um it was really really bad I ended up calling an ambulance on a few different occasions and one time I was on vacation I've driven myself to an emergency room before and I have also gone to cardiologists and had heart tests done and all sorts of things so and I have had the worst of the worst panic attacks and so as Charles London and you can get past them not only can you get past them 100% but your life will be so wonderful once you're over the panic attacks that you won't even know what to do with yourself anymore so the start decided to start a new challenge for myself by competing in a fitness competition we'll see how this goes and anyone out there who's suffering just hold on tight you'll get through it just wanted to go ahead and give that update for anyone who feels like they're losing help thanks

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