How To Adjust European Cabinet Hinges That Will Not Stay Closed

If you got a set of hinges that just isn’t
staying closed. You can see this is just bouncing back. What you can try is to loosen the back set
screw back right here. Down in the corner right here and just move
the hinge forward a little bit. Like so and than tighten it up. And now we’ll see if it will close and stays
closed. There we go. A lot of times what happens is these just
come loose and it’s sticking out a little bit and so it’s not able to stay closed all
the way. There we go. If the hinge still will not close or stay
closed you can either replace the hinge or use a magnet or velcro tape to keep the door


  1. You are an absolute legend. I was so stoked that I'd managed to take my cabinet door off and fix the shelves then after a bit of a struggle got it back on only to have it not close. Your solution fixed in in two seconds. YAY You rule

  2. Gotta love a video that gets to the point – works beautifully on one of the Ikea Billy bookcase doors that wouldn't quite shut tight!

  3. This tip didn't work for me
    Correction: The principle does work, but it was much more complicated in my case, took some 15 minutes of playing around and adjusting.

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