How Keystone HMO Plans Work

How do you know if an HMO plan is right
for you? Let’s talk about how an HMO works and you can decide if it’s a good
fit. HMO plans offer you in-network coverage,
but what does that mean? A network is a group of doctors,
hospitals, and other healthcare providers. Your insurance company negotiates with
these providers to get you lower rates on your healthcare. So choosing an HMO
plan means you’ll get the negotiated lower rate for covered services when you
visit the plans in-network providers. Be sure to check if your providers are
in the HMO Network otherwise they won’t be covered unless it’s an emergency. Our
HMO network is called Keystone Health Plan East and offers you the widest
choice for quality care in the region, so chances are your doctor is already in-
network. With HMO plans you need to select a primary care physician, also
known as a family doctor. This doctor coordinates all of your care and writes
a referral when you need to see a specialist. So let’s review. With HMOs you
get in-network coverage, select a primary care physician, get referrals for
specialists. And if you’re interested in learning about a special type of HMO
that can save you money, check out our video on HMOs with a tiered network.

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