How I Doubled My Pepper Production without Pruning

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Alright! This is John Kohler at Today we have another exciting episode for
you and this one is a garden update. It’s currently October. End of the season. As you guys can see, things are going crazy
here. Probably one of my best growing seasons yet. And I believe it’s because of maybe a few
things I’m doing a little bit differently this year
than last year. I’m doing, uh, you know, some trials. So, that’s what I want show you guys in
this episode. Basically let you guys know that I always
want to encourage you guys to try and experimenting new, different things
in your garden. Even if you’ve done the same thing for the
last fifty years because you’re older than I am and you’ve
been gardening even more years than I am old! [laughs] Right… And, you know, you can always try new stuff
just because you’ve done it a certain way for all of these years
doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way to do it. And that’s why I’m on a continual learning
and growing process to check out new, different things that I
can add to my soil to see if I can even boost my growth, boost
the quality of my food even better and, more importantly for me,
boost the taste of the food. And some of the food that I’ve grown this
year, like tomatoes and peppers, cucumbers, they’re
off the hook! It really reminds me… Oh yeah, don’t forget about figs
and pineapple guavas that I’ve been eating today. I’ve been mixing them into my diet for the
last couple of days, just eating 99.9% out of my garden. But yeah, the food you grow is amazing
and I’m always trying to increase it and even make it better. Even if you think you’ve got good stuff. Anyways,
let’s head in my garden to show you guys what I want to show you today
and how I’m really maximizing some of the genetic potential of some of my plants. So, as we walk in, I want show you guys these
ones. This is known as the Bolivian cucumbers, also
known as the Achocha. I’m currently harvesting more seeds for
you guys. So, if you guys missed my episode on the best,
most tolerant cucumber that grows like a weed episode,
check it down below. I still do have seeds available at
if you guys want to get some seeds. Yeah, this thing is growing like crazy! Alright, welcome to my little jungle in the
city. Figs are going off like crazy and
I’m harvesting all kinds of stuff. My cucumbers are doing really well. It’s getting kind of colder so you guys
can see some of the damage on the cucumbers right now,
but the Bolivian cucumbers, no problem whatsoever. But the reason for this episode is that I
want to take you guys down and show you guys my pepper bed over here. So this is my pepper bed. Look at how many peppers are in there. Like, these plants are totally maxed out. I counted I think on one of these plants over
here there’s like twelve peppers on one plant. They’re all in different stages of ripening. You know, I like to leave my peppers
on the plant, you know, until they’re fully ripe and ready to eat. And of course, what is ripe to one person
is maybe not ripe to another person, so I really like to get
them nice and deep red. Let me see if I can find one that is really
a deep color, right? So here’s one that’s like a deep, rich,
red color, right? The longer you keep the fruit on the plant,
the more it will ripen up, the deeper and the more intense the color
is. This is like some really bright red lipstick
on a girl that’s really nice and dark, right? As compared to this pepper right here that’s
not quite ripe yet, right? The darker the color—the more color, the
more vibrancy in the fruit, the higher the anti-oxidant level, which means
the healthier it is for you to eat. In addition, some plants such as the plants
or the fruits in the Solanaceae family, such as the tomato and the pepper, the eggplants
and all these things you know, have some toxins in there. So, like, when you eat the green pepper you
kind of get that weird flavor. That may be some toxins. So, I want make sure these plants especially
have really ripe fruit for lower negative attributes
and better or more positive attributes. So, the main thing that I want to show you
guys here is, like– if you come over here… And look at this plant right here, I mean,
it is… This plant is just loaded with peppers. Look at that. Have you ever seen a pepper plant that loaded
with peppers? It’s totally amazing! And if you guys have been watching me
for any length of time, I’ll post a link down below to a quick tour video
I did a couple of months ago, maybe it was filmed two to three months ago now. And in that video, right before I put the
video up or made the video, actually, I added some nutrients to this half of the
pepper bed and this half of the pepper bed. I think the distinction line is maybe right
here. I put a little green peg in. So, this side got a brand new worm casting
that I’m playing with for the first time. And this side got my standby worm casting
that I’ve been, you know, talking about and using for many
years now. And it’s really cool when you do a side
by side comparison to see the difference. So, on this side, if you guys look, we’ll
do a pan shot of the peppers on this side. So this is one half of the bed that I used
my brand new worm casting. You guys can see that there’s just so many
peppers in here. It’s like, loaded right in here. All in here, so many ripe peppers, they’re
just like, totally close together. Now, I did plant this square foot gardening
style, like about twelve inches, eleven – twelve
inches apart. And that’s this half. Now let’s go to this half over here… As you guys can see, some of these plants
are a little bit more stunted, more smaller. All these are the same peppers from plants
starting at the same time and some of these peppers have a lot less
peppers on them. Like, a lot less. Also, I wanted to show you guys this. Over on this side we got some parsley growing. You can see how it looks,
I mean, some of this looks pretty good. I planted parsley, like,
on the ends. I really love parsley. Definitely one of the best herbs you can eat. It’s no longer a garnish, you should be
eating it every day. And specially if you guys have bad breath,
or your significant other complains about your bad
breath, eat some parsley. That’ll help to make your breath taste good. Let me go ahead and show you guys the parsley
on this other side. Once again, this is the same bed. We have all the same starting soil. We have the same watering schedule for the
whole thing and on this side, check out this parsley. This parsley, like, overgrew my peppers here. You can see there’s a pepper just underneath
all the parsley but this parsley has just really taken off. I mean, there’s peppers underneath the parsley. I didn’t expect the parsley to get this
big. This is some of the biggest
and, more importantly, tastiest parsley I’ve ever had. The parsley is actually—it, like, tastes–
It has a sweetness, I’m not going to say, like,
I’d say it’s sweeter than a Granny Smith apple. And if I did a Briggs test on this parsley,
probably the best parsley that I’ve seen a Briggs test on and that
I’ve ever grown like, by far. So the parsley on this side. And, yeah,
I want show you guys this side too. I mean, this is the same side where I have
the new worm castings but, like, look at this inside here. Look at all these peppers on this one plant
here. I mean, this thing is loaded, man! This is just pepper haven here. Look at this plant, man. I counted, some of these plants have twelve,
thirteen, fourteen peppers on them. Totally amazing. Yeah, so now I’m glad that I finally shot
this for you. Because I was waiting until I shoot this for
you guys until I harvested them all. Because now I can harvest them, because now
I don’t have to show them on the video anymore. But what I attribute the massive explosive
growth and the higher yields and, of course, the good flavor with are a
few things. So actually I’m going to go ahead and sit
down and talk to you guys more about what I did to get these amazing
yields, and specially what I did specifically on this
side or this half of the bed that really blew up my growth. So now I want show you guys some of the practices
I did to achieve this amazing outcome, right? Basically, as you guys know that have been
following me for a while, you know, I’ve put very specific ingredients
into my soil. I’ve been building this soil for many, many,
many years now, since I first put this garden in. Which, if you guys haven’t seen, you could
check back, you know, when I put this garden many, many,
many years ago. I don’t even remember how many years ago,
I stopped counting. But, you know, I filled this originally with
compost and rock dust. And then over the years would add different
nutritional amendments to my soil. I dare not call them fertilizers,
because fertilizers are kind of something that wears out over time. And everything that I’ve added enriches
and makes the soil fertility even better. So, the rock dust for the trace minerals. I’ve added different kinds of worm castings
over the years. I’ve used the John and Bob’s products. I’ve used things like biochar, Kelp Meal. And, you know, a host of other things. Oh, of course, something really important
too that I haven’t put as much as I’d like
on, but I did really enrich it this past year. Between the change out of the seasons I put
on the fungal dominated compost or a wood chip compost. And so, that added a lot of fertility to my
soil. Check my past episodes for what exactly I
do. But, you know, this whole bed started off
with all those things I just mentioned on both sides. We got the plants planted when they’re pretty
young, then I basically top dressed with two different
worm castings. Yes, that’s right, worm castings. They’re probably one of my favorite things
to add to your garden because they’re nature’s
fertilizers. This is not something man made in a chemical
factory like the miracle crab fertilizer you can buy
at your store. This is what nature would feed the plants
naturally because of the earth worms. And yes, I have plenty of earth worms in my
garden eating, and digesting all of the different
organic matter in my soil. Including all of the compost that I add every
year. So, they’re creating extra fertility there. But just to make sure I topped it off with
two different kinds of worm castings. So on this half of the bed, up to this little
peg here we had the all new casting that I haven’t
ever used before. It’s this stuff right here. This is the OGS, or Organic Solutions Premium
Worm Castings. This is CDFA, Certified Organic Registered. It’s a product of California and this is
a premium worm casting. So don’t confuse these premium worm castings
with just standard worm castings. Alright? That’s the new one I tried. That’s where I got this explosive growth
that you guys are looking at some of it right now. Just look at all the peppers. All you guys are seeing is red, I don’t
know if it’s really clear on the camera. But I can look back in here, man, and it just
puts a smile on my face, all the peppers! One of the reasons, cause these peppers taste
amazing, I could just eat peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers
out of my garden. And that was my dinner, you know? A while back. Because it just tastes so good you don’t
need dressing when you got good flavored food. And I know you guys that have grown your own
tomatoes know this. But, like, yes, you can have really sweet
and delicious peppers that taste astronomically better than the
store. And this is what I want for you guys, and
this is why I make these videos. To show you guys what I’m up to, what I’m
doing and how I get the specific results I get, so that you guys
can duplicate that if you want to. Alright, so, on the other half of the bed,
those were good, but they weren’t as good as this side. I used my favorite worm castings that I’ve
been talking about for a long time. This is the Worm Gold Plus worm castings,
right? And this one actually has Kelp and rock dust
inside there. And so, this is the one I’ve been using
for a long time, I even had George Hahn, the inventor of the
Gold Worm Plus worm castings on. If I remember I’ll put a link down below
to his video. The reason why I like the Worm Gold Plus is
because he says he has very high chitinase degraders
and very high cellulose degraders. Which, basically, the cellulose degraders
allow the plants to convert more nutrients faster. And then the chinis degraders basically give
your plants immunity against pests. And so that’s his claim de fame on there. And, of course, along with those are other
nutrients. And then he also adds the rock dust and the
Kelp which are two good things. But despite doing this, I didn’t get as
good a yield on the back side of the bed as I did on the front side, all else being
equal. So, you know, these OGS warm castings, I don’t
exactly know what they’re putting in there, but I know they feed [the worms] a wide variety
of things. They feed, I think, soluble humates, and grains
and different things like insect frass. All different kinds of things to create these
worm castings, right? I haven’t seen the specs or the data on
this, but when I do, I’m expecting to see very high numbers and
a very good quality casting. I mean, of course numbers are important on
a piece of paper, but of course what even speaks more than numbers
on a piece of paper is just how well it has grown for me this
year. So, yeah, that’s pretty much my secret this
year. I mean, of course doing all of the things
that I normally do, but then, you know, you guys should probably get this
stuff. The OGS worm castings. If you want to increase your growth. I mean, in some areas I got 50% more peppers
than some areas where I did Worm Gold. The difference wasn’t as dramatic. I did a couple other beds with the same ratios
and splits and, I mean, sometimes the difference was
only 25% more but generally, it always favored the OGS castings
that made higher yields. So, specially if you’re growing something
like peppers that, you know, at the store lately I’ve
seen peppers for $5 a pound for organic, sometimes I see them as high
as $9,99 a pound for organic peppers. That’s why I grow these instead of tomatoes,
cause they’re more expensive. But now, let’s maximize the yield. Twelve peppers per plant
planted every eleven to twelve inches. That’s amazing, right? That’s a lot of food! You’re probably thinking “John, how are
you going to eat all that food? How are you going to eat all those peppers?” Well, I juice peppers. Me and my girlfriend we love to juice peppers. We’ll juice enough peppers to make 32 ounces
of juice for us each. And then we’ll turn that into a, basically
a soup base for us by blending in some nuts, and some seeds,
and adding in chopped up lettuces and other vegetables and cucumbers and some
zucchini. And I even put in some seaweed, and some miso,
and natto in there. It’s kind of like an udon style soup, man. But made with fresh peppers, so it’s super
high in vitamin C, super high anti-oxidant. Other ways I’ll use them is to eat them
straight, when they taste this good it’s easy to eat them straight. Dip them in guacamole, make a hummus dip or
some other kind of dip of spread to put on and then just eat it. It’s super delicious. And then of course if I have extra, then I
dehydrate them. So, I dehydrate them and then I actually add
those later on in the year when I don’t have my peppers for the soup
basis. When I’m buying peppers from the store ‘cause
they’re going to be out of season pretty soon. So, to add back some extra flavor and use
it as a thickener and to just make it healthier for me. So that’s how I use all of my peppers if
you’re wondering. I definitely had a good time this season,
I’m looking forward to planting out. Pretty soon, after I pull all the ripe peppers
and then it will get replanted for the winter time. So, if you guys want to know where to get
the OGS castings… Let’s see, their contact information is
Organic Solutions LLC. They’re at 8053849020 and it’s If you want to get the cheapest price and
the Organic Solutions worm castings delivered to you guys,
you want to visit my friend Josh at Actually, he’s where I got these castings
that I put on my garden. So you know you’re getting good stuff, you
get it from Josh. And he’s where I got the Worm Gold Plus,
right? So he has both of these. I guess the best deal is if you get a box
half and half of each, but if it was me I’d probably just get the full box of the OGS. I’m not going to say these are cheap castings,
right? I guess if you get the Worm Gold Plus and
this box it’s maybe around a dollar a pound. But if you’re getting just these alone,
the OGS castings, it’s going to be more expensive. But still, I guess the big part of it is the
shipping cost. If you live locally, like in southern California,
some Whole Foods stores actually even sell this stuff here. It might be more expensive at Whole Foods
than ordering from Josh, actually. Or call OGS at Camarillo, in California. Go to them directly. So, yeah. It’s definitely good worm castings, definitely
good results. I just top dressed, actually, each plant and
the area around the plant after they were all planted, so I didn’t
even dig it in. Optimally I like to dig it in with the soil
and then maybe top dress later. Because as you guys can see the results speak
for themselves. It’s very impressive. So yeah, specially if you’re growing different
herbs, fruits, medicinal herbs, whatever. Use some of this stuff to increase your yield,
bump your yields. If you’re a farmer you’re going to bump
your profits. And if you’re a home gardener you’re just
going to be eating more food out of your garden than out of the grocery store, and that’s
what I want for each and every one of you. We need to move away from this system where
we’re slaves to the system. Where we are consumers to the system, where
we keep buying and buying and more crap and more crap. We want to become producers, and there’s
little tricks you can do to produce more and consume less. Because when you produce high quality fruits
and vegetables, you need to eat less of them to get the same
nutrition. So, if you guys enjoyed this episode and want
me to visit OGS and do a in depth video on how they make their
stuff, give me a thumbs up! If I get a thousand thumbs up on these videos
I’m going to go down to OGS myself personally. And give you guys a personal tour, we’re
going to interview the owners and learn all about the OGS worm castings. You know, worm casting is only as good as
what they’re feeding the worms. And I’ve used a lot of worm castings over
the years, specially the EB stone worm castings. Those were pretty crappy. Anyways, there’s all other kinds of worm
castings. Just cause it’s worm castings doesn’t
automatically make it good. You want to ask what are they feeding the
worms. We want to remember, quality over quantity. It’s very important in a lot of things in
life. Specially things you do in the bedroom. So, anyways, give me a thumbs up if you want
me to visit OGS. Also, be sure to check out my past episodes. My past episodes are a wealth of knowledge. I have over 1200 episodes at this time to
teach you guys all aspects of how to grow your own food at home. And also be sure to click that subscribe button
right down below so you don’t miss out on any of my new and upcoming episodes I have
coming up, every three to four days, you never know where
I’m going to show up or what you will be learning and how your
life will be enriched due to what you learn off my videos. So, in any case, I got to get to harvesting
some peppers now. Once again, my name is John Kohler with We’ll see you next time. And until then, remember, keep on growing!


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