How to 3D print human tissue – Taneka Jones


  1. In the future they’ll definitely be 3D printing every part of the body and then build a human baby. That’s freaky.

  2. Great. Now we just need to figure out how to transfere minds, then I could print myself an entirely new human body with good genes and give myself 300IQ and extended lifespan.

  3. Instead of printing a full functional heart at once, why can't they built smaller segments, each with its complexity and function and assemble them? Incorporating blood vessels in each small part of the heart will even be simpler, since when they assemble they only need to connect them, which surgeons and doctors are already good at.

  4. Well…China allready got a solution for waiting patients. Getting organs from people that dont agree with the rulling party.

  5. Unburnable skin implant may destroy our sensory nerves under 6th skin layer as we enjoy physical entertainment right now!
    It won’t give natural feeling of pleasure we receive now!

  6. If the endgame is death, then why bother. We need to ask ourselves the following fundamental question which is ARE WE PRE-LONGING LIFE OR PRE-LONGING DEATH?

  7. I don't know why but because I always have to turn things into a joke… have way through this video I thought: Man if there's anything I have learned from the cotton gin and the plastic bag is that this is gonna end in some kronnenberg level nonsense.

  8. can you imagine, one day we will be able to print any body parts that are broken or too old. this is the first time I feel immortality is an actual possibility.

  9. Maybe we could 3D print the organ or part of the organ during surgery and use the patients own blood vessels to keep the organ alive.

  10. 3:40 sounds like we need an organ tester… some artificial body that we could hook the printed organ onto and pump artificial blood (perhaps an oxygen rich fluid that is harmless and doesn't damage the cells… ) through it, to provide it with oxygen and keep it alive until the patient is ready for the organ transplantation

  11. It's wonderful 😮
    Just hope it won't end like the cloning thing … with mad scientists using it for purposes far from ethical while people are continuing to die.

  12. I can’t believe it’s possible to print organs. This may be the next big thing and we are the generation that gets to experience it.

  13. First thing:
    Is the human race really that selfish??!!! Like ya we can use this technology to help our lives but can't we also save other animals?! Animals die from these conditions too, so why is it just humans?! Why do we need unburnable skin when we can use the time to figure out how to make skin unburnable to help other animals?! I can't believe this

  14. But for us to extend human life, we need first to stop making more humans, or there will be no space, and we need to be more sustainable.

  15. Would a bio-printed organ necessarily have to be shaped exactly like a human version? If we tweaked the shapes of the organs to make them easier / more viable to print, that'd still be better for the recipient than no organ at all.
    4:43 – The rich

  16. This is a wayyyy better technology to invest time, money and effort in than harvesting human organs from pigs. That Ted talk still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. But this one gives me hope in and for humanity.

  17. How I wish we could print common sense and love for one another to end indiscriminate hate towards other people.

  18. Ted-Ed. I ❤ your videos and wanted to see if you were able in a foreseeable future make a video about the "Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo"? All these younger Hispanics would learn a lot about the tactics the US used to steal land. I hope you will take it into consideration #tedtalk #ted ❤

  19. Its amazing how science can help millions of people
    But only if we educate people about it
    Doing a great job TED Ed

  20. If you need a transplant you can do it in China. There are always ready and healthy organs there and surgery can be done in just two weeks

  21. If my understanding is correct, they can 3D print major organs as effectively as I can build a skyscraper out of legos.

  22. I'm currently on a transplant list for a new kidney. I've been on dialysis for over two years, and they say the average wait time for someone with my blood type (o+) is 3-4 years. They also say that a living donor is longer lasting than a cadaver. So, would anyone be willing to give me a kidney?

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