How I Overcame Crohn's Disease With A Natural Remedy

hello my name is dr. Paula and I'm winner and in this video I want to share my story with you my story about how I overcame a chronic disease using natural remedies first of all just a bit more about myself I'm 29 years old I'm a medical doctor and I attended medical school at the University of New South Wales in Sydney Australia I graduated in 2008 and since then I've had the opportunity to see and help treat thousands of patients of all ages with all different sorts of diseases and conditions so why is it important for you to hear my story I think it's important because it's yet another example of how you can manage a chronic illness with natural therapies not relying on medications on pharmaceuticals especially nowadays since chronic diseases such as diabetes cardiovascular disease or heart disease and and autoimmune diseases they're just so prevalent in our society and conditions like obesity hypertension or high blood pressure and hypercholesterolemia or high cholesterol they also are quite prevalent in our society if we can manage these conditions these illnesses with natural therapies we can decrease our reliance on pharmaceuticals because unfortunately when medications are used in the long term for prolonged periods of time they can result in severe side effects detrimental side effects to our bodies so my story began about 12 months ago before then I was a healthy woman no major medical issues I wasn't on any medications I was quite healthy I thought until my body started showing me signs that there was something not right I noticed that I was losing fresh blood from my bowels every time I passed motion or pooped and this was associated with some mild lower abdominal discomfort now I thought it might pass so I gave it two days and when it didn't pass I did the right thing and I went to see my doctor he examined me and organized for a few tests but they weren't really conclusive so he referred me to a specialist in order for me to get a colonoscopy the colonoscopy is a somewhat unpleasant procedure where they pass a scope which is a flexible tube with a camera at the end they pass it through your anus and they travel all the way to the very start of your colon or your large bowel hence the name colonoscopy so I underwent a colonoscopy and a gastroscopy which is where they pass a tube into your mouth past your esophagus into your stomach and into part of the small intestine with your denim they took multiple biopsies doing those procedures and the diagnosis came back now thankfully it wasn't cancer but it was still a chronic illness I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease which is one of the two inflammatory bowel diseases the other one being also two priors just briefly as a name suggests inflammatory bowel disease involves inflammation of the bowel of the digestive tract it's a condition that has no known cure and most patients need to be on lifelong medications for it sometimes these medications don't work very well and if the inflammation becomes too severe then the only option is to undergo surgery to get part of the bowel resected inflammatory bowel disease is a disease that is affecting more and more people its incidence is rising and it's affecting younger people as well it affects adolescents even children it's quite a debilitating disease because if the bowel is inflamed then it can't absorb the nutrients that you are feeding it so even if you're eating a great diet your body just isn't able to assimilate those nutrients and you can have vitamin and nutrient deficiencies so my doctor prescribed me miss al Azim both oral and in an enema formulation and sent me home the diagnosis was a big blur for me and for my family and my sister my younger sister being a university student decided to do a bit of research of her own so she went on the internet and she found a video on YouTube about a boy who described his battle with ulcerative colitis now this poor boy describes five years since his diagnosis I've seen multiple doctors trying all sorts of medications and nothing really seemed to work until he found a natural remedy and then all his symptoms disappeared sounds crazy right too good to be true that's exactly what I thought when my sister showed me the video my scientific mind went into alarm mode and it kept telling me that the right thing to do was to just continue taking the medications and not even think about trying this remedy but inside deep inside of me I knew I didn't want to be on lifelong medications so I decided to have an open mind and I went for it I tried it now I had never heard of the mangosteen fruit at all but since then I've learnt that it is an amazing little fruit with incredible properties it's been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties antimicrobial properties and it's one of the most antioxidant rich foods in the world I didn't know any of this when I started drinking the juice I had been taking my missoula zine I think I had about five doses of the Mazzella zine over a period of three or four days and I decided to stop it when I got my hands on this juice I started taking 90 mils of the juice three times a day and by the second day I had already noticed some improvement the pain that I had my lower abdominal pain which at that stage had been quite severe especially after going to the toilet my pain was much better and the bleeding from my brows was also much less so I was just discussing this with my mum and she suggested if my doctor had prescribed me enemas masalas een enemas then maybe I should try mangosteen enemas so that's what I did it sounds crazy but I thought hey it's worth a try so what I did was I empty the the bottles of the the the enema bottles I poured out all the masalas in solution and filled them with sixty members of mangosteen juice instead and proceeded to have nightly elements one NMR a night for 10 night by the third day so up to two doses of the enemas my bleeding had ceased there was no more blood not even a spot on the toilet paper nothing and my pain was so much better since then I've been on or just oral mangosteen juice on a maintenance dose of 60 mils twice a day and I haven't had any further need for any more medication those five doses that I took there's five doses of miss Allison was was it I didn't take any more I haven't touched it so the reason that I'm sharing this with you is that I found this amazing being diagnosed with Crohn's disease is probably one of the best things that has happened to me I know it sounds crazy and a bit out there but I truly believe it's the case it has taught me so much without it I would never have heard about mangosteen fruit this in turn prompted me to want to find out more about natural therapies about using fruits vegetables in order to attain good health and it makes sense doesn't it I mean it makes sense because we are children of this earth we were born and evolved on this planet a planet of vegetables of fruits not a planet of pharmaceuticals it makes sense that we treat our diseases with natural remedies and use these natural remedies to maintain good health it also taught me the importance of having an in mind I mean I came from a scientific background and if I hadn't had a run open mind I would never have tried this mangosteen juice and I probably wouldn't be here today I just want to stress that this is my story my particular experience with mangosteen juice and I don't presume to think that everyone's body will react the same way mine did but I just wanted to share this information because mangosteen juice has been has been effective in other cases like with that boy from the first youtube video so I know it can work it might not work for everyone but it's worth it's worth giving a try definitely I encourage that you give it a try another thing that I want to stress is that I stopped taking my masala zine quite abruptly and that was only because I've been taking it for about three or four days so my body hadn't got used to having it on board if I had been on masala zine for a prolonged period of time I would never have stopped it abruptly I would have started the mangosteen juice but I would have sought my doctor's help to lower the dose of medications over days weeks months if I saw an improvement with the juice so I just want to stress that I I don't believe that you should stop your medications abruptly it is not the right thing to do for your body your body will suffer for it like I mentioned before being diagnosed with Crohn's disease prompted me to want to find out more about natural remedies and now that I have this knowledge I want to share it with you through my videos my website my one-on-one consultations so that you can have the tools to live a healthier disease-free life and not have to depend so heavily on pharmaceuticals I hope this video was useful to you and if you know of anyone who suffers from inflammatory bowel disease I hope you share it with them as well I plan on making more videos so you can subscribe to my channel if you wish you can also check out my website I'll put the link in the description box please also send me your questions your comments be glad to answer them so I hope you have a great day and go out there enjoy nature I'll see you later


  1. Dr Paula I can't open your website as it keeps taking me to some bad adversing of free phone . Tried so many times but same thing? What could be the reason.

  2. My mom is in the ICU for a hypoxic brain injury due to Crohns complications . She couldn’t keep in nutrition and become malnourished and dehydrated. Her oxygen levels went down and she went with a low oxygen level before I found her and called the ambulance.She was unconscious for 3 days.
    My mom suffers so much and I’m afraid this will indirectly cause her death.

  3. hey i m suffering with UC since 4 yrs n its very horrible expericence and no medication is working i m dying daily with pain n bleeding n i have no option to cure easily i need help for those who heal ed.

  4. I find ginger, turmeric complex, and coconut oil. In pill form with two meals a day. Plus a probiotic 15 – -35 with saccharomyces boulardii +mos in the morning. Kefir in the evening For IBS. I do well with these.

  5. Omg ! I am suffering from Colitis and IBS from 3 months
    Doc put me on low fodmap diet from 10 days but feeling so weak due to lack of diet

  6. Plz advice as to where I can purchase this juice. How are you doing today?
    I suffer every single day severely. The doctors now think that I have ulcers in my stomach that are bleeding. Please respond as my suffering is intense. I am in love with life and I have got to live it to my fullest for my daughters and for those whom I love and my service with teaching Mindfulness to the community around me…

  7. My brother had Crohn’s disease and he’s cured even thought the doctors said there was no cure…black seed oil and eat right that’s it

  8. My mom is suffering from chron's for the past 3 years. Medicines and food are in control and no change is happening for her. Day by day she's getting weak and doctor will increase dosage then for a month she'll be okay but if dosage is down she'll be in same situation. Is there any cure for this? from India

  9. Thank you for the informative video. My son had chronic Crohns. Nothing seemed to help until he changed his diet: no gluten, no dairy, and a regimen of Hemp Extraction oil. All the changes including the CBD oil has helped my son so well, he no longer has ANY symptoms of Crohn's! It worked so well with him, I tried it and it has eliminated my anxiety and a lifelong back issue.. Great Info! This is the product that helped me.

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