How to Babyproof Your Bathroom and Kitchen – Video

Daddy Clay: In answer to the question, can
you over baby proof? Daddy Brad: Yes. Welcome back to the lab I’m Daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And I’m Daddy Clay this week
is brought to you by One Step Ahead, your very best spot for your very own online baby
gear needs – Daddy Brad: You know Daddy Clay, this week
we are going to be talking about baby proofing, specifically the kitchen and the bathroom
and these are 2 places you can really go overboard. Daddy Clay: Oh that’s true, after all, the
very best baby proofing you can do, is to show up be present, be alert. Its common sense
but if your kids are like mine you will need to do a little Babyproofing. Daddy Brad: Your kids go looking for trouble? Daddy Clay: Yeah if it wasn’t electrically
charged or on fire or razor sharp they got no interest in playing with it. Daddy Brad: How long does that last? Daddy Clay: Tba you know, I’ll let you know,
ongoing. Daddy Brad: All right, well lets start baby
proofing since we are in the Dad Labs lets go straight to the potty. Daddy Clay: Here in bathroom, plenty of opportunities
for trouble. Now one place you might want to start is a potty lock. Most people look
at these units and say how likely is it that my kid is going to fall into the toilet? Well
yes it protects against that but the real utility here, is it keeps this from becoming
your child’s favorite shallow end, if you know what I mean because without the lock,
before you know it the blocks, the teddy bears, the family passports, even good china down
the poop shoot. So a lock really helps to prevent that, then
of course there is the dreaded sword of crapplecles, ouch right? So the lock is a good idea. Now
the downside here is if you’ve got a second child that’s potty training in the house,
this is going to cause real headaches, and maybe if dad wasn’t at the ball game – couple
of chili cheese dogs, you could have an explosive situation in your hands, and be prepared to
deal with very confused house guests. Now depending on the layout of your particular
bathroom, you might like these little lockable child proof medicine cabinets I really dig
these, not because I find the kids rifling through the medicine cabinet trying to figure
out what kind of medications I’m on – which is a lot, mostly because the things inside
here. Its very easy to open, you couldn’t break into this with a cold chisel and a pound
of dynamite because this F****** thing is hard to open. A lot of the things in here that look like
skittles not that my kids have ever eaten any skittles, you know they know that some
of the stuff in here tastes good so as far as I’m concerned better safe then sorry.
Check back later in the week for some great tips on baby proofing the tub from the Gear
Daddy. Daddy Brad: What could possibly go wrong in
here? Your kid could cut his F****** finger off that’s what! Lets get to work. Why do
we keep the candy up high and the poison down low? Instead of asking the hard questions
just put some cabinet locks on these puppies. Knives are a boatload of fun but they’re
a no-no for kids. These locks are cool and also easy to install
but they do take up a bit of draw capacity. Now there are lots of options to tame the
fire-breathing dragon, knob covers, shield and also door latches for the oven. Having
the kids in the kitchen is a ball; maybe the best baby proofing is getting the little ones
involved in some way that’s safe. Preparing meals is great for the whole family. Daddy Clay: You bring up a good point there
Daddy Brad, that maybe the best baby proofing is a focused and attentive mom and dad. Daddy Brad: Yeah you know new parents are
so uptight, like anything is going to happen anyway. Daddy Clay: You know maybe the best baby proofing
is to just turn off your cell phone or all the screens in the house. Daddy Brad: You really good at doing that? Daddy Clay: Thank you for joining us this
week in the lab we will see you next week thanks to our sponsors One Step Ahead. Daddy Brad: Make sure you leave us a comment
and you will be automatically registered to win a wonderful Babyproofing package from
One Step Ahead, its got lots of things you saw on today’s show right there in the package. Daddy Clay: That’s great, see you next time.
Who clued them in? Who clued them in about that socket? How do they know to be drawn
to that socket? Daddy Brad: You know I pee’d on an electric
fence once. I know wow!


  1. lol i decided to save some money and we just bought the plexiglass gates that the kids cant climb and installed them at the kitchen door so they cant get in the kitchen, no need for undercounter locks if they cant get in in the first place. we also keep all the harsh chemicals down in the basement up high where no one can get them.

  2. above the stove works as a great hideing space for chemicals too. we keep sponges and plastic containers (tupperware) under the sink so if they do get to be in the kitchen they know where there stuff to play with is.

  3. Don't forget to lock up the sharp knives in a high cupboard, too. We organize to prevent parental injury, too.

    Use a regular silverware sorter for the larger knives, since you will have less of them, and point all blades in one direction.

    For kids who climb… keep the child-friendly plates on lower shelves, and keep the nice ones locked up, so kids can help without getting hurt.

    For smaller knives, use clear tupperware rectangle containers and keep them sorted by type.

  4. I've been trying to find out if there's any way to baby proof the hot water taps above baths and sinks. Does anyone know of any covers or locks or anything to stop small children from turning them on? By the way, I'm Australian so even better if any brands are locally available but even if we can find some things from North America, they can always be posted over. Thanks in advance!

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