How Much Do Medications Slow Keto & Intermittent Fasting Results?

so I had another question do medications slow down your keto and intermittent fasting results okay let's just kind of look at some of the top medications number one if you're a diabetic you're taking either metformin or insulin or other drugs that increase insulin okay now both of these right here will definitely slow the results because the goal is to lower insulin okay and this is kind of acting as a crutch to help insulin resistance but it's not correcting it it's kind of like temporarily kind of patching him then we have steroids like in prednisone or cortisone injections for inflammation or skin problems this is an adrenal hormone this will definitely block your keto results in fact this will greatly stimulate insulin and that's why one of the side effects of taking corticosteroids or prednisone is diabetes antidepressants will also slow your results actually one of the side effects is weight gain because it increases insulin statins also increase insulin resistance it worsens the result but here's the thing what you want to do is you want to continue the medication get with your doctor as you improve because these two actions right here keto intermittent fasting will decrease the need for these medications your blood sugars are going to improve your incident resistance is going to improve to the point where you need less and less of these okay and because you tell when intermittent fasting greatly improves inflammation the need for steroids will go down as well if you're taking it as an inhaler for asthma the need for that will go down as well and you can get with your doctor to make the adjustments so you'll take less and then the results will speed up antidepressants one of the great benefits of keto within a minute fasting is elevated mood I've seen so many times someone who is depressed and anxiety ATD any type of lower emotion greatly improve when you do this because your brain now can run on a different fuel source so it's wonderful for mood elevation so the need for this will go down also make sure that you're doing healthy ketosis with a lot of good high-quality foods very very key because you want those nutrients to speed up the results stands why do people take statins for high cholesterol well that's the easiest thing to lower when you put someone on keto and in the fasting so the need for this will go down and as you get off these medications the results go higher and higher and higher but don't just come off the medications get with your doctor and make the adjustments graduate over time and but the goal would be to eventually come off these alright thanks for watching so I'm doing a survey for future videos on topics that you are interested in this one is going to be on your biggest keto difficulty if you wouldn't mind filling out the survey down below I put a link in the description please fill it out thank you so much


  1. In 2007 I had a terrible accident. Went to rehab, and then physiotherapy. Stopped just last year to check how I was doing because my DH is retiring in 2 years and we won't have his wonderful insurance anymore (wanted to know if I was going to lose my range of motion). Because of this time frame, and just after 3 months in rehab, my GP gave me some Trazodone HCL 150mg so I wouldn't fall into depression (I did for 3 days when I finally realized I was in for a long time doing therapy). Every now and then, he tried getting me off of it and I find it difficult. My mood changes a lot if I try. I now just learn that it's also either making me gain weight or inhibiting me from losing some. That's not helping my mood either. I'm a 54 y.o. female in perimenopause. I have 80 lb. to lose. Gained the weight when the surgeon gave me some medicine that made me eat 4 full meals a day. When my GP finally saw this, the damage was already done. Nicole (Canada).

  2. All I want to know is if I can take NyQuil or Tylenol during IF. I can’t find a solid answer for this

  3. Liquid herbal medicines? I take Milk Thistle in a liquid form. It's REALLY sweet and has slight alcohol. (sigh)

  4. I take blood pressure and Armour thyroid medicines at 6:30am every morning on a empty stomach I get really hungry afterwards and am not hungry before. I wake up at 5:30am so my question is does the medicines I take at 6:30am affect my intermittent fasting?

  5. What about bupropion? Its different compared to the other anti-depressants in that it usually promotes weight loss.

  6. I have a question. Will amoxicillin throw me out of ketosis?? I have to take it regardless but would really like to know what to expect. Im one month in and really dont want to be knocked out while being close to fat adaption.

  7. What about sucralfate suspension, which i am taking for the treatment of an (almost gone) stomach ulcer? It is supposed to protect my stomach lining and i definitely don't want to hurt my stomach while fasting, but i heard that the liquid form contains some kind of…. carbohydrates? is 5ml of this a day enough to throw off my fast?

  8. Dr. Berg, are u sure about metformin increasing insulin output? I was told metformin increases the cells ability to process insulin. And your the expert maybe i misunderstood. But i was also told metformin can actually help with weightloss. Was i misinformed?

  9. @Dr.Berg since Synthroid (levothyroxine) contains confectioners sugar, does it break a fast?
    I'm thinking yes but I can't find any articles to support that theory.

  10. What about aspirins? How are antidepressants or steroids more common than a simple aspirin? Please respond. Thank you!

  11. I have googled with no success, and asked on other channels but i still can't find the answer.. Will methadone break a fast? Like is there any point to fasting through breakfast and lunch if i'm taking methadone in the morning?

  12. Dr. Berg, what about antidepressants for chronic pain. will keto help lower inflammation with AI pain?

  13. I am on statins and am following a strict 16-8 eating schedule… I understand why one effects the other, but you did not list the degree to which the results will be slowed. I am unable to find any other articles or videos on the relation between the two and would greatly appreciate your input! Also, I have a shoulder decompression surgery and am trying to maximize any factor that will hasten my recovery so that I can return to sparring/competition. Thanks!

  14. Can you take painkillers during your fasting period?

    Had a really bad migraine one time and was forced to take Panadol while I was fasting.
    But it made me curious, did it break my fast or not?
    Does anyone know?

  15. My brother ate beans one night and he had a friendly decent blood sugar then in the morning he checked his sugar now you do the same see what happens because your body is different from his

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