How Talk Therapy Works

we all have stress in our lives whether
it’s stress from our jobs from our busy schedules with our kids or even just
navigating relationships with our loved ones but talk therapy can be a great way
to help manage that stress however sometimes people are
apprehensive about coming in for a therapy appointment they worry about
stereotypes and stigmas so I’m here to break down some of those stigmas with
dr. Daoud dr. Todd I feel like sometimes people worry that perhaps they’ll be
judged if they come to therapy they envision laying on a couch but that’s
not how it is it’s very different it’s much more supportive and collaborative
but that’s really you know TV and movies representation of it right in in real
life you’re basically coming in so that you can try and get some help and
support especially when you’re experiencing stress so the first step is actually getting
people in here and that’s the main goal is it’s it’s so intimidating and it’s so
scary to come in so I want to convince them that this is going to be a place
that’s safe everything is kept confidential there’s nothing that I’m
doing that’s secretive or unknown to them that we collaborate together that
the two of us are working on things they always know what I’m thinking they
always have an idea of why we’re doing what we’re doing so that it makes sense
trying to take away that scariness that comes with it so let’s talk about
actually what happens when people come in here they come in and a lot of it is
talking pretty much the first appointment is a chance to kind of get
to know each other for the first time it’s about 45 to 50 minutes it’s weekly
unless things are you’re out there particularly having trouble then we
might meet more than once a week and then we’ll start to kind of in that
first session talk about what’s been happening what’s been stressing them
what kind of experiences they have who’s important in their life where the
conflicts where they’re experiencing struggles and that way we can I can kind
of get a sense of where I might be able to help them when people are telling you
about the things that they worry about and their stresses what as a therapist
are you listening for in those conversations what would make their life
better what would they wish would change right
right how they could be less stressed how they could be happier and then
together we’re gonna figure out how we’re gonna get them there so the
important thing to know is that this really can’t help immensely with stress
stress is something that everybody deals with sometimes it’s worse than other
times and sometimes you need new tools to deal with it it really does help but
to have that support this is really very upfront and very direct and the goal is
to really help them understand how to do and the hope is that they can get some
really nice support from us and figure out how to make their lives better thank
you so much dr. Daoud and to learn more about various medical procedures and
processes head to our website living healthy


  1. I wish it was more like on tv with the sofa and everything looking more homey instead of a office. I have apnt next Monday I’m really nervous about it.

  2. I need therapy so bad but i think i'm too young and my mom would say "therapy is only for older people with depression"

  3. I would never want to go to therapy in an office, I'd want to go to something that looks more comfortable

  4. I need therapy… I'm too scared to ask my parents because were broke asf—

    Edit: i got my first checkup last last friday and i have been diagnosed with clinical depression and borderline personality
    Im taking antidepressants are helping! Thanks for everyone who helped,adviced and supported me through this journey ❤

  5. I hit my baby sisters and i yell at my dad and mom. I'd say this to my therapist but im nervpuse that she'll tell

  6. Can someone help tho next week on Tuesday im going to a therapist for da first time because of what I did and now I'm being forced which hate

  7. Hey, you who's about to go to therapy for the first time, it'll be fine. Try to calm down and stop stressing about it. Therapists know what they're doing. You'll be fine.

  8. I think I wouldn’t like having her as a therapist because she seems like she would tell me to exercise and figure out how to cope even though I constantly do things to stop my depression that are healthy.

  9. I write for a room and they don't even respond. Alex Cohen 10520. His dad gets cocaine, the crims get women, the teens teased.

  10. Will not watch this.. sowwy BOO. But advice for ya'll, make sure you are NOT ILLIGELLY BEING cammed or heard by " everyone"
    It WAS done to me, but I had no clue- I trusted the " therapist" – aweful

  11. I think I am depressed. (I took online medical quiz,, it said I had severe depression) and I want it to get better but I am to scared to help…

  12. Dont ever see a therapist. They are changing the laws so that anyone who sees a mental clinic can have their constitutional rights stripped from them.

  13. I'm here cause I expect that bs to be pseudo treatment that just makes you feel better about the problem cause you feel like you're doing smth

    Edit: neither reinforced nor denied it

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