How Not To Die From A Stabbing

on Christmas there was technically dead body up hurry up stop him I looked darkness in the knife my brain just had shut down come for you it was the Christmas period it was absolutely rampant shoppers everywhere hours of sales assistant at H&M it was my break and about five o’clock come outside and there was just I just basically had a load of abuse hurled at me from outside the bank there was two lads they were gonna leave me alone I tried to just walk on walk back to work but that wasn’t gonna be the case we heard noise outside we just thought it was boys being stupid never thinking it would get any worse I found the guy does the pub I’m just used to it being very aggressive where I’m from the younger generation can do want to prove a point but I was not expecting what was about to happen right oh okay well get something down now they can see any weapon dad the boy just ran at him it just felt like a punch to the stomach my whole body just kinda went completely numb a cold shivering I lifted my shirt up and I kind of realized he was running he was screaming he didn’t know what to do it was like watching a dog chase its tail I just collapsed on the floor I didn’t really know what to do the first thing to do is call for help don’t leave it to chance but those first few minutes before he arrives can mean life or death when he pulled up his shirt I expected to see a slit but it was like a very small crater that was losing blood the blade Nick Tom’s aorta the biggest artery in the body it carries more than six pints of blood down from your hearts every minute from that hole tom is losing blood fast on the inside he was very very cold really perspiring badly and shaking his words weren’t coming out properly did he confess it’s going in and out is very comic these pulse rate was going mad and you know you think please God yeah ambulance here quick Tom’s losing blood on the inside so his heart’s racing to try and get enough to his brain to keep him conscious and alive the abdomen can fill it with pints of blood even if he can’t see much coming out it was about 10 pints in total it was four of those and you might only have minutes to live everything there’s the word and sound was echo it was just a lot of screaming a lot of people crowding over me my first instinct was to put my hand on it and then once I got the tissues I was able to replace many of the tissues putting pressure on the stab wound can help slow down the bleeding that gives the body a chance to start fixing itself by forming blood clots but if the blade still stuck in don’t pull it out you don’t move it around it might be the only thing keeping you alive I felt like the journey to the hospital was going to be too long I had a choice in the ambulance to either give up or fight for my life and I decided to fight every single breath felt like a minute one quick glimpse on the surgery table and then just black for a very long time and the doctor said to my mom please don’t get your hopes up because there’s a good chance that you won’t see your son ever again [Music] it was just excruciating pain from the second I woke up and I found out I’ve missed New Year and Christmas Day which is I was absolutely gutted about the actual stab wound itself is really very small but the surgery left me with a devastating open wound there’s too much swelling and they said that if that was to have burst open at any point which it could have very easily done then I would have died he put some mesh over the top to stop my organs falling up I had to have a three showers a day just to clean the muck that was coming out of it constantly parents out nurses assisting me and at the bathroom I lost all my dignity and it had happened I was at the lowest of lows I did not come out of it feeling like it was a battle scar I’ve come out of it embarrassed to look at my own body ashamed to look in the mirror and I felt like it was never going to end [Music] I wasn’t held squat on a bike I wasn’t be able to go and play football don’t you have those privileges taken away from you you become so much more grateful for what you actually had even the smallest knife wounds can change your life damaging the pudendal nerve can cause impotence there’s no more sex ever and if the blade catches the bowel that could mean living with the colostomy bag for the rest of your life with more than 20 major arteries around the body and over a hundred vital nerves there’s nowhere safe to be stabbed I know it sounds crazy but he for the better the donbot them cows a bit lazy I was a bit negative whereas now I’m not ashamed of anything I completely embrace what’s happened I want to become the best version of myself possible [Music] I had no previous knowledge on what to do I’m sure that none of my friends if they was with me would have had any knowledge on what to do there was a lady who come to my aid and managed to keep me alive if he had been an apple remote and there was nobody around to help him I’m quite convinced he wouldn’t be alive today totally convinced of that recovering from the ice and from the out never want to go through again I don’t have any hate towards the person who did it to me I’m on to a next chapter of my life [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you


  1. Many people in my high school are getting stabbed and it’s really scary. People try not to get into any trouble with anyone

  2. I just want to say im proud of you for being resilient n wish you the best on your journey. May God be with you n your family

  3. Basically, don’t just sit or lay down and hope for the best. You have to immediately find help. Don’t remove the weapon if it is still in you. If the weapon is not there and you are freely bleeding, put pressure on the wound. Try to use a shirt, towel, something but your hands are enough if you don’t have the others. Try to stay conscious. Try not to hyperventilate.

  4. Now we're having to get survival tutorials from the BBC I believe it's all carry of weapons for self defence as the state is not protecting it citizens as it should be

  5. If UK Citizens were allowed to carry Guns..Crime would dropp 80% overnight…But all UK people gave been Deballed bye their leaders Hypocrisy ..

  6. I have watched like 5 videos of peeps being stabbed! Why do the people who get stabbed smile so creepy when they talk about themselves being stabbed!?

  7. The lad who stabbed him is serving 6 years? What a fucking joke. It should be 15 years minimum. Attempted murder!!!

  8. I can just feel the stab when I'm watch this and it's like a pain that I never felt before it's like so much detail on what's it like that I feel like him right now.

  9. How about being stabbed in the finger and because when I was little I was cutting crayons and I accidentally like cut my self but it went in and cut trough but then I was like shit afterwards I just put a fat ass bandage on it then I was fine

  10. im watching this cause i wana stab myself where i wont die so i will see if my friends will care ab me 😂

  11. 3:35 – 3:40 No you didn't. you literally had no say in the matter… I hate it when people say that because it makes them feel empowered… The only "choice" you had was to stay conscious or allow yourself to pass out and thats all you had control over.

  12. On a side note however… I really wish I could get stabbed when I'm out.. I don't care for or want the agro just a random person walking past to stick a knife in me maybe a few times for good measure and then leave me alone.

  13. You don’t pull out the knife if it’s still in your body which I understand but that would hurt so much the knife just moving around inside you

  14. How about giving gang members longer and harsher sentences and allowing the cops to use lethal force against them?
    That would make it less likely for people getting stabbed.

  15. Basically, you have to call 911 and cover the wound with pressure or the knife itself if it wasn't removed

  16. If you see someone got stabbed in the arm DO NOT put an shirt over his stabbed wound to stop the bleeding because the arm is dying and hes going to take off his arm Basically the arm dosent get oxygen and its dead

  17. My brother got his arm cutted off .
    A psycopath took a knife and he cut his arm . Thanks god he is in prison and my bro is safe

  18. 6.5 years for stabbing?? You must be kidding me…How about 30 years in the basement so the scumbag won't see the sun

  19. You can see Dom smiling in this video, but remember not everyone is so fortunate or willing to luck at the bright side.

  20. This guy who I grew up with (same primary and sixth form) got stabbed at a party (he was 19) and unfortunately passed away.

  21. “I missed new year and Christmas Day which I was absolutely gutted about” YEAH LITERALLY BUD

  22. I wonder why in the UK there is so much stabbing. I know in days of yore you lot were known for your "bollocks", fighting, walking with a fat lip or a shiner…… And now, bloody curs…. no bollocks left…. a quick stab and then a 300 mph run…….

  23. How do heroes in Hollywood movie survives after fights and never does even after getting stabbed multiple times brutally???

  24. Been stabbed 3 times 2 different times how to stay alive is stay calm don’t run around the more your heart pumps the more blood you loose

  25. All jokes aside from these dumbass comments, remember to leave the knife inside you until you get to the hospital. I always thought it would be better to take it out as soon as possible , so thank you for this. It’s always good to know more

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