How many hours one should study to crack MBBS entrance exam ? – Ask Top Rankers of AIIMS/NEET/JIPMER

there's nothing like everyone keeps asking this leakiness of which fixtures in a year everyone needs a different time duration to study so whatever you feel comfortable with if you feel you can read fast they don't have to study for 18 hours a day if you feel it for our daily particularly you can manage then that's your appropriate type it's not like you're to study like six seven hours every day I used to study in what is important to study every day don't give a break even if you don't feel like studying reduce to Division one art was next day you will yourself you'll feel a little guilty that I could study the previous day so you can compensate for it the next day you study for five s but what is important is being regular study study biology very seventy I started my vacation between 11th internet standard that's usually when you start per day depends in your V pay after after school allusions and going out to watch a movie you really have more time if the worst if it happens on the weekend we can make problems six to eight hours to be honest the most serious studying that I did was probably only in the last two or three months and not much before that that varies from person hi fortunately I'm not a good guy great awesome special you should put in as much as you can at least like five six hours a day deviation one thought you heard you see that I'm gonna get a CD right here push look aside again but he woulda gotten bothered had a button which goes look yogurt take a bath and create a porpoise Cousteau God even turn but her happening sleep on food isn't my compromise much eg the key a basic message at here was the routier cap her truth what I Commission aqua breaks the routine though off of my idols fedorovna though can take a yoga there's a token take up my expel rocky whereas I did Merman output at time three pounds when I said chase arts fell at nicosia speed I think the period between boards and the entrance exams language it depends on person two persons of people are faster they catch things faster I knew I have God other school that but six seven dollars a duration is not important but the provision of what we have studied is very much important to you Oh that's what that's how it is you


  1. Is it easy or tough to crack jipmer. I srsly aim for it… ppl say it's really tough coz there r really less no.of seats available… will u help me with it!!

  2. Sir mene 12 bio se or bsc ki h bio n Chem se….kya me medical ka ntrnce de skti hu?2years ho gye muje graduation kiye hue..

  3. Thank qu bro &sister giving wonderful gudience . I promise this year I will also participation on you like an mens student

  4. M aiming for jipmer .. nd have started my preparations by reading the ncert, aakash study packages and past year papers..Can u tell me is there anything else which i shuld do for me to achieve my goal..??????? for english which book is best to refer?????????????????

  5. tnx all elders , I am in 11th and,one again tnx for boosting my confidence level😊😊😊

  6. Thank you so much…I am going to start my preparation for PMT…thanks for giving me tips and wish me All the best..☺☺

  7. The words at 1:33 are like heaven for me…πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ€— three are enough you study seriously

  8. sir itz27 dec n i start my prep from last week from the very frst page of booms am i able to crack net and get a seat plz plz rply itz 27 dec..

  9. And I have one more query..wil NCERT book alone help me..coz that alone is voluminous for me…since I'm a state board student..and after studying NCERT books I've decided to take many mock tests…is that enough..or should I do more

  10. but I'm s state board student.i just have 5months more..wil I be able to crack Neet.if I start my preparation now????

  11. i dont know wat u really want to say .

    somebody says 7 hours for how many months?

    my board exams wil close on 1st april .
    so how many hours i need to study each and every day

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