How I Got High for 10 Hours on Raw Cannabis Leaves


  1. Congratulations, I love this vid and I will share it, I am empathetic and want to improve this world as well, I plan to get my other channel going and do something more valuable then worthless gaming vids lol.

  2. You need to redo this video with the correct information. You actually don't get high from raw cannabis, but you did wrong (@10:47). You are supposed to use a veg plant. A plant that's in in a vegetative state, or use only the fan leaves on a flowering plant that has NO trichomes. You used a plant that had already gone through, or was in flower. And you used the flower too. Once the trichomes have started to form, the cannabinoids change, and even body heat will be enough to activate it. When people say "raw" it is referring to raw veg ("leafy green", not flowers).

  3. I have read that certain juicers can make heat and create the thc effect. I know you have used this juicer before but is it possible that you had it turned on for a longer period of time making the motor hot? I love how this recipe sounds and would like to use it for the thca effects. Please respond your thoughts.

  4. There are many people who develop intolerances/allergies to substances as they get older. Even to mj. I know, because I'm one of those people. Plus I have lost 2 friends over my lifetime to the same issue of developed intolerance to mj. Been smoking mj since 1973, when I was 9. Had many mental and physical issues that it helped me with through out my life. In 2007 I started having more and more frequent panic/anxiety attacks, these attacks started getting so bad they were causing acute angina attacks. These angina attacks would quite often cause severe pain to radiate down my left arm, sometimes all the way to my forearm. I went thru a battery of tests, ultra sounds, xrays, stress, blood, nothing wrong with the heart or lungs. Dr put a 24 monitor on me and found out that when this happens something was causing my heart to stop beating for several beats and then it would jump into high gear and go up to 160 pulse or higher. I had to take nitro whenever the pain started in my left arm and take xanex to calm down the panic/anxiety. Being bullheaded as I am, I tried to find some form of mj for 2 years that wouldn't cause this anymore. I've grown this most of my life, have all the original emperor wears no clothes books, among many others, so I'm not a newbe. Tried all the conventional crap that's sold at the pharmacies but no luck, still had the problem. Tried weak tea's, high cbd strains, near zero thc strains, cbd oils, all of them was like playing Russian roulette. But sooner or later, all of them set off an attack. Two men that I knew, that where having the same issue with mj that I was having, both more hard core then I was, died shortly after getting stoned and having an episode that they continued to ignore. This stuck into my head because their deaths were only a few months apart, and I was a close friend to the last one. They both choose to Ignore my warnings thru what I was going thru. Well on 9/9/2009 I tried one last time with some very weak tea made with a tiny pinch of a high cbd/low thc strain. I started felling the blossom after about 30 minutes. Within the hour my son's had to call the paramedics. I didn't go to the hospital, but it took 3 xanax, 2 nitro and over a hour of monitoring and giving me oxygen before I could function again. My pulse was peaking at 180, I was pasty gray, lips were blue, all limbs were numb and shaky. Well that settled that for me. 9/9/09 was when I was forced for my own health to stop using all forms of mj. Just wish my two friends would have listened. Since I stopped mj, I've gained much better control of my physical issues. No more nitro or xanax because I removed the trigger, mj.

  5. Interesting decarboxylation of cannabis using a consumable acid, very great to know. thank you, will give it a try, I always have used the oven for my edibles.

  6. The heat from the juicing from the machine the friction cause the thc to activate. Better would be perhaps to trim the leaves off the stalk. Stalk does have chlorophyll in it so that would be healthy. The kind of buzz depends on the type of cannabis, now what would be interesting is does juicing cause the the thc to stay in body for a drug test. If not then one could get buzzed and pass drug tests. I will be checking this out by juicing and then taking a drug test. Now one would have to be clean first and then do the test. Because of my job I will have to wait till summer. Be clean first and the juice and then a drug test to see if it stays in fatty tissue different than smoking. if you get leaf closer to the bud you will get really high so do small dosage. Remember the friction is really what cause it to heat and activate the thc. It wasn’t any added products, but it made it more pleasing to drink and taste way better. Energy or chill depends on type of cannabis.

  7. Bottle it! I saw a video on a Dr carboxilating ascorbic acid to drink making it more bioavailable, he did this by blending it with zucchini, I wonder if this would work with the leaf also. Great video.

  8. and your body has all it need to take everything out of cannabis, you dont need citric acid from and orange to pull the thc out you dont need heat or fire or anything, consuming cannabis in any form will have a effect on you.

  9. Let's be honest – the title of the video is pretty misleading. Without heat, cannabis will not get you high in the traditional sense.

  10. you could make ice cream or ice cubes 🙂 i wonder what happens if you distill the juice, or use it in a alchohol mix hehe. the possibilities are endless 🙂

  11. i got high as fuck from fan leaves last night…i had like 2 months without smoking and i cutted about 7 or 8 leaves from my 1 month old cannbis plant and chop them up and then put them in a piece of paper and i put them in the microwave for like 10 secs stopping about 4 times.. to dry them up nice without turning them into ashes…and to my surprise i got high as fuck for around 3 hours…remember i had around 2 months without smoking..i have been smoking for the around 16 years nice when you think you have nothing to get high on..

  12. If people would or could not get High from Cannabis i would have no problem with it. why do healthy people need to get high in the first place?… i can understand someone with Cancer using it to get high. takes away their worries & some of their physical pains.

  13. Always grate John. Here's something I want to share with you and ALL those who eat Chicken. I at one time delivered a wide variety of CHEMICALS… from A-Z. I was Contract several times to haul 5000 gallons of a Chemical to a bulk feed plant that makes a "SPEED DRUG" for Chickens to consume in there FEED. As I was pumping the Chemical into the 10,000 gallon Bulk holding tank, another Tanker truck showed up, it STANK BADLY and was nasty…… the driver adapted his hose on the opposite side of mine (on a Y fitting) and started pump this NASTY goopy liquid into the same BULK TANK ! I asked him what he was doing, said the same thing I was doing….. Come to find out…. this chemical I delivered would put the CHICKENS on a TOTAL HIGH, and they would go into a MUCHIE LIFE CYCLE for the rest of there Life ! The plant Employee was actually pumping back into the Tank, was the BOILED off REMAINS of the slaughtered chickens. They BOILED off the other liquids and retrieved the SPEED DRUG, so they could reintroduce it into the Feed formulating process. I also found out, he was very talkative, that's why they leave the LIGHTS on in the Coops, but the chickens actually have about 2" between each other. Lights on tells the Chickens it DAYLIGHT and they eat 24/7. A chicken on the farm might get to 2-2-1/2 pounds in a year. These guys are producing 4-5-1/2 Chickens in 21 weeks !!!!!! CHICKEN ON STEROID, GROWN IN A HIGH STREE ENVIRONMENT !!!! Next time your at Sam's Club, check out the weight of there Chicken, or Was-mart, Safeway, any big food store.
    I haven't eat Chicken since, infant I became ill, when he started pumping that nasty sharp….. it was worst than raw sewage. It's been almost 20 years now NO CHICKEN for me. If it's NOT NATURAL & ORGANIC I don't want anything to do with it !!!! It's a BIG DOLLAR BUSINESS, money, money, and money…. if the Producers, Manufactures can save a dime at your EXPENSE… they dam sure will.

  14. Thats why people smoke cannabis instead of eating and drinking it, because it doesn't get you that high asshole

    Btw you are a piece of $h!t
    Smoking cannabis doesn't have an effect on your lungs. It's proved by scientists.

    What a waste of time.

  15. Idky but the word membrane grosses me out lol so anything that has a "membrane" on it doesn't sound appetizing at all to me lol

  16. Are you crying or just too high? I'm like wow he's either really passionate or really high instantly lol

  17. Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens

    You can get too high on pot
    This guy knows what you mean .

    There's not a shortage of people who had too much .

  18. Wow, you definitely should not smoke or drink, because you are a total wuss, and can't handle it. A fucking smoothie has you weeping? You should just use the cannabis to make a wax, and then use that wax on your vagina.

  19. Raw cannabis has no psychoactive abilities, THCA is the THC molecule before it's been decarboxylated, in which a carbon atom is freed through an exothermic reaction usually caused by combustion. Molecules can be very similar and have dramatically altered properties, take for example sodium chloride aka table salt. It's got chlorine in it so obviously it must be toxic since it's a toxic chemical, come to mention it sodium is an extremely volatile explosive that reacts with water by violently exploding on contact. So either one of these chemicals alone would be EXTREMELY toxic, but because they're ionically bonded by their outer electrons they function with vastly different characteristics both with how they react to your body and also their entire chemical properties. I'm not trying to shit on organics and hippies, but c'mon just learn a little chemistry please.

  20. I totally adore you. When you teared up regarding cannabis and its benefits, I teared up too. Thank you for that.

  21. Guess I have to be careful how strong I make it. I'm high on prescription drugs 24/7 to avoid seizures and several other nerve related issues. Still have up and down swings.
    So I'm going to get a slow juicer and some more Cannabis seeds

    44:30 "The difference between the cure and the poison is the dosage"

  22. Science is science – is there a chance your juicer was heating the cannabis enough to convert some of the THCa to THC? So – put the cannabis leaves in ice water as *soon as it is picked* and keep in cold ice water until you juice it.

  23. that is some recipe, John! I find cannabis affects the emotions very strongly and its a good thing.

  24. Rave John First off yes you can get high from cannabis. Cannabis is the plant has matured into the Flowering stage. But your not at any health risk however you should limit your cannabis to 8 oz and see how you feel after a few hours of use. If you do not want to get any effects at all you can use raw HEMP it has 0.3 % THC and high in CBD and all the goodness of the cannabis plant. As always you should talk to your doctor and let them know your going to try it out and see what they say in most cases Doctors are not on board cannabis use as they are the biggest pushers of Pharmaceutical drugs in the country that has caused over 100,000 deaths a mislead from Big Pharma and Abuse of pill mills. However no one has ever died or over dosed from the use of cannabis 10 hours is a bit long when in most cases it last 2-4 hours. I have personally used cannabis for over 35+ years never had one problam and used it daily in some cases both smoking eating and vape as well as extraction from water or bubble hash and dry sift solvent less execration and also tincture. Holistically I have used the plant because of a server anxiety disorder where i would use a Sativa in the day time very good for the anxiety where it would keep me caged within for walls without. Kind of weird how something that can cause paranoia can can also be used to help calm and level ones Sever Anxiety Disorder #CannabishelpsDementia Also use it for Depression and I use a good Indica for my sleeping problems server insomnia. We as advocates don't think of our self's as we try to help the millions of children with Epilepsy I was one of min well know adv that showed the word how little Charlotte who suffered from over 100's seizes a day went from 100's to mid teens to none…

    Parental discussion is advised
    Meet my hero and we fight for little voices like hers daily that none should be left behind..#Legealize

  25. I get it John. When you're a fully awake person it's painful to be aware of the suffering going on. Being aware how preventable so much suffering in the world is. For me it's felt like a survivors guilt at times like I CAN'T BE ONE OF THE ONLY ONES WHO MAKE IT OUT OF THIS.

    One wishes people would become conscious and help carry some of the responsibility too. What a joy that would be. Especially if you're a person who has faced the worst and made it back to health, now you have to always be conscious of that out there and help or there's a guilt. When really we all should just be free. We were designed with this great potential for some purpose, not to have to fight sickness all the time. I love you man. I've never met you, but I love you and care about you my friend. I know why you make these videos, it's out of a tremendous feeling of responsibility. Thanks!

  26. It worked for me! I've been smoking for years and I started to cough up mucus because of it . I'm doing this instead

  27. That's hilarious.
    Ladies and gentlemen, the only worry you have from Cannabis: possible runaway emotion -"I Love You Man!" and a nap.
    A little bit of knowledge will bite you….

  28. So the coconut was the reason it became psychoactive. Coconut has a lot of oil and when you mix the oil with the cannabis it gets you high.

  29. It's the citrus and the coconut oil. The coconut oil extracts the cannabinoids and the acid in the citrus decarbs and converts the CBD into THC.

  30. I love your videos, but you dont know anything when it comes to Marijuana. Please stick to the veggies.

  31. awww you crying was emotional. glad you're still around to help us live healthy. This is great. I'm def gonna do this from now on.

  32. Very interesting! I have juiced just the leafs and only felt like I drank the most amazing energy drink in my life. Every cell in my body was activated! I'll have to try your combo lmao maybe.

  33. Oooh i bet it was the heat from the blender. I blended leafs and had a horrible overdose high lmao. Then I just juiced in an omega and had a wonderful body high no phycoactive effects. But like i said the heating from the blades with the blender probably did it too.

  34. John, are you aware that a high powered blender by itself can be used to make soup, and could decarboxylate the THCa and transform it into THC? The churning action creates heat. I have a problem with my high power blender making smoothies. If I leave it in the blender just a minute too long, all the ice melts.

  35. That's called bhang(leaves of cannabis) in INDIA
    It's a cultural drink there(dedicated to lord shiva)
    I tried it once when I went there

  36. Dude … I take my hat off to you just for being honest and posting ! Your a straight up dude and I respect that ! 👍

  37. It works for a smooth body high but you got to put a lot of the cannabis leafs in order to get that decent high but I put oranges and mangoes in mine plus a little bit of lime and it will give u a smooth feeling but other then that it won’t give u a high like how it feels from a blunt or bong unless ur a light weight

  38. You can not get high on thca it must be heated to make it thc. That being said thca will do wonderful things for the body.

  39. I just got through eating a leaf off of a plant that we're growing and I got stoned I done it just jokingly I've been Stone now for about three or four hours

  40. I don't smoke weed I don't care to get high and jokingly I ate this Leaf it was very sticky and I picked I cut off the vine and ate it

  41. I have a bunch of trimmings from my OG Kush I'm still vegetating and thinning out for bigger colas. It shouldn't get me high if it's not the flowers I'm juicing right? I'm a two hit and quit guy, hate being too stoned.

  42. THC is present in raw. Albeit far less than THCA. Enough raw eaten plain without citric or mct will still get you high as the THC adds up and perhaps the THCA does get decarbed by the citric as well, but regardless, enough material will add up in mg of thc.

  43. Human beings are omnivorous if you're a vegetarian and you're still alive after 7 years you're obviously cheating with some sort of animal product or meat

  44. Hmmm…. I used about a cucumber sized bunch of leaves with two apples and 1 cucumber and an orange. Not trying to get high and didn't feel anything unusual.I wonder if its the coconut milk (fat) that makes the difference.

  45. You have a great heart and soul John. I have been watching your videos a long time now and that was a fantastic video my personal favorite.

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