How Independent Health Secures PHI with IBM MaaS360

hi I'm Nicolas Midland I work at independent health I'm the IT operations manager independent health is a local non for-profit health care organization located in Buffalo New York we have approximately 400,000 members and the primary concern is to keep our health care members information secure as possible the ever-growing use of working on the run people don't want to have to carry around their laptop it's important to try and get their work done on their mobile device this is where the mass 360 platform comes into play single sign-on through the containerization integrates with Active Directory this way I can have applications work through my phone get more efficient make sure that my employees are able to work wherever they are in a meeting at their desk at home as an IT professional the master 60 platform has allowed us to have a single point of deployment so I can scale this across multiple different users doctors system administrators on-call people having different sets of policies to change the type of security that we want for the individual it's very important to understand if I have a user that's leaving the office carrying around pH I information that I can ensure that policy is dedicated to that particular member I can encompass all email web browsing application all within one container view and ensuring that all that data doesn't cross between my personal information there's no need to even have to type a password in all I do is click on the application scan my thumbprint in and I'm currently in my company access and the best part about containerization that there's no bleed I can't copy and paste information for my personal side to my company died and vice versa one of the extra benefits that we are able to benefit from the master 60 platform being we'll have a physical location of the device there's profiles that you can set for roaming to ensure that you don't have a user leaving the country with company information this can be set up through the secure policy you can have alerts set over and this will identify when someone is actually leaving a territory that you don't want them with company and for me you

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