hi guys so today I wanted to do a video on how it feels to be a new grad nurse so I just graduated about two months ago I've been working in my new job for over a month now and I'm getting the sense of how it feels to be a new grad nurse so if you watched my update videos I have touched on certain points of what I'm going to talk about in this video but I wanted to just do one basic video on all the feelings that I feel of being a new grad nurse so the first feeling that I've been having and I think this is very very normal in common it's just being overwhelmed you know it's a lot to take on your own patients and be responsible for them and making sure you're watching you know how they're doing and then assessing them and then talking to doctors if something's not going right or if you need a new medication order and it's so weird because I just feel like I'm so know and it's like am I even able to do this like am i old enough to do this no but no seriously like it it is overwhelming and I have had a few situations on my shifts where I've had to deal with really upset patients or upset family members and it's a huge learning opportunity for me on how to communicate with someone because I feel like I'm a pretty good communicator but then you get in those situations where sometimes you just feel like you don't know what to say and so I'm really like learning a lot about communication and like how important that is in the hospital setting I felt like a couple times when I've maybe dealt with a family member who was upset I thought like to myself am I even old enough to be dealing with this situation like I am 21 years old and I am a nurse and like do I even have enough life experience to be doing this right now but in all seriousness I know I know I can handle it I know I can do it but you know sometimes I just have that thought so overall being a new ground nurse is it's it is a lot to just take in and a lot of new things that I'm learning I feel very fortunate to be working on the shift that I'm working because there are so many nurses on that shift that have been so supportive to me and I feel like I can go to any of them to ask them a question and I don't feel like scared like you know to ask questions because one they all expect me to not know everything even nurses who have been nurses for 20 plus years don't know everything so I feel very like okay and open to asking questions when I need to which I think is so important if you are a new ground nurse or about to be a new grind nurse or if you're just a nursing student ask questions because I can't tell me how many questions I ask during the shift because I don't know everything and like the only way I'm going to learn is by finding out those answers and learning it for myself I also kind of want to touch on like the new grad nurse card I kind of feel like I have this new grad nurse car like where if I don't know something or I you know maybe made a mistake nothing like life-threatening but maybe I didn't chart something in the right spot or you know like that I kind of have like this new grad nurse card like oh I knew I'm sorry but I'm really trying like not to use that but it is hard at times because I've run into a couple situations during my shifts where maybe the nightshift nurse comes on and I'm doing report and then maybe I forgot to do something or I didn't say something or I did something that maybe the nightshift nurse wouldn't have done and they have I don't want to say inappropriately but inappropriately have kind of called me out on it and at those times I really want to be like you know I knew I'm sorry I didn't know but I'm really trying to just take it in and you know even if I am approached and not the nicest way for something that I've done that I'm really trying to just let it go learn from it and then you know move on I really think I want to do a video on how to handle situations appropriately when maybe you don't agree with something another nurse has done because I have run into some situations where I have been called out on something in maybe a patient's room and you know that just does not look very good on you on the hospital on the nurses when you're in a patient's room and another nurse is telling you that you shouldn't have done something or you did something wrong or you missed something and that just doesn't leave you with a good feeling and it doesn't leave your patients with a good feeling so anyways that's a whole another story but I just wanted to touch on that because I think as a new nurse and even an experienced nurse you might experience this where another nurse kind of tells you that you've done something wrong or differently than they would have done and there's definitely appropriate ways to handle those situations I feel like I am learning so much as a new nurse more so than you even like learn in school and you learn a ton in school but it's just very different like in school and real-life nursing and I just feel like I have been you know boosting up my confidence by you know learning new things and going through my shifts and for example I had a patient whose IV wasn't working and the fluids were going in and it was leaking and so you know he changed the dressing and it was still leaking and it you know the idea just needed to be changed and so normally I would have gone to my nurse and said like hey can I change that IV but instead like now I'm like okay I'm just gonna go get the supplies and I'm gonna do it which is very weird at first after you're so used to being a nursing student and following your preceptor or your nurse or your instructor and now like you are on your own and when I say on your own I don't mean like you're on your own you're in the dark no one's gonna help you but you're on your own that you have to take initiative and that's been fun for me to kind of fill those shoes and take initiative but I also will not do anything that I am NOT confident in or that I don't know how to do I will always ask questions because you know I never want to compromise the safety of my patients or a compromise my nursing practice and so that is very important and if you will take one thing for this video about how I'm feeling is to just make sure you ask questions when you are a nursing student or a new grad or even if you've been a nurse forever ask questions alright guys so I hope that gives you a little glimpse into how I've been feeling as a new grad nurse and if you have any questions for me leave them in the comments below thank you for watching this video give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I'll see you next time bye you


  1. How is it like to be a new nurse? Like does the employer and the more "seasoned" nurses take that into concideration? Lets say you work at a unit with is sort of "specialized" and you have a nursing procedure to preform which youve never done before, do you get help from nurses that have? Or do you just have to learn it on your own (which doesnt sound very safe to me). Some things are "basic" such as starting IV fluids etc. But as a new nurse, if you get a patient with difficult veins are you expected to deal with that on your own if you cant do it, do you stick the person a million times or does a more experienced nurse "fill in". I worry about all these things, cause you cant study for all the practical procedures you can ever meet, you will know a lot in theory, sure. But its a different thing all together managing to do it. Especially the first time. Do you have any days of strictly "training" before you are sent out on your own sort of? Or are you very quickly left "on your own"?

  2. I appreciate all of your new grad videos! I am a new grad in the ER right now and it is hard for me to put some of my thoughts into words so some of the things you say are helpful to me and I can kind of talk through how I am feeling with my preceptor more now.

  3. I didn't know you started nursing so young! I graduate soon and I'll be a 21 year old nurse as well. At least I have over two years of experience as an aid which will help.

  4. I'm brand new fresh grad (ADN), graduated few days ago. Still mentally processing this new reality lol Love watching your channel and getting all the tips and useful info!

  5. Has anyone ever told you that you remind them of Vanessa Marano?? awesome video btw 🙂 super helpful

  6. Hang in there! I've been a nurse for 19 years now and I still remember the first year on the floor. You are right, no one knows everything. If its not challenging, then there's something wrong. This is your life experience. Learn as you go. Keep asking questions. One of the most important things I can tell you is to cultivate your ability to listen. Silence is OK if a pt or family needs to talk. Sometimes they just need you to listen. And when they have questions and you don't have answers, say so. Then say, "but I can find out or find someone who does have the answer." Take care and best of luck.

  7. Thanks for your video. I am about to take my NCLEX to be an LPN while still being in school to be a RN. I struggle with my confidence when someone confronts me about something. I have a hard time keeping my emotions in control and not taking things personally.

  8. Hi, Ashley. Thank you for the update. I am sorry about the way things are being communicated to you. However, take it for what it is worth and learn from it. I know it is a lot easier said than done, but your bright personality and very positive attitude will get you through. 🙂
    I am a first semester nursing student and have only had a few clinical days. On my first clinical day, the charge nurse called me out on something at the nurse's station, where, of course, there was a lot of staff. At first I was a bit embarrassed and offended, but took a deep breath, said thank you, and moved on. I haven't made that same mistake again. Of course, you have to pick your battles. You cannot let them run over you.
    Anyway, thought I would share my little incident. I wish you the best. Keep your head up.

  9. its hard, but it takes time to get used to, just finding the balance and stuff makes it easier. always ask questions, you can't satisfy everyone

  10. Hi Ashley, great video! I am a new grad RN as well and I am working on a very busy med-Tele floor. So, I had a 12 week orientation on days and now I am on my own on night shift. I am def starting to feel some anxiety about not having my preceptor with me, even though everyone I work with is super helpful and I too feel like I can ask anyone I work with any question. However, I can't seem to shake the anxiousness I feel, I even feel it when I have my days off because I am constantly thinking of work. I understand it is probably normal to feel this way, but the anxiety is now starting to affect my sleep 🙁
    Do you have any tips on how to shake the uncertainty or deal with these feelings?
    Thanks you!!!

  11. I think it would be great if you made a video about how to communicate with other nurses as well with upset families/patients! We don't get to learn much about dealing with fearful/anxious patients!

  12. Do you have any tips on studying for A and P? Specifically like memorizing the steps of processes and such?

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