How Much Will Plant Based Diet Reduce Disease Rates?

so assume someone read your books listens to lectures and says I'm in I'm a hundred percent plant-based whole food doing exactly what you say so now that you've seen these people for the last forty years will this completely prevent heart attacks cancer diabetes Salle's hammers is a reduce it by five percent ten percent like you know if someone says you know it's it's is gonna take a lot of time and effort it's gonna change my life what's the payoff are you saying that we're gonna reduce like I feel like I don't smoke cigarettes and I feel my chances of lung cancer away less so how much less for the person in this room that says I'm in I'm doing it a hundred percent like you say how much less is their chance of heart disease cancer diabetes Alzheimer's kidney disease and throw in 10 more diseases every disease you mentioned is their minimum double digits double digits but why everyone that comes to us gets psychotherapy that's a major factor if you don't change your attitude about your life first it's hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle and that's the factor we have to say so to preclude other factors your environment you have a great marriage you like your job would be sort of silly but at the same point I don't know one study that's ever been serious it looked at diet vegan diets and catastrophic disease that didn't show remarkable differences prolong life look at the studies that were done out in Loma Linda what was it what was a 12-year difference in lifespan yes by not even a great big and diet you know make believe meat diet they were looking at and so overwhelming data shows us that we don't have to look very far to see that it's amazing how poor the diet is of the Seventh day Adventists who get 12 years of extra life span because they're eating a junk food vegan diet mostly a lot of fake meats a lot of you know looking at what they're eating I'm saying this isn't anywhere near a healthy die and they're still getting these benefit exactly so I'm green hundred percent but of course the direct answer to your question is what's the decreased risk of lung cancer you get comparing a nonsmoker to a smoker what's the decreased risk of you half the risk of lung cancer are you 100 the risk of lung cancer are you 1,000 the risk of lung cancer which is it do you know I don't know it's 1,000 so the risk so it's you know very so the answer is hmmm what's your risk of and also what what age did you started living healthfully so I would say that there are countries around the world like the Catawba Islands studies where you have islands which never had heart disease and don't have heart disease in their ancestry they don't even need a perfect diet you know heart disease just simply doesn't have to happen if you start eating a healthy diet idea I'm gonna point if you wait till your heart is really damaged and you have a lot of disease present it's not gonna be a hundred percent guarantee but yes a healthy diet a really super truly healthy diet should be totally protective against heart disease in almost everybody except for an incredibly rare person with some genetic defect in or a genetic diffic and heart function or is very very rare diseases we're talking about probably less than one enough may weigh less than one in a thousand who started this diet if you had you my children who eating healthy since a young age you know and you know I know I have no risk of heart disease I'm never gonna have a heart attack or a stroke I can say that right now it's not something you or I have to worry about and that's the beauty of this because you don't have to live with fear you know with regard to cancer risk it's a little different because your risk is affected by what you ate for the first fifty years of your life it's even the first 20 years of your life but the longer you eat healthfully the more that risk goes down just like you quit smoking and younger in the law you stay away from cigarettes the risk goes down and of course that's why we're advocating a diet that seems so excellent that seems are too hard to achieve for many people because we want to give people a program that really works and if we gave him a diet that was moderately nutritionally better than what they're eating it wouldn't reverse the methylation defects it wouldn't reverse the damage and really dramatically lower the risk of cancer because the damage has already been incurred later in life and it can progress so we need to give them a diet that's really truly excellent so we put the power back in your hands so you can control your health destiny and get a really strong decreased risk in these diseases and I'm convinced that the decreased risk of cancer from eating a really healthy diet even when it's adapted after the age 50 will be more than 80% trafficking risk it's gotta be because we see that even in studies where people just eat green vegetables you have mushrooms they drop it seven if they just eat greens and green tea and mushrooms they drop at 84 percent that you know so we and even with people who have cancer drop the risk of death from in the 60s and 1700 so we know we can drop the risk dramatically probably in even in people not eating healthfully you adopt a healthy eating we're seeing we're thinking like 90% or more drop in cancer occurrence risk so we're talking about dramatic changes in these diseases that afflict Americans Brenda do you remember there was recently about three years ago I forget the study that was done how rapidly it happens it doesn't take months or years it's weeks absolutely and I and I can say with my own work in the Marshall Islands that was probably the most shocking part for me is how rapidly the changes happened and we had people who had had pain in their legs you know it intermittent claudication and that where they couldn't walk across a room and they had had it for 15-20 years in some cases in a week it was gone the changes can happen very very rapidly a diabetic who was in California he was in Kaiser Permanente insurance company going to see his podiatrist and he was gonna have his leg amputated he had have his foot amputated due to gangrene or an early gangrene through the diabetes and the person the man with diabetes started crying and said I don't really want to have my leg amputated isn't there anything I could do to save my leg and the doctor threw up his hand and said I don't know why don't you see Steve dr. Steve below what he's into this crazy diet that helps people reverse diabetes maybe that helped you you know so of course the guys leg comes back and he and he saves his leg but he wasn't even gonna mention the diet he could go on a diet and save his leg or even do anything about his diabetes surgery an operating cut off his leg he went to dimensional until the guy started crying and tell him isn't there begging the doctors and anything I could do anything I could possibly do that may help me so I go to the window downstairs what we see this all the time we see people with very serious conditions and very advanced disease process these pathologies that still get better and reverse these diseases so there it is from Mendeley hopeful for even people who've eaten poorly and have disease and it is tremendously protective and I always make the statement that eating right is a hundred times at least a hundred times more protective against future heart attacks and taking cholesterol-lowering drugs and taking blood pressure medications this it's not a compare no comparison at all the blessing that Anna and I have had I assume both of you if it after everything else fails people show up at a place like Epocrates I mean they are desperately sick and we watched them in the matter of three week period transform I mean if you came to a graduation you would honestly think we had professional actors from Hollywood getting up and telling lies every week because you know like every once in a while somebody sits in the room and says to us come on come on we just had a woman I was in Boston speaking and it took 25 minutes before they could introduce me because we had person after person stand up and talk about how they healed and one woman this is a scary story she didn't about cancer she had pre cancer dysplasia and they said we have to do a metal radical mastectomy on both breasts we have to immediately put you on chemotherapy and she said you know you know I don't want to do that and somebody her neighbor said go to hypocrite ease comes this isn't April she comes to us I lecture there in October completely free of this and I said what did the doctor say she went back to the same doctor said I must have made a mistake she said well how about if I'd listened to you I wouldn't have any breasts I'd have chemotherapy you know it's a bizarre world just like this guy they're gonna cut his leg off and here's a guy two seconds away downstairs if he drilled a hole he could drop into that place it's just it you know but it's not that we have to make them wrong I feel bad for them I actually feel more compassion today after 48 years of doing this work for doctors and the profession than I've ever had before I think it's time that we love and hug them and say everything's okay and let's work together and let's put patients first patients first not egos and profits and ideologies and all this nonsense that we waste time on good evening so considering the fact that cancer rates are increasing according to the World Health Organization one in two men are going to have cancer and die within their lifespan and one in three women are going to have cancer and die within their lifespan and we have heart attacks killing about 3,000 Americans every day what branch of medicine do you think can accept plant-based nutrition and use it as a primary defense in diseases and I'm asking as a medical graduate well I hope it starts with general practitioners they see the most people well I personally became a I went to University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and I became a board certified family physician because I wanted to have the access to care for every patient who came to me children with type 1 diabetes I wanted to take care of the elderly I wouldn't want to have to turn people away women with kind of collage ik problems I wanted menopausal issues I wanted to make sure I could care for all people because nutrition is so effective of course the broad spectrum of diseases if I it's so exciting to be able to take care of everybody and with all these problems again and have them reverse themselves so I'd be an advocate for you following in my footsteps and the other thing to know is that lifestyle medicine is really becoming a specialty and there's now a board certification exam by the American College of lifestyle medicine you can get board-certified in lifestyle medicine in Lithuania they have a lifestyle medicine masters program and a three-month elective for physicians in lifestyle medicine and so I think that if you know you have that interest regardless of your specialty whether you're you know an oncologist or a cardiologist or an endocrinologist or a family doctor to get that certification in lifestyle medicine just it's it's part of every single specialty of Medicine it's conducted in English by the way cost pennies and it's can go over for the summer you could still proceed with getting your specialty in lifestyle medicine on top of that and take care of all adult diseases and you know want to take care you know so we I know I think that's you know you take something as a perils to being a just an oncologist or cardiologist there's now you can have brought in the amount of people you can care for okay last question I said six years ago sorry six years ago I went to the Epocrates Institute I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor and thanks to Brian and Anna Maria it's I was able to get rid of it without surgery chemo or radiation and but when I returned home thank you and I at sixty I've been living this lifestyle ever since and but when I returned home it was the combination of dr. Furman and and what Hippocrates taught me saw I am looking at the presence of my greatest heroes tonight so Steve thank you so much for bringing them together I mean these four incredible minds here what a gift to have such lifesavers but my question is that what probably caused my cancer is I was on medicine for all sort of colitis for almost 20 years and the fine print on a lot of these medicines is Omegas malignant tumors and when I've gone back to these gastroenterologist with no symptoms after you know 20-something used to say not had I'd be on this medicine the rest of my life they literally don't they're not at all interested in my story and it's so significant I mean they just said would you do that holistic thing I mean they they could care less and I mean gastroenteritis a license at risk if they you know fought you know stop recommending this and people died but but gastro to Allah it's digestion like why is nutrition not emphasized as their backbone I mean they don't even think dentistry has your mouth has anything to do with the body all every day all the time the person comes back their psoriasis is gone their psoriatic is resolved they go they come back see though the doctor in the rheumatologist is yelling at them and throwing them out of the office the babies actually crying and say he threw me out of the ORS I want to show him I got better they threw him out you know it was like they were angry they got better that's exactly I can't figure can't yeah so when you got well at sloan-kettering the oncologist three out of the office a local guy okay or they say to a patient sometimes are you gonna just eat rabbit for the rest of your life that's what they say you have to come yeah yeah it's sometimes they're threatened by this because they're not experts in it and now their egos are threatened because they had nothing to do with it they had no their little particular information what they know and now you didn't get well from what they told you to do it makes them look bad and they were just gonna just try to you know cognitive dissonance they just want to push it away and not to think about it so get out of here but when you look at oncology or colitis or Crohn's disease they have zero success rate in most cancers utterance easier they have about a seven percent success rate that's what the medical journals report to us so long-term survivals or 7% and when it comes to colitis every single doctor is gonna tell you that it's chronic you'll have it for the rest of you how many people I've seen get rid of colitis it's like shocking on a raw diet the opposite of what they're telling you don't eat raw food everything has to be blend we blend it but cooked I mean it's it's outrageous but how we have to change it does not just look at how insane that whole thing is is we have to hug this we have to tell them we understand we have to tell them we love them that we know you're failing all of the time you don't have to say that we know that there's there's something else that we may offer to the sequester would it be nice if you could succeed more than seven percent of the time or more than none of the time wouldn't it be nice and I think doctors want to do that I don't think doctors are bad people I don't think when there were 18 they schemed oh we're gonna make money and make people angry I think they really did it for the right reason and I don't know there's too many charlatans that want to go to school twelve years to make a living they should drop out and go to Wall Street that's where you make a living and so along the way they get corrupted and if they're in the wrong area of medicine not ER they do great work oncology orthopedic surgeries these are the big big failures they're sort of jokes within the medical community you know doctors laughing about these guys because they fail so often we've got to embrace him and tell him it's okay you know I gave a lecture just a few weeks ago to a thirty or thirty oncologists all on Kyle at local young oncologists and they were working it and they and they were very fascinated and interested and asked me very intelligent questions they were excited about this and they wanted to start a cancer survivorship program at the hospital and they said to me here's what we have to offer the patients we can give them a drug like a chemo therapeutic agent most common cancers and the drug will extent will cost about three hundred thousand dollars a year and will on the average extend their lifespan three to six months that's the average and they recognized it and they know they have very little in their toolbox but this is what they've learned and this is what they have to offer people and this is what people want because that's all people can get and so among themselves I think those oncologists those thirty oncologists all change their diets and they're all eating healthy now and they're all excited about this information and the regular people just like everybody else but they just don't know any better and they have they use what they have available to them and just like everybody all other humans there have their insecurities and their egos and everything else and you know so what you're saying is true that a lot of doctors are changing and want to learn this information we have to be embracive to everybody of people that can support you especially in in your endeavor in medicine and be open to you know like we're not kind of practice but we work with chiropractors we work with so many therapists that are helping us in our work because you know we're so much into the nutrition psychology we have amazing psychologists that working with us and I can't picture me and Brian sitting doing that everything so you can't do everything but you need to have people around you that can support your work and so a doctor can't of course cannot be the one that would know everything but be totally open but that system has to start from the top it has to start from the professors that are making the programs at the university's it has to start from there and like Brenda says of course your your catered by all kinds of pharmaceutical representatives and your you know your smooth by them and of course they want you to sell what they have so it has to change and I think what happens is that people have to choose by their wallet so the more that you choose what you want to have the doctors the kind of care that you want to have that's going to change in and there's nothing else that's going to change it it's your own wallet it's your insurance thank you thanks a lot Steven thank you very much [Applause] you


  1. I enjoy the content from these channels b don't understand why the speakers are sitting at tables with PLASTIC BOTTLES…even if they are BPA Free, the presenters, conferences and all organizations that are promoting health should not be using or advertising the use that creates demand for plastic bottles. Each speaker and attendee should cary their own reusable bottle/mug/etc – totally inexcusable. Convenience is not an excuse.

  2. Superb, so many walking zombies, it is like meat eaters minds are destroyed before their bodies to be able to keep ignoring and denying these relatively simple truths.

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