hey everybody I wanted to do a separate video about anxiety and panic attacks I think there was just such an outpour of you know support and comments on the video I did previously about finding my voice and it's just something I'm passionate about because I have had anxiety and panic attacks all my life and I have learned over the years that I can really take care of myself and I can take care of this and I think at different times you know women have hormonal changes girls have hormonal changes I think that plays a lot in it I think your diet plays a lot in it so I've learned that really taking care of myself with my diet that makes me feel better which makes me less less anxious I'm really trying to use products that are natural on my hair my skin that makes me feel better which lessens my anxiety I do some techniques that I want to show you in just a few minutes that helped me like if I'm out in public oftentimes I will just go find a place to sit or you know practice my control breathing out inhale let me just show you and then I'll describe I'll hold my breath and then I'll exhale slowly 7 I think I inhaled 6 and I exhaled 8 and I do that a few times and then I'll do my alternating nasal breathing inhale and then exhale I'll do that some and then I have lavender with me oftentimes I have it in the car or I have it in my purse and I'll just close my eyes and smell lavender and pray obviously I pray I've taken a few pictures on my phone that that you know if I'm out and about and I'm feeling anxious I can go to my phone and I can look at my phone and I can say you know okay this is what I do when I'm you know crowds to kind of get to me sometimes and so I'll look on my pictures and it says this is gonna help me look around you find five things that you can see this is five things I can see I can see my dog I can see a tree I can see skyline over there I can see grass you know just list five things around you so see here touch and smell five senses this is called grounding and it can kind of help you feel like when you're because when you panic you kind of feel like what's you know what's going on with me you know and I'm kind of a health fanatic when my father had a heart attack at 42 it really made me want to take control with my health and not you know have that happened to me so but it still does sort of sort of scares me that you know I'm 47 now and he died at 42 so I really tried to practice a lot of healthy eating and exercise that's what I do when I'm in public now if I'm you know if I'm at home I can do some yoga poses that really help me let me show you a few yoga poses that you can do or that I like to do when I'm feeling anxious and I do my alternating nasal breathing in these yoga poses sometimes as well and so let me show you a few yoga poses are too and you can do this on the footballer wall sometimes I'm talking well all the time I usually do it on the ball but right now you're just gonna do it here put my feet up against the wall like this I may smell my lavender and then I made you know look at my phone and you know list for things I can hear right now so four things that I can hear I can hear the breeze I can hear myself talking I can hear chicken and I can hear a car and then I'll do another technique okay what can I smell right now and so I go through that and another thing that I find that's it's it really works trust me singing when I am anxious and again that's probably not something that you can do when you're in target or when you are you know in an elevator whatever but singing when you are anxious and you sing I had a counselor tell me this 25 years ago and I felt really singing singing but it works find a favorite song that you and seeing it so I just hope that these tips and tricks that I do have shed some light and I would love to hear what you guys do this is like one of the most passionate things I am is empowering people that have had troubles and you know locking arms together is the most powerful thing we can do these are real things and we I just want to help each other so let's journey together on this and learn how we can deal with anxiety and stress and taking care of ourselves as moms and daughters and sisters and friends so comment below and subscribe and let's keep learning bye guys


  1. I also always think of something positive that happened during my day or a favourite memory. It keeps my spirit up.

  2. I take sips of water each time my anxiety heightens. I also breathe from my diaphragm/ stomach instead of chest and put my feet against a wall.

  3. I have anxiety myself along with Bipolar and depression. I hate having these problems but I take meds for it and sometimes I don't know how I get through everyday but I do with Jesus. My family is by my side and I am grateful for having Jesus in my life and my family and my friends.

  4. This helped me in so many ways to count! I have panic and anxiety disorder so this video is so amazing!!

  5. Hello, my name is Sónia i'm from Portugal. I love your channel a lot. Thank You for this video, i have anxiety too.

  6. Thank you! I never cry, but this brought tears in my eyes. Not many people speak open about this issue. I have just been diagnosed with burnout syndrome, and I have had panic attacs for the first time in my life. I have had both physical and psychological issues for years, but I didn't understand what was going on until I was unable to do anything, and went to the dr. Unfortunately, I do not have an understanding boss, so I dont know what will happen after my sick leave. Just subscribed to your channel, and will look for other videos like this. I did yoga before, but need to go to classes again.

  7. Anxiety and stress area big part of my life. sometimes I'm fine other times I'm not. I feel sometimes like I'm a burden or I'm not normal. I've learned that it make you stronger. its hard but its you and you have to accept it and learn for it.
    p.s music really helps me a lot. when I've had a bad day I put my headphones on and drown out all my problems and this video gave my more things to try! Thank You <3

  8. My daughter is autistic she has also been diagnosed with extreme anxiety. One of the first things I found that calmed her is when I would get her to sing or sing with me. It really does work.

  9. This helped me alot, growing up with anxiety it was tough to fit in as people didnt understand and now being a teen i would want to say it has been alot more tough as i overthink and worry more about my past mistakes and wanting to move on from my past and create a future for myself this honestly helped me knowing im not alone thank you. X

  10. Anxiety is such a struggle for me. I completely relate to this. This sounds crazy, but there are even times when I feel extremely happy and then I start thinking "I shouldn't be this happy, something terrible is about to happen" and I immediately have a panic attack and try to not be that happy. There are so many times when all I am consumed with is anxiety and I can't even focus on something else. In those times it's often when I find that the devil is whispering white lies in my ear, and when I catch that I immediately put truth from God's word into my mind. Like "Cast all your anxiety on him, because he cares for you". 1 Peter 5:7 Instantly taking those thoughts captive is the best thing you can do as a believer that God has power. And also recognizing when the devil is trying to make you worry and feel like there is nothing you can do is very important. I am still a teenager close to being an adult and I look up to you as a Mother. Your never alone:)

  11. I have depression and anxiety…thank you and your family for helping me get through bullying and my anxiety… I want also thank you for helping my control my anxiety easier…thank you for helping get through my struggles and middle and getting ready for high school❤❤

  12. Hi Elizabeth I'm going through anxiety at the moment and it's been effecting my life for the past 10 months it's been really hard to deal with I've tried everything but nothing worked ,I saw your video and tried some of your tips and tricks and they have help me so much ,im so glad I found your video ,it's hard dealing with anxiety at 14 but you and your family have helped me so much and make me smile everyday, thank you ❤

  13. Thank you for sharing your tips. I am also an anxiety and panic attack sufferer. I am new to your channel and I just love it 😃

  14. My brother quit smoking & now suffers from debilitating panic attacks.  He is on medication.  Sees a counselor.  You have hit on some things that I know he doesn't do.  I am going to pass these on to him.  He did not even take his boat out but once this year due to panic attacks.  He loves that boat & fishing.  He has "holed" himself up in his house – much to his wife's dismay & children & grandchildren & siblings.

  15. If you're 47 years of age, all I can say is Wow! You look great! You look better than a lot of 20 year olds. Hubby is one lucky guy.

  16. This is really nice and helpful 😊 I have major anxiety and it makes it so I can't go places or do anything… I'm very thankful for your tips to help ❤

  17. Panic attacks have been something I've had to deal with almost all my life. I'm almost 17 now and I've found my voice in joining leadership programs, to guiding others to greatness. Thank you so much for your videos, they help me to remember that I'm not the only one out there with these problems. I hope you have an amazing day!

  18. this is a amazing video I love singing so it helps me relax keep up with the videos I love them!! 🙂

  19. Thank you. I am really scared for a lot of things. I cry a lot. But this really helped me. You are amazing. Thank you.❤

  20. I have lots of panic attaks alot and im only 14 and it mostly deals with school and I am not confident because people dont believe me my parents do but thats it nobody at my school does they all tease me

  21. Wow… you are such an amazing mom and person you are so inspirational and just incredible I have been having a lot of anxiety lately and I'll try these things and when I get really overwhelmed I sing in my head or in my room or something like that and it really helps me. Thank you so much for being the person you are and you are always loved no matter what never forget that.

  22. i showed this to my mom, we gone through a really tough patch together. this video helped her a whole bunch!! i cant thank you enough, i got my mom back because of you. thank you!!!

  23. When I am depressed. I normally just listen to music and dance. I really loved this video it hepled me. Thank you!!

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